Season 12
Good Mythical Morning
191 EPISODES • 2017
Season 12 of Good Mythical Morning was released on August 21 and consists of 191 episodes.

Season 11


1: Liquified Food Taste Test
Aug 21, 2017
You can juice a lot more than carrots in a juicer.
2: Guess That Celebrity Tattoo (GAME)
Aug 22, 2017
Some celebrities should think before they ink.
3: We Got Vasectomies Together
Aug 23, 2017
Join us as we get our tubes tied together on a journey of best vasectomy friendship.
4: 3 Weird Alarm Clocks | Never Buy This
Aug 24, 2017
We're testing some weird alarm clocks that you should NEVER buy.
5: What Are My Pants? (CHALLENGE)
Aug 25, 2017
Is your pants pickles?
6: Censored Eating (GAME)
Aug 28, 2017
7: 4 Weird Ways To Get Ketchup Out Of A Bottle
Aug 29, 2017
8: Dating Slang You Should Know
Aug 30, 2017
9: Hot Snack Attack Showdown
Aug 31, 2017
10: Will It Chair?
Sep 1, 2017
11: International BBQ Taste Test (GAME)
Sep 4, 2017
12: Japanese Anime You Won't Believe Exists (GAME)
Sep 5, 2017
13: Heroes of Hurricane Harvey
Sep 6, 2017
14: Are You Fooled By These Audio Illusions?
Sep 7, 2017
15: Food Minesweeper (GAME)
Sep 8, 2017
16: Real Clowns Creepier than Pennywise from IT
Sep 11, 2017
17: Whole Foods Brand Taste Test
Sep 12, 2017
18: Shake Shack Eel Burger Taste Test
Sep 13, 2017
19: Trapped in a Snake Tank Pt. 2: 6ft Boa Constrictor
Sep 14, 2017
20: Extreme Would You Rather Challenge
Sep 15, 2017
21: Weirdest Facebook Marketplace Items (GAME)
Sep 18, 2017
22: Celebrity Cheat Meal Taste Test
Sep 19, 2017
23: Coca-Cola Coffee Plus Taste Test
Sep 20, 2017
24: 5 Weird Microwave Experiments
Sep 21, 2017
25: Dunkin' Donuts Fast Food Hacks
Sep 22, 2017
26: Craziest Photobombs Guessing Game
Sep 25, 2017
27: Blind Nut Milk Taste Test
Sep 26, 2017
28: Trader Joe's Pumpkin Spice Taste Test
Sep 27, 2017
29: Make Yourself Hallucinate Experiment
Sep 28, 2017
30: Smelling Bee Challenge
Sep 29, 2017
31: 4 Weirdest Movies Ever Made
Oct 2, 2017
32: What's The Best Fast Food Hot Sauce? Taste Test
Oct 3, 2017
33: Fizzy Milk Taste Test
Oct 4, 2017
34: Testing Magnetic Eyelashes
Oct 5, 2017
35: Will It Jerky? Taste Test
Oct 6, 2017
36: Why I Left GMM
Oct 9, 2017
37: The Secret Lives of Rhett & Link
Oct 10, 2017
38: What's In My Leaf Pile? (GAME)
Oct 11, 2017
39: Extreme Dancing with the Stars Challenge ft. Lindsey Stirling
Oct 12, 2017
40: Hide the Meatball Challenge
Oct 13, 2017
41: Weirdest Celebrity Phobias Game
Oct 16, 2017
42: Is Everything Better with Peanut Butter?
Oct 17, 2017
43: Pumpkins Behaving Badly (GAME)
Oct 18, 2017
44: Leaving A Big Mac in Soda for 2 Months (EXPERIMENT)
Oct 19, 2017
45: Rick and Morty Cartoon Food Taste Test
Oct 20, 2017
46: Human Sushi Roll Challenge
Oct 23, 2017
47: Which Gift Is More Ridiculously Expensive?
Oct 24, 2017
48: International Candy Taste Test
Oct 25, 2017
49: DIY Last Minute Halloween Costumes
Oct 26, 2017
50: The Frankenstein's Monster Challenge
Oct 27, 2017
51: Guess That Real Life Scream (GAME)
Oct 30, 2017
52: Halloween Candy Hacks
Oct 31, 2017
53: Will It Omelette? Taste Test
Nov 6, 2017
Today we're asking the age old question: Will It Omelette?
54: Baking A Cake in the Wind | Wind Bakers
Nov 6, 2017
We try baking a front of a massive industrial fan.
55: Original Kickstarter Jingles
Nov 6, 2017
We're whipping up some original jingles to help these unexpected Kickstarters reach their fundraising goals.
56: How to Take the Perfect Instagram Photo
Nov 6, 2017
Are these pics instagram worthy of Link's return to Instagram or is something picture imperfect hiding in the background?
57: What Am I Stepping On? (GAME)
Nov 7, 2017
Can we guess what the other is stepping on?
58: Upside Down Interview w/ Stranger Things' Joe Keery & Dacre Montgomery
Nov 7, 2017
Stranger Things cast members Joe Keery & Dacre Montgomery join us in the Upside Down to talk the show, great hair, and more.
59: 3 Slang Words You Should Know | Urban Fictionary
Nov 7, 2017
What the heck is a 'bloinkiss'? We're here with some new fangled slang that you should definitely know!
60: Ranting with Helium Balloons | The Big Blow Up
Nov 7, 2017
We're letting it ALL out with the help of some inhaled helium.
61: Clear Pumpkin Pie Taste Test
Nov 8, 2017
Is pumpkin pie still the reason for the season if it's see-through?
62: Destroying A Scarecrow in a Wood Chipper | What Was This?
Nov 8, 2017
Can we decipher what Mike & Alex put through a wood chipper or will we have to eat crow with our guesses?
63: 3 Weirdest New Instagram Trends
Nov 8, 2017
Hold onto your butts because these are the weirdest Instagrams trends that you'll soon be seeing all over your timelines.
64: Trapped in a Fish Tank ft. Cody Simpson
Nov 8, 2017
Cody Simpson & The Tide serenade us as our heads are stuck inside of a rapidly filling fish tank.
65: Telephone Charades ft King Bach
Nov 9, 2017
Can Bach guess what Link was acting out based on what Rhett was acting out?
66: Extreme Liquid Nitrogen Golf
Nov 9, 2017
We're super cooling things and whacking the crap out of them in the name of sports.
67: 7 Things You Just Can't Unsee
Nov 9, 2017
Is that Rachel Maddow starring in Hamilton? You DEFINITELY won't be unable to unsee these uncanny celebrity similarities.
68: Hater Comment Therapy ft King Bach
Nov 9, 2017
69: Larry The Cable Guy Food Taste Test
Nov 10, 2017
We're putting Larry the Cable Guy's various food products to the test to see which one can really GIT R DONE.
70: Top 3 Cuddling Positions to Try
Nov 29, 2017
Cuddling Expert, Jean Franzblau, challenges us to get ourselves into the Top 3 professional cuddling positions.
71: Cockroach Cuddling Challenge
Nov 10, 2017
We're putting our newfound cuddling skills to the test to see if we can keep our heart rates down while getting tucked in bed with cockroaches.
72: Attracting An Alpaca With An Accordion | Nowhere Else
Dec 1, 2017
Trust us, there's nowhere else in the universe that you'll see something like this.
73: Is This Baby A Serial Killer Or Celebrity?
Nov 3, 2017
Can we guess if these precious baby pictures feature a beloved celebrity or a cold-blooded serial killer?
74: Craig Robinson's Google Translate Interview
Nov 13, 2017
Can we chat with Ghosted's Craig Robinson after putting our interview questions through Google Translate?
75: Nickelback Lyrics: Real or Fake?
Nov 13, 2017
Today we find out if Link is a Nickelback amateur or a secret Nickelback devotee.
76: Dogs Balance Pizza On Their Heads | Teach Your Old Dog A New Trick
Nov 13, 2017
We asked you to teach your old dogs new tricks and today, we're crowing the winner of the Pizza Balancing challenge.
77: Freezing Our Bodies For 3 Minutes | Cryotherapy Test
Dec 8, 2017
We're deep-freezing ourselves to see if cryotherapy is the frozen fountain of youth or just a great way to make our nipples as hard as diamonds.
78: Big Mac vs Whopper: Which Is Healthier?
Nov 14, 2017
We're putting 2 fast food staples to the test to find out which burger is better for you when you need to get a meal in a pinch.
79: Testing the Sauna Pants
Nov 14, 2017
Should you splurge on a fancy spa day or are the Sauna Pants a way to gently warm your junk in the comfort of your own home?
80: Censored Kissing (Game)
Nov 14, 2017
Can we guess what the heck these stock photo models are kissing?
81: 3 Weird Ways to Open A Cereal Box
Nov 15, 2017
Don't open your cereal with your hands! Get a sumo wrestler to do it!
82: Porta Potty Speech Jammer Prank Call
Nov 15, 2017
Can we prank call a porta-potty company while being speech jammed?
83: What Happens When You Give A Photo A Hand
Nov 15, 2017
We're giving some stock photos a hand for the sake of internetainment.
84: Sumo Wrestling Lesson
Nov 15, 2017
Can we learn enough about sumo wrestling in one lesson to defeat Yama, a world sumo champion?
85: Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Pepper Challenge
Nov 16, 2017
Binging with Babish challenged us to eat a hot pepper & today, we're taking on the challenge.
86: Rhett & Link's Buddy System: Another Dimension (Official Trailer)
Nov 16, 2017
Watch the official trailer for Rhett & Link's Buddy System: Another Dimension , a YouTube Red Original Series. Premieres November 29!
87: Real Life Iron Man? | High Road Low Road
Nov 16, 2017
We're taking the high road AND the low road as we take on some recent news headlines.
88: Top 5 YouTuber Tweets of the Week
Nov 16, 2017
YouTubers tweet the darnedest things but does Rhett know what they're cramming into 280 characters?
89: Stuff & Bluff Challenge ft Rob Huebel
Nov 17, 2017
Rob Huebel joins us to see which of us has the best poker face while hiding a super gross food item in our mouths.
90: Laying On A Bed Of Toe Nails | We Don't Have The Balls
Nov 17, 2017
We don't have the balls to lie on a bed of nails....but we might have the balls to lie on a bed of toenails.
91: What Does The Sign Say? (GAME)
Nov 17, 2017
Can Link guess what these absurd road signs actually say?
92: Undercover Interview with "Harry Styles"
Nov 17, 2017
We're going undercover to interview the one & only Rob Hueb-- we mean, international pop star Harry Styles
93: 6 Worst Band Photos Ever Taken
Nov 20, 2017
Are these band photos the worst of the worst or are these incredible snapshots of pure musical genius?
94: Cooking A Turkey on a Car Engine
Nov 20, 2017
Why cook a turkey in the oven when you can use Uncle Jim's sweet old car engine instead?
95: Reinventing Fast Food
Nov 20, 2017
Today we're reinventing some fast food facts into fantastical fast food feasts!
96: 5 Ridiculous Movies with 0% on Rotten Tomatoes
Nov 20, 2017
Can we find anything nice to say about these 0% fresh films?
97: What's In My Twinkie? ft Arielle Vandenberg
Nov 21, 2017
Can we guess what moist yet unappetizing foods are hiding inside of otherwise innocent looking Twinkies?
98: Cooking A Turkey In A Clothes Dryer
Nov 21, 2017
Set your dryer to "Wrinkle Free Poultry" and let is do the cooking while also warming up your favorite fuzzy socks!
99: Testing Psychic Vampire Spray | The Goop Scoop
Nov 21, 2017
Is this GOOP endorsed vampire spray really worth it?
100: ASMR Interview ft Arielle Vandenberg
Nov 21, 2017
We're bringing the tingles while chatting with the one & only, Arielle Vandenberg.
101: 5 Weird Ways To Cure Nausea
Nov 22, 2017
We're putting common nausea cures to the test to see if they really stop that roller coaster of vomit from leaving your stomach!
102: Cooking A Turkey In A Baby Pool
Nov 22, 2017
Does a sous vide bath big enough for 2 grown men make the meanest Thanksgiving turkey or are you better off leaving the brining to your Grandma?
103: Does Your Name Determine What You Look Like?
Nov 22, 2017
Can we guess someone's name just by looking at them or are they all Pete's to us?
104: Nose Hair Trimmer Music | Is This An Instrument?
Nov 22, 2017
Woodwind. Brass. Nose Hair Trimmer...? Today we're setting out to determine if our schnoz cleaners can also double as melodious music makers.
105: Does Music Make Things Sexier? ft Weird Al Yankovic
Nov 23, 2017
Is there a scientific reason behind why Usher wanted to, "make love in this club?" We're putting the theory to the test with the help of the musical stylings of Weird Al Yankovic!
106: Thanksgiving Pizza Taste Test
Nov 23, 2017
We're trying some of your favorite Thanksgiving leftover hacks to see how we'll be chowing down the day after Turkey Day.
107: 5 Unbelievable Netflix Movie Descriptions (GAME)
Nov 23, 2017
Are these real Netflix offerings or is Link a Music Description Making Up Maestro?
108: Extremely Close Interview ft Weird Al Yankovic
Nov 23, 2017
We're getting extremely up close & personal with our musical comedy hero, Weird Al Yankovic.
109: How Many Miles Did Frodo Walk in Lord of the Rings?
Nov 24, 2017
How much does Link know about these mathematically intense pop culture facts?
110: Bug and Wine Pairing Taste Test
Nov 27, 2017
We try a selection of bug-centric dishes prepared by professional bug eater, Aly Moore!
111: Eating A Bug Burrito - Bug War Challenge #2
Nov 24, 2017
It's a WAR to determine who has to eat a bug burrito and who gets all the classic fixing instead.
112: Blowtorching Bananas In Bouncy Ball Suits | Nowhere Else
Nov 24, 2017
Trust us, you won't see two bros in bouncy ball suits blackening bananas with blow torches while beatboxing anywhere else in the universe.
113: Ultimate Fast Food Combination Taste Test
Nov 27, 2017
We're mashing up some fast food favorites to create even more iconic menu options!
114: Pie In The Face Challenge
Nov 27, 2017
Can we guess how many Mythical Beasts gave Alex a pie in the face or will we have to get a pie in the face as penance for our guesses?
115: 4 Bizarre Inspirational Quotes
Nov 27, 2017
Today Rhett tries to inspire Link with a series of questionably inspirational messages.
116: Our Hora-scopes For The Week
Nov 27, 2017
Rhett & Link get a very special horoscope for the week, courtesy of the Jewish Mythical Crew members.
117: Food Court ft. Jacksfilms
Nov 28, 2017
Judge Jack Douglass is presiding over today's nasty food cases to determine which of the worst is truly the guiltiest.
118: Ed Sheeran's Shape of You in 30 Seconds
Nov 28, 2017
Don't listen to a whole song on the radio, listen to our 30 second Cliffs Notes versions instead!
119: How Are These People #LivingTheirBestLives? (GAME)
Nov 28, 2017
Can Rhett tell what these Instagram lovin' Mythical Beasts are hiding behind their big black censor bars?
120: Grossest Animals on Earth (GAME)
Nov 29, 2017
How much does Link know about these wild animals with wild disgusting habits?
121: Who Am I Smelling? (GAME)
Nov 29, 2017
Can we sniff out who is who based on their overnight pit stank alone?
122: Body Odor Smoothie Taste Test
Nov 29, 2017
We're sniffing each other's pits & whipping up some tasty smoothies based on one another's natural musks..for science.
123: New Name Generators To Try
Nov 29, 2017
We're trying out some new name generators so that you REALLY know what you'd go by as a Goth or a My Little Pony or a fancy British lord.
124: Trader Joe's Peppermint Taste Test
Nov 30, 2017
Move over Pumpkin Spice, it's Peppermint season now! We're putting a selection of Trader Joe's best peppermint flavored foods to the test to see which reigns supreme!
125: Strangers Give Us Tattoos | That's A Bad Idea
Nov 30, 2017
What could go wrong when we ask strangers on Hollywood Boulevard to give Mike & Alex tattoos?
126: Link's Perfect Instagram Photo Search Part 2
Nov 30, 2017
Link is STILL looking for his perfect photo to use as his return to INstagram post -- has he finally found the one thanks to suggestions from the Mythical Beasts?
127: Easy Cheese Hair
Nov 30, 2017
La Croix-inspired hair color is all the rage right now, but how about we popularize hair styles inspired by some other iconic food products?
128: What Is My Hair? Challenge ft. Haley Joel Osment
Dec 1, 2017
Haley Joel Osment joins us for a game of follicle-based mystery to see if we can guess what makes up our outrageous hairstyles.
129: Future Interview ft. Eliza Coupe & Derek Wilson
Dec 1, 2017
Eliza Coupe & Derek Wilson from Hulu's Future Man join us to discuss the immediate future, Outback Steakhouse, and what kind of animal they best resemble while being interviewed.
130: 5 Amazing Tattoo Cover Ups
Dec 1, 2017
Some tattoos are amazing works of art, others...are not. Today we're guessing these tattoos used to be before the inked owner decided to cover them up with another permanent body art piece.
131: Is Outback Steakhouse A Satanic Cult?
Dec 1, 2017
Rhett's going down the rabbit hole today to see if he can convince Link of Outback Steakhouse's truer, darker nature -- as a fast casual front for Satanism.
132: Will It Christmas Tree?
Dec 1, 2017
Today we're asking the age old question...will it Christmas Tree?
133: Real Life Witch Spell ft Mamrie Hart
Dec 4, 2017
Mamrie Hart seeks out a real white witch to help her exercise more self-control over the holiday season -- will the spell work or is a tasty temptation too much for even the strongest of magic?
134: Bacon Only Meal Taste Test | Too Much Of A Good Thing?
Dec 4, 2017
Is a meal made up entirely of bacon-centric food items too much of a good thing?
135: Instagram Filter Or Celebrity Baby Name? (GAME)
Dec 4, 2017
Does Link know the names of celebrity offspring or will he confuse all of them for hip new Instagram filters?
136: Guess That Candle Scent Challenge ft. Chris Sullivan
Dec 5, 2017
We're getting shirtless with This Is Us' Chris Sullivan to drip candle wax all over our bodies so we can try & guess their scents.
137: Name That Dog Shame (GAME)
Dec 5, 2017
Can we guess what these very bad boys did to deserve being dog shamed?
138: What Did We Melt In The Microwave?
Dec 5, 2017
We set Mike & Alex loose with a microwave -- can we uncover what they brought to its fiery, melty end?
139: Trying Not to Cry w/ Chris Sullivan
Dec 5, 2017
We get weepy with This Is Us' Chris Sullivan as we try not to cry over over some very sad situations.
140: What's My Face? Challenge ft. Kandee Johnson
Dec 6, 2017
Kandee Johnson transforms us into pop culture icons with make up as we play this round of 'What's My Face?'
141: Ewok Makeup Transformation ft. Kandee Johnson
Dec 6, 2017
Kandee Johnson takes us behind the scenes of how she transformed us into an Ewok & Taylor Swift!
142: Pour Some Coffee On Me (Music Video)
Dec 6, 2017
Catch this music video and more in Season 2 of Rhett and Link's Buddy System.
143: Eating Chicken With Our Feet | Breaking the Law
Dec 6, 2017
Did you know it's illegal to sell dog hair in Delaware? We break this and other weird laws today.
144: Cotton Candy Taste Test
Dec 7, 2017
Ever wondered what Cinnamon Toast Crunch cotton candy tastes like?
145: Modeling Christmas Rompers For Men
Dec 7, 2017
How manly and carefree do we feel when clad in Christmas-themed rompers for men?
146: Top 5 YouTuber Tweets of The Week: 11/26/17
Dec 7, 2017
Can Rhett guess what these top YouTubers tweeted last week or is he really just a Twitter Wannabe?
147: Speed Eating Watermelon
Dec 7, 2017
Can Rhett & Link gobble down watermelon as fast as those kids on Reddit? What about pork chops?
148: Can I Lick It? (GAME)
Dec 8, 2017
What's filthier to lick: a dirty towel or Barbara's mouth? We're putting our dirty stuff knowledge to the test to avoid having to lick some really gross stuff!
149: Raiders of The Lost Ark Face Melt Scene w/ CHEESE
Dec 8, 2017
We're recreating the Raiders of Lost Ark face melting death scene with a cheese Nazi, sculpted by cheese sculpting extraordinaire, Sarah Kaufmann.
150: Cheese Pictionary
Dec 8, 2017
We play some cheesey pictionary with cheese sculptor Sarah Kaufmann...but instead of a pen and paper, we use a knife and cheese!
151: Can Horses Grow Mustaches? I Yes or Snopes
Dec 8, 2017
Do women's menstrual cycles actually synchronize? Can horses grow mustaches? We try and confirm or deny facts like these found on and more!
152: International Street Food Taste Test
Dec 11, 2017
We try and identify where in the world we could go to try some amazing street food offerings.
153: Guess That Song Parody (GAME)
Dec 11, 2017
How well do we know our accounting firm's Sir Mix-A-Lot parodies from our high school teacher's Iggy Azalea parodies?
154: Holiday Rants w/ Helium Balloons | The Big Blow Up
Dec 11, 2017
Do you ever need to get your holiday rage out? Join our seasonal complaining with helium!
155: Zombie Cuddle Puddle ft Langhorne Slim
Dec 11, 2017
Langhorne Slim serenades us with his song "Zombie" as we snuggle up in a zombie cuddle puddle with Cuddle Queen Jean Franzblau.
156: Are You A Supertaster? Taste Test ft. AsapSCIENCE
Dec 12, 2017
We put our tongues to the test with AsapSCIENCE to find out if we're supertasters.
157: 5 Craziest Lipstick Names (GAME)
Dec 12, 2017
We try and guess eccentric lipstick shade names modeled by the ever-willing Mythical Crew.
158: What Happens When You Get Angry? | Amazingly Amazing Science
Dec 12, 2017
ASAP Science narrate this special edition of Amazing Amazing Science and they definitely don't make fun of us at all.
159: People Also Ask (GAME)
Dec 12, 2017
Can we guess what people were googling based on these weird auto-complete entries?
160: Guess That Celebrity Shoe Challenge
Dec 13, 2017
Can we tell the difference between Rihanna, Zendaya, and Jessica Simpson's shoes? Find out as we play, 'Shoe Are You?'
161: Can We Get On WikiFeet?
Dec 13, 2017
Grace Helbig, a 5 Star WikiFeet entrant, helps Lizzie up her foot game so she too can achieve 5 Start Foot Glory.
162: 3 New 'Happy Birthday' Songs
Dec 13, 2017
We crafted custom birthday songs for Taylor Swift, Link's stepdad, and Rhett's wife's friend's husband, Todd.
163: Dogs Opening Gifts | Teach Your Old Dog A New Trick
Dec 13, 2017
Can you teach an old dog new tricks? We put Barbara and Jade to the test by seeing if they can unwrap a present!
164: 10 Best Optical Illusions of 2017
Dec 14, 2017
We feast our eyes on the 10 Best Optical Illusions of 2017.
165: Tongue of The Cobra (Music Video)
Dec 14, 2017
Catch this music video and more in Season 2 of Rhett and Link's Buddy System.
166: We Demand $1 Fries on the New McDonald's Dollar Menu
Dec 14, 2017
We have some problems with the new & supposedly "improved" McDonald's Dollar Menu.
167: Winning Link's Mustache
Dec 14, 2017
We pick a winner for Link's mustache fan art contest and Rhett contributes a hairy gift to the prize.
168: Star Wars Food Taste Test
Dec 15, 2017
Is Jabba the Hutt's Klatooine Paddy Frog tasty? Mythical Chef Tess whipped one up for us and other Star Wars feasts froma . galaxy far, far away.
169: Making The Lego Millennium Falcon Fly
Dec 15, 2017
We've constructed the largest Lego set ever - the Millennium Falcon - and today, we're gonna see if she can fly.
170: 5 Star Wars Products You Won't Believe Exist
Dec 15, 2017
Did you know you can sleep in a Tauntaun's guts? We discover some of the weirdest Star Wars products this side of the forest moon of Endor.
171: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital I Project For Awesome 2017
Dec 15, 2017
We highlight our favorite charity, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and how you can help them out this holiday season.
172: Hot Toy or Deadly Toy? (GAME)
Dec 18, 2017
We put some toys to the test to determine if they're super hot or super deadly.
173: Gingerbread House Beard
Dec 18, 2017
We build Mythical friend Jeremiah Benjamin the most magical ginger-BEARD house he could ever imagine.
174: Whose Beard Am I Petting? (GAME)
Dec 18, 2017
We pet A LOT of beards in this face follicle challenge including the ever willing Mythical crew members.
175: Ridiculous Gift Wrapping Challenge
Dec 18, 2017
Who can wrap a cactus better -- Rhett or Link? We find out along with other weird-shaped items in this epic wrap battle.
176: Is Everything Better With Gravy? Taste Test
Dec 19, 2017
Does gravy make everything taste better or are we out of our saucin' minds?
177: Christmas Booty (A Song)
Dec 20, 2017
You don't see see booties like these every other mother-fruitcakin' day.
178: Christmas Booty Fashion Show
Dec 19, 2017
The Mythical Crew are showing off what their momma gave them -- Christmas Booty style.
179: Insane Celebrity Christmas Gifts (GAME)
Dec 19, 2017
Can we guess what Kanye got Kim K for Christmas? We're putting our celebrity x-mas gift knowledge to the test!
180: Christmas Song Challenge ft. Jack Black
Dec 20, 2017
Jack Black joins us to turn some tired old Christmas songs into the season's hottest new hits.
181: I'VE GOT A SECRET (GAME) ft. Jack Black
Dec 20, 2017
We're spilling our deepest, darkest secrets in this very personal interview with Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle star, Jack Black.
182: Testing the Hatchimal for Dads
Dec 20, 2017
They're 2017's top toys but are they also fun for daddy?
183: Computer-Generated Face or Reality TV Star? (GAME)
Dec 20, 2017
Are we doomed to be ruled by the robot overlords or can we tell real people from computer-generated ones?
184: The Clothes-Off Game ft. Kunal Nayyar
Dec 21, 2017
How many hats is the Big Bang Theory's Kunal Nayyar wearing? We're taking it all off for the Clothes Off Game!
185: Sliding Into Our Pants
Dec 21, 2017
We unveil some weird products that you MUST have and introduce an even weirder product that we invented.
186: Naked (Music Video)
Dec 21, 2017
Catch this music video and more in Season 2 of Rhett and Link's Buddy System.
187: Good Cup, Bad Cup ft. Kunal Nayyar
Dec 21, 2017
188: Weird Food White Elephant
Dec 22, 2017
Santa joins us along with the ever willing Mythical crew to eat our way through a white elephant gift exchange.
189: Real Or Fake K-Pop Bands (GAME)
Dec 22, 2017
We quiz each other on our extensive knowledge of Korean pop music in a game called K-Pop or K-Not.
190: Christmas Nachos Taste Test
Dec 22, 2017
Why make our own Christmas dishes when we can make yours? Join us for What's Your Hack: Christmas Edition where we test taste your holiday food inventions.
191: 11 Strange International New Years Celebrations
Dec 22, 2017
How do the Spaniards welcome the new year? We try out theirs along with 10 of the strangest International New Years celebrations.
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