Season 4
I Am a Killer
6 EPISODES • 2022
Premeditated deeds, tragic accidents or acts of self-defense? Murderers recount the harrowing crimes that landed them in prison with life sentences.

Season 3


1: Family Matters
Dec 21, 2022
A murderer recounts the crime that ended one life and ruined his own. Those affected, including a police officer and the victim's family, also speak.
2: A Mother's Love
Dec 21, 2022
In prison for killing her husband, a woman details her past abuse and her turbulent marriage. Her mother also reflects on their strained relationship.
3: Serving Time
Dec 21, 2022
Years after leaving the military, Toby Gregory claims his service and PTSD caused him to murder his wife, Inez. But Inez's family believes otherwise.
4: A Father's Shadow
Dec 21, 2022
Enraged over his rebellious daughter's choice in men, an extremist father enlists his son in a terrifying plot of intimidation and murder.
5: The Bogeyman
Dec 21, 2022
Sentenced to life without parole for Jason Johnson's horrific murder, Gary Black says he has no regrets, while Jason's family finds purpose in tragedy.
6: Friendly Fire
Dec 21, 2022
After fatally shooting a coworker, Thomas "TJ" Schiffens maintains his innocence. But details surrounding the crime suggest TJ had a motive.
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