Season 1
Trailer Park Boys: Out of the Park: Europe
8 EPISODES • 2016
Season 1 of Trailer Park Boys: Out of the Park: Europe was released on October 28 and consists of 8 episodes.


1: London
Oct 28, 2016
The boys are excited to arrive in London until they learn they must execute weird tasks to earn spending money. First up: steal the queen's underwear.
2: Berlin
Oct 28, 2016
The boys head to Berlin, where they must perform the "Chicken Dance" wearing lederhosen, take nude sunbathing selfies and run in the Berlin marathon.
3: Copenhagen
Oct 28, 2016
In the capital of Denmark, the boys must climb into the boxing ring with a heavyweight champion and tour the city sporting a conspicuous sex device.
4: Oslo
Oct 28, 2016
In Oslo, the boys are ordered to give an "atomic hover wedgie" to a cherished landmark and escort a local celebrity on a date to an ice bar.
5: Stockholm
Oct 28, 2016
In Stockholm, the boys must eat a gut-busing meal of Swedish meatballs and fermented herring without barfing and make a save against a hockey legend.
6: Helsinki
Oct 28, 2016
In a visit to Finland the boys meet the real Santa Claus, sing karaoke in a taxi, deliver a weather report and try their hands at ice sculpture.
7: Amsterdam 1
Oct 28, 2016
The boys sport culturally traditional footwear, ride a three-person bicycle and visit a coffee shop while touring the capital of the Netherlands.
8: Amsterdam 2
Oct 28, 2016
Still in Amsterdam, the boys meet and have a sing-along with Stephen Stills and Graham Nash, then visit a lady of the night in the red light district.
Season 2
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