Season 1
8 EPISODES • 2019
Season 1 of Special was released on April 12 and consists of 8 episodes.


1: Chapter One: Cerebral LOLzy
Apr 12, 2019
In the wake of being hit by a car, Ryan begins a coveted internship and finds an opportunity to redefine himself based on his recent run-in.
2: Chapter Two: The Deep End
Apr 12, 2019
Kim encourages a daunted Ryan to be more comfortable with his body at Olivia’s pool party, where they both make some surprising new friends.
3: Chapter Three: Free Scones
Apr 12, 2019
Karen reluctantly agrees to help Ryan find an apartment while Kim eagerly volunteers to help him check another big milestone off his list.
4: Chapter Four: Housechilling Party
Apr 12, 2019
Ryan’s underwhelming attempt at a housewarming party leads to a bonding session with Kim. Karen’s nest doesn’t stay empty for long.
5: Chapter Five: Vagina Momologues
Apr 12, 2019
Karen’s shopping trip is cut short as she tends to pressing matters for her mother and Ryan, fueling frustrations with her role as dual-caregiver.
6: Chapter Six: Straight Potential
Apr 12, 2019
While Ryan attends a dudes’ poker night, Karen lets loose with Phil at home, basking in her affection for him -- and for grilled cheese.
7: Chapter Seven: Blind Deaf Date
Apr 12, 2019
An unconventional blind date leads Ryan to examine his own biases and insecurities. Friction develops in Karen and Phil’s burgeoning romance.
8: Chapter Eight: Gay Gardens
Apr 12, 2019
Conflicted by how he’s being defined, Ryan decides to come clean at work and with his friends. But focusing on himself leaves Karen feeling left out.
Season 2
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