Book Three: Cult of the Conductor
Infinity Train
10 EPISODES • 2020
Grace and Simon are the leaders of the Apex, an anarchic group of kids who believe they are entitled to the train. During one of their destructive missions, Grace and Simon get separated from the group and must find their way back. As the duo navigate through the myriad worlds of the train, they meet Hazel, an optimistic young girl, and Tuba, her gentle gorilla companion. Will Grace and Simon find new inspiration in Hazel’s innocence, or will the ways of the Apex recruit yet another aboard the train?

Season 2


1: The Musical Car
Aug 13, 2020
The kids of The Apex raid a musical car before descending on a village of unsuspecting turtles - but before they can complete their mission, leaders Grace and Simon are separated from the pack under mysterious circumstances.
2: The Jungle Car
Aug 13, 2020
Grace and Simon look on the bright side and hope that this will be like a mini-vacation from their responsibilities as leaders of The Apex.
3: The Debutante Ball Car
Aug 13, 2020
The gang's uneasy alliance is tested by a challenge in their first car together: dancing in a high-stakes octopus debutante ball!
4: Le Chat Chalet Car
Aug 13, 2020
Stuck in a blizzard, the gang seeks shelter in a nearby cabin. But when Simon realizes who's inside, he frantically searches for a way out.
5: The Color Clock Car
Aug 13, 2020
A giant, color-changing clock creates a shifting-maze puzzle that the gang has to solve before they can leave the car.
6: The Campfire Car
Aug 20, 2020
The Apex are just a car away! They're almost home! But first they have to make it through a forest full of pinecone camp counselors.
7: The Canyon of the Golden Winged Snakes Car
Aug 20, 2020
The gang finds themselves in a car full of golden winged snakes, but in that dusty landscape a mystery they're unprepared for awaits them.
8: The Hey Ho Whoa Car
Aug 20, 2020
In the seemingly innocent Hey Ho Whoa car, a shocking revelation rocks Grace and Simon's world. Will they be able to fix it before The Apex find out?
9: The Origami Car
Aug 27, 2020
The gang is finally ready to meet The Apex again, but keeping secrets has consequences.
10: The New Apex
Aug 27, 2020
The gang reorders The Apex, but what will the new order be?
Season 4
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