Binneland Sub Judice
260 EPISODES • 2010
The sixth season featured a raft of changes to the show, not least of which its title: Binnelanders officially becomes Binneland Sub Judice. The show also became an hour in length - the first South Africa daily drama to do so.

Season 5


1: Episode 1
Apr 5, 2010
Ingrid meets the partners and At's betrayal is revealed. At confronts Conrad about his relationship with Zelda, and Tertius suddenly becomes a patient. Binneland is accused of dealing in the unlawful harvesting of organs.
2: Episode 2
Apr 6, 2010
At fires Ingrid as legal eagle of Binneland. Franz and Jennifer suspect that At may have a finger in the kidney-scandal. Ben calls on RPK for legal assistance regarding his wife, Ansie. Jennifer welcomes the new ER doctor, Dylan. Conrad convinces Coen to work for him.
3: Episode 3
Apr 7, 2010
Elise freaks out when she discovers who Tertius's substitute is. Gys gets advice on girls from Quinton. Ingrid's blood starts to boil when she hears about the firm's involvement in the kidney case. Zelda stirs the pot in a disguise.
4: Episode 4
Apr 8, 2010
The girls try to find out what Elise's history with Dylan is, while a visitor throws Stefanie's life into turmoil. Hannah gets involved in a streetkid's life, and Oliver gives Ingrid an ultimatum.
5: Episode 5
Apr 9, 2010
Warren confronts Oliver about Ingrid. Gys is very rude towards Toeks. Pippa has her doubts about Zelda, and Hannah says goodbye to Zandile. Tertius is bored at home, and Conrad tries to support Stefanie. Yvette disciplines Nadia and Zoey, and Hannah seeks advice from Joeke. Zelda commits suicide.
6: Episode 6
Apr 12, 2010
Oliver and Hannah are at loggerheads about her determination to help Zandile. Jennifer puts pressure on At after Ben causes a commotion in Binneland Clinic. It looks like Zelda has finally destroyed Stefanie and Rian's relationship, but Conrad has other plans for the woman.
7: Episode 7
Apr 13, 2010
Oliver uses Stefanie to manipulate Ingrid, and Tertius feels threatened by Dylan. Faye wants to expand the bookclub, and Hannah is driving Joeke and Oliver up the wall with Zandile. There are fireworks when Oliver and At meet. Franz lays down the law for Gys and upsets Toeks in the process. To her shock and dismay, Conrad makes a confession towards Stefanie.
8: Episode 8
Apr 14, 2010
When RPK's offices are ransacked, Joeke suspects At immediately. Dylan's moving in with Jennifer is cause for great gossip under the nurses. Franz and Toeks disagree on how to handle Gys and he slips out in the night. Ingrid sets up a meeting between Franz and Oliver, and she and Stefanie has a huge falling out because of the Dippenaar-case. Oliver still wants nothing to do with Zandile.
9: Episode 9
Apr 15, 2010
At tries to get info from Stefanie about the files. Franz takes drastic steps regarding Gys's behavioural problems. Joeke and At take each other on, and tension between Hannah and Oliver causes them to drift further apart. Elise loses it when she finds out Tertius invited Veronica to the book club. Stefanie confronts Franz at a board meeting, and Oliver makes a big decision regarding the case. Zandile hears something he shouldn't have.
10: Episode 10
Apr 16, 2010
Olvier goes to the newspapers about the harvesting of organs at Binneland. At gives RPK some of their own medicine and reports Ansie to the police. Hannah cant find Zandile. Joeke gives Hannah and Oliver a speech about their marriage. Michael threatens to quit RPK, and Elise's plans with the book club doesn't work out. Dylan and Jennifer become more relaxed with their living arrangements, and Tertius tries to find out, once again, if he has a chance with Jennifer. To Franz's shock, Gys is arrested for assault.
11: Episode 11
Apr 19, 2010
Franz and Gys meet with an attorney about the assault charge. The police interrogates Oliver, and Hannah finds Zandile.
12: Episode 12
Apr 20, 2010
An article in the newspaper puts RPK on the back foot. Gys's first court appearance comes up, and Kallie's enthusiasm for the book club drives Toeks up the wall. Oliver appears before the hospital board and manages to turn the tables.
13: Episode 13
Apr 21, 2010
Oliver sends Thomas to Binneland, and At is not impressed. Zandile's nightmares makes Hannah realize that she might have bitten off more than she can chew. Elise's euphoria over her book club invite is ruined when Dylan confronts her. Franz and Gys have a long overdue heart to heart.
14: Episode 14
Apr 22, 2010
Franz wants te re-open talks with RPK. Pippa makes an impression on Thomas. Oliver takes charge in Zandile's case. Jennifer confides in Dylan. Matrone disciplines Elise. Zandile forgets his flash disc in Nadia's computer. Toeks is forced to move the book club meeting to Elise's house. Zandile sees the man looking for him. Gys thinks he recognizes Ulrich. Dylan tells his story.
15: Episode 15
Apr 23, 2010
Sakkie makes a revelation that will adversely affect Gys's case. Jennifer comes to a shocking realisation about Dylan. Hannah is disillusioned when Zandile disappears without a trace. Everybody makes desperate attempts to get the upper hand in the kidney trade case.
16: Episode 16
Apr 26, 2010
Jennifer and Dylan are unsure where they stand with each other. Ansie still refuses to reveal her source, to Ben frustration, but then lets something slip to Thomas. Hannah finds out that Oliver is behind Zandile's disappearance. Nadia makes a shocking discovery on Zandile's flashdisc, and Thabo makes his appearance. Dylan and Elise put the past behind them. Sakkie blackmails Franz with a cellphone video.
17: Episode 17
Apr 27, 2010
Franz tries to convince Jennifer that the Board should settle before it's too late. Nadia regains Gys's trust and gets him to open up about the cellphone video. Oliver hatches a plan in case Ansie won't talk, but Thomas gets her to contact Petra. In the meantime, At makes sure he knows what everyone is planning.
18: Episode 18
Apr 28, 2010
Ingrid makes peace with Stefanie under false pretences. Oliver and Joeke gangs up on Hannah. Nadia makes a shocking discovery about Gys's whereabouts on his nightly excursions. Zoey is convinced Ulrich is part of a syndicate and tries to question him. At's plan to discredit Thomas nearly ends fatally for Ansie. Tertius gets a nasty surprise when he finds out why he is babysitting Daniël. Hannah works late and is overpowered by Thabo. Gys has to answer some uncomfortable questions infront of Franz and Michael. Joeke is worried about Hannah's emotional well-being.
19: Episode 19
Apr 29, 2010
The hostage drama is defused. Gys is mortified by his alibi and Elise feels terrible when she hears that Dylan is planning to quit. Thomas's test results show that his fainting may have been more than just an accident.
20: Episode 20
Apr 30, 2010
Joeke concedes defeat and stops the Ansie case to Oliver's chagrin. At promises Ben his help to get a settlement from RPK. Sakkie tries to blackmail Franz once too often. Gys asks Nadia out, but the night doesn't go according to his plan. Toeks elicits Kallie's help with Gys's nightly adventures. Tertius feels like the fool at Dylan's farewell party. Jen believes everyone is putting pressure on her to forget Chris, but it is her own confused feelings for Dylan that is making her life a misery. Hannah is sad to say goodbye to Zandile.
21: Episode 21
May 3, 2010
Gys overhears Zoey's gossip at the offices of RPK Incorporated. Oliver struggles to find allies for his battle against Binneland Clinic. Pippa plays detective for Thomas and her discovery confirms his suspicions.
22: Episode 22
May 4, 2010
Oliver is commited to proving Thomas's innocence and Nathan is haunted by his past. Ingrid is concerned Stefanie is becoming like At while Ansie's condition takes a turn for the worse. Michael scares Sakkie and Johan and also gives Oliver a stern warning. At uses Ben to get back at RPK and starts playing mind games with Joeke.
23: Episode 23
May 5, 2010
Stefanie feels as if she will never be able to trust Conrad again, and At tells her she belongs with Rian. Toeks gets Kallie to help her deal with trouble on the plot, while Joeke tells Warrick about an offer from At. The case against Gys takes an unexpected turn. Franz is no longer angry with Jennifer. Joeke wants Oliver to meet a new client in Cape Town, but Oliver has other plans.
24: Episode 24
May 6, 2010
Conrad accuses At of manipulating and using Stefanie by encouraging her to marry Rian. Ingrid and Franz steal a key from Stefanie. Pippa is rattled after receiving an email from Malan. Joeke and Yvette disagree about something, and she complains to Warrick about it. Ulrich and Nadia are a little shy after what happened between them. Toeks panics when she finds out that her soccer guests want to come earlier.
25: Episode 25
May 7, 2010
Before Ansie dies, she makes a revelation that can turn the tables on At. Toeks is taken aback by the demanding Brits. Pippa finds clarity concerning Malan and Nathan.
26: Episode 26
May 10, 2010
Oliver asks Ingrid to spy on At. Pippa tells Nathan about Malan's e-mail. Joeke's bonzai looks bad. Nathan asks Elise to help him choose a ring. Toeks and Faye decide to let a panel test Kallie's menu. Petra tells Oliver that At is innocent. Daleen realises that Pippa is not well. At tells Coen what to do with Petra.
27: Episode 27
May 11, 2010
When Oliver is unable to explain his progress in the Ansie Dippenaar case to Joeke and Warrick, Joeke decides to fire Oliver. Billy Cooper, the new article clerk, arrives. Daleen forces Pippa to go to the doctor. Ingrid confronts Stefanie about the off-shore accounts in her and Gideon's names, and Stefanie fails to see how she can still have a relationship with her mother. The taste-evening turns into a fiasco when Toeks reaches for the bottle and tells it like it is…
28: Episode 28
May 12, 2010
Faye reminds Toeks about her shocking behaviour and At berates her. Oliver tries in vain to save his position at RPK, and Pippa, unsure about her diagnosis, continues to keep Nathan in the dark. Oliver and At declare war.
29: Episode 29
May 13, 2010
Nadia is jealous when she hears about Billy and Ulrich's night out. Hannah considers leaving the firm with Oliver. Toeks is sent into a flat spin when she realises that her guests are arriving earlier than she thought, and Pippa is diagnosed.
30: Episode 30
May 14, 2010
Nadia feels embarrassed when Billy makes a breakthrough in the court case and makes her look incompetent in front of Warrick. Hannah tries to convince Ingrid not to use Oliver for her divorce case. Hannah refuses to apologise to Joeke for her behaviour at the meeting. Nathan and Elise are going all out with his proposal plans. Franz are forced to explain his actions to the board. Pippa doesn't want to discuss her illness with Nathan. Toeks' problems with her guests continues and time is running out.
31: Episode 31
May 17, 2010
Pippa ends her relationship with Nathan. Ingrid is not impressed with the alliance between Oliver and Thomas. At reaches out to Jennifer.
32: Episode 32
May 18, 2010
Warrick advises Michael to accept the directorship offer, but Michael has a plan of his own. Nadia and Billy don't see eye to eye. Ulrich affirms his love for Nadia. Dylan convinces Nathan and Conrad to go out for drinks with him, but it turns into a not-so-quiet night … Elise moves in with Pippa out of concern. At adorns Stefanie with jewelry before sending her off to Rian.
33: Episode 33
May 19, 2010
Stefanie leaves and Conrad confronts At. Ingrid receives a big shock and cries on Michael's shoulder. Nathan gets new hope, and Kallie offers unexpected entertainment to the Brits. Oliver discovers something about Hannah that upsets him deeply, and Faye reprimands Toeks. At gives Coen an assignment at Ingrid's cost. Emilio makes Billy's day, and Joeke gets bad news from Warrick. Joeke berates Emilio about the restaurant's financial state.
34: Episode 34
May 20, 2010
Ingrid can't find her pre-nup and finds out Stefanie is out of the country without telling her. Billy flirts with Emilio and one of his previous mistresses suddenly shows up. Toeks wants Kallie to be guide to the tourists and Hannah becomes suspicious about Joeke's private life. Ingrid and Michael's relationship moves to the next level and Coen takes incriminating photo's of the two. Pippa tells Nathan why she broke up with him and he reacts different than expected.
35: Episode 35
May 21, 2010
Hannah suspects Joeke is having an affair. Pippa pretends to accept her condition. Claudio is angry with Emilio. Michael and Ingrid are given photos of them kissing. Billy tells Ulrich what she likes in men. Michael tells Joeke about the photos. Conrad and Pippa work together. Toeks and Faye are having problems with the Brits. Ingrid confronts At about the photos. Zoey meets someone from her past. Emilio is being followed by someone.
36: Episode 36
May 24, 2010
Claudia makes a revelation about her husband that leaves Emilio in a state of panic. Sparks fly when Elise and Veronica both become interested in the same car. Nathan tries to win Pippa back. Michael's attempts to make At see reason blows up in his face.
37: Episode 37
May 25, 2010
Both Elise and Veronica have their hearts set on buying the old lady's car. Nathan and Pippa have an altercation. The directors of RPK are faced with a dilemma, and Ulrich is worried about Emilio's jumpy behavior.
38: Episode 38
May 26, 2010
RPK loses their main client, and Ingrid believes it is At's dirty work. When she confronts him he tells her to stay away from his house and from him. Pippa flirts with Conrad in an attempt to convince Nathan that their relationship is over. Elise does not succeed in borrowing money from Binneland or from the bank because she is seen as a high risk. Emilio sends a few of his buddies to roughen up Claudia's husband so he would stay away from the restaurant. Billy confronts Emilio because after their kiss she never heard from him again. Zoey is impressed with Billy's fearlessness.
39: Episode 39
May 27, 2010
Elise and Veronica have a huge falling out over Faye's role in the purchase of the car. Nathan is convinced that Pippa is seeing Conrad and the two face off in the doctor's restroom. Emilio realizes he has made an enemy with a legendary cop. Stefanie returns with big news while At puts pressure on Joeke to get rid of Ingrid.
40: Episode 40
May 28, 2010
Conrad tries his dandiest to keep out of Stefanie and Rian's way. Veronica's new car creates tremendous excitement. Emilio is suspected of murder, and Elise's jealousy gets the better of her.
41: Episode 41
May 31, 2010
Stefanie hears about the relationship between Ingrid and Michael. Emilio discovers the murder weapon in his restaurant, and Veronica tries to persuade Daleen to give her driving lessons.
42: Episode 42
Jun 1, 2010
Daleen's tyrannical attitude doesn't make things easier for Veronica when she is struggling to study for her learner's license. Joeke finds out about Emilio's infidelity, and Warrick makes a decision about Emilio's gun. At questions Ingrid's sanity when he further manipulates Stefanie against her mother. Ingrid makes a surprising move which infuriates At and dismays Michael. Yvette confronts Billy over her affair with Emilio. Nathan confronts Conrad about his relationship with Pippa.
43: Episode 43
Jun 2, 2010
Joeke tells the police about her and Emilio's affair, but they don't seem to believe her. Claudia fears for her live, and Elise resorts to desperate measures to placate Veronica. Conrad and Pippa's bond grows even stronger. Ingrid gets a court order that allows her access to the Koster mansion - her arrival causes quite a stir at Stefanie's party.
44: Episode 44
Jun 3, 2010
At tells Ingrid that she mustn't get too comfortable at the Koster mansion, and Hannah finds out about Joeke and Emilio. Warrick wants to meet the gang on his own, and Veronica gives feedback on her test. Joeke hears Emilio's other affairs, and Ingrid tries to get Rian on her side. When Quinton offers his help to Veronica, Elise realizes there is a snake in the grass. At hears somebody is asking about doctor Chemaly.
45: Episode 45
Jun 4, 2010
Ingrid's return to the Koster house doesn't go the way she hoped, and Stefanie confronts At about meddling her relationship with Ingrid. Daleen is upset when she finds out that Quinton is giving Elise driving lessons. Joeke's relationship with Emilio is splashed all over the front page.
46: Episode 46
Jun 7, 2010
Everyone at the Koster household can't stand the atmosphere. Oliver and Warrick make headway in the Emilio murder case. Daleen and Quinton battle it out for the title of best driving instructor, and Zoey urgently needs a boyfriend when her dad decides to come visit.
47: Episode 47
Jun 8, 2010
New evidence condemns Emilio. Elise connives to get her hands on Veronica's car. Zoey is swept off her feet. Ingrid becomes increasingly entangled in her own web.
48: Episode 48
Jun 9, 2010
Joeke hears about the damning evidence against Emilio, and Oliver begs her to contact him before Emilio does something stupid. Billy organizes a visit that could have dangerous consequences for everyone involved. Nadia can't understand how Zoey can be so horrible to the wonderful Thabang, and Ulrich struggles to keep his jealousy in check. Ingrid asks Conrad for his help on a very sensitive matter but At has plans of his own.
49: Episode 49
Jun 10, 2010
Everyone at Binneland is gossiping about Ingrid, who broke into At's office. Faye is worried because of Gary. Conrad is looking to Pippa for comfort. Ingrid tells At that all his conniving didn't help him to keep her. The Kings are furious about Emilio's article in the newspaper, and threaten to kill everyone at RPK. Yvette finds out who helped Emilio, and then the police follow Billy who unwittingly leads them straight to Emilio.
50: Episode 50
Jun 11, 2010
Emilio lands himself in big trouble, and Billy, once again, tries to help him out of it. Pippa and Conrad discover more about each other than they set out to, and the war between Quinton and Daleen reaches new heights. Ingrid is extremely honest with Rian about Stefanie, and Tertius is impressed with Veronica's driving capability. Mandla confronts Zoey about Lindani, and Zoey plots behind her father and Mandla's back. Zoey and Nadia suspect Yvette of disloyalty to the firm, while Stefanie is dumbfounded with shock.
51: Episode 51
Jun 14, 2010
Joeke and Warrick have to decide about Billy's future with RPK Incorporated, and a rehabilitated Gary comes to visit Faye. Joeke shows At the door.
52: Episode 52
Jun 15, 2010
With RPK struggling to attract prospective clients, Ingrid is put under pressure. Wedding bells are in the air again for one couple, while Zoey decides to come clean to her dad. Faye and Gary butt heads about moving on from the rehab center. Warrick risks not only Emilio's case but also his life in his search for answers.
53: Episode 53
Jun 16, 2010
Kallie wants to have a family picnic, and Yvette gives Billy some sound advice. Michael complains about Emma and Ingrid's relationship. Stefanie tells Pippa what Conrad and Zelda did. Gary takes Faye to a group therapy session. Michael asks Ingrid to get Rian as a client. Veronica finds out about Gary's visit to Faye. Elise starts wondering about Pippa and Conrad. Conrad tells Stefanie to stay out of his life. Warrick outsmarts the murderer.
54: Episode 54
Jun 17, 2010
Tension mounts between Dylan and Jennifer. The directors decide on Billy's future at RPK, and Ingrid is implicated in a crime.
55: Episode 55
Jun 18, 2010
Riaan excepts an offer from RPK and makes it clear to Stefanie that when it comes to business, he will decide for himself. Dylan and Jennifer try to find a way forward, but discover that it is not that simple. Ingrid is involved in a shop-lifting incident. Faye tells Gary that the world owes him nothing. A mysterious patient is put in Dylan's care.
56: Episode 56
Jun 21, 2010
Dylan thinks he heard a patient with selective mutism asking for help. Gary unexpectedly returns from Namibia in a panic-stricken state. Emma disappears after Ingrid notices a stranger following her.
57: Episode 57
Jun 22, 2010
Gary is ready to start a new life. Pat convinces Dylan he is just a worried old man but the moment Dylan turns his back Pat warns Lucinda that if she talks to anyone she will have to be punished. When Ingrid has a crisis at Nagskof, she decides to take Emma with her - and this infuriates Michael. At asks Coen to concentrate on Michael to teach Ingrid a lesson. Yvette misses the days when Hannes Rossouw ran the office, and surprises everyone when she arrives at the office with cake. Conrad and Pippa move one step closer together.
58: Episode 58
Jun 23, 2010
Michael learns that Rebecca and Emma are moving to Pretoria. Coen sabotages Michael's court case. Matty doesn't recall shooting Christine. Faye has a falling out with Toeks over Gary's unemployment. Pippa hears that Leonora is back in town. Pat concocts a plan to get Lucinda out of hospital. At manipulates Stefanie to think that Ingrid has lost the plot.
59: Episode 59
Jun 24, 2010
Faye asks for Ingrid's help when she starts looking for work for Gary. Dylan tries to convince Conrad to let Lucinda go home, but he won't budge. Pat gets upset about this and goes off in front of Dylan. Warrick tries to build a defense for Matty but her temper doesn't make it easy. Matty visits Christine at Binneland and struggles to see her so vulnerable. Ingrid finds the missing piece of evidence and is convinced that At is behind everything - but no one believes her. At pushes Michael too far when he gets Coen to abduct Emma. Yvette's visit to the soccer, upsets the office routine.
60: Episode 60
Jun 25, 2010
Ingrid realizes that At will have no qualms about ruining Michaels life. Lucinda's "call" for help goes unheard, and Elise helps Dylan set up house with great enthusiasm. Warrick shows no mercy towards Mathilda.
61: Episode 61
Jun 28, 2010
Michael and Ingrid try to warn Rebecca against At, but only succeed in turning Stefanie further against her mother. Nadia discovers a clue in Matty's case. Dylan desperately tries to get hold of Pat, but gets an unexpected visitor.
62: Episode 62
Jun 29, 2010
When Ingrid resigns at RPK, Franz thinks it's a mistake and it also upsets Stefanie. Matty's case isn't progressing, and it seems like she did shoot Christine. Leonora realizes why Matty's behavior is so strange. Dylan takes care of Lucinda at his flat, and Elise smells a rat. Gary is nervous about his interview, and his first meeting with Yvette doesn't go too smoothly. Rian has a solution for the unemployed Ingrid.
63: Episode 63
Jun 30, 2010
Dylan and Elise are playing with fire in an attempt to find Lucinda's sister. Warrick and Leonora are worried about Matty's memory loss. Gary gets an opportunity to show what he's got and Ingrid says goodbye as she prepares to leave Pretoria.
64: Episode 64
Jul 1, 2010
Conrad warns Dylan that he can get into trouble because he hid Lucinda. Pat arrives at Binneland with a stab wound. Leonora comes to the realization that here is something physically wrong with Matty. Rebecca is livid that Michael went to Joeke behind her back, and she decides to accept At's offer. Gary pretends to be the man of the moment in front of the article clerks and Hannah is unsure about Oliver.
65: Episode 65
Jul 2, 2010
Franz confirms Leonora's suspicions about Matty, and Dylan tries to force a confession from Pat. Hannah is suspicious of Oliver's motives.
66: Episode 66
Jul 5, 2010
Pat makes demands to Dylan and Conrad. Lucinda makes contact with Elise and is forced to face her fears . Hannah suspects the worst from Oliver as he deals with personal issues. Michael has to deal with Rebecca being closer and more a part of his life. Matty goes for an MRI and must make a monumental decision.
67: Episode 67
Jul 6, 2010
Dylan has a wild plan to get the truth from Pat, while Pat mentally tortures Lucinda further. Hannah answers Oliver's cellphone, and this leads to a huge confrontation between the two. Franz feels like he is being ambushed, and Zoey thinks that Billy is playing dirty.
68: Episode 68
Jul 7, 2010
Pat is murdered, and Jennifer sends Dylan home after this discovery. Faye meets an American tourist that leaves her heart skipping a beat. Michael and Hannah accepts Lucinda as a client, and Warrick tries to smooth-talk Lindani. Leonora pleads with Franz to operate on Matty, and Zoey is rude to Lindani. Emilio explains Oliver's true situation to Hannah. Conrad and Franz have bad news for Leonora.
69: Episode 69
Jul 8, 2010
To Oliver's dismay, Hannah takes desperate steps to ensure Lucinda's freedom. Zoey turns cartwheels to fix the mess she made with Lindani. When Faye doesn't pitch for her date with Beau, Veronica steps in. Matty is devastated when she receives bad news.
70: Episode 70
Jul 9, 2010
Michael is worried about Lucinda, and Rebecca gives him a warning. It becomes very clear that Billy and Dylan knows one another, and later on they confront each other. Matty goes under the knife and Toeks tries to comfort Leonora.
71: Episode 71
Jul 12, 2010
Warrick is optimistic about Matty's case but Leonora feels guilty about returning to London. Faye keeps Beau at a distance and Toeks must stop him sounding the retreat. Zoey can't resist Lindani and gets herself into even more trouble. Rebecca's placed in a difficult position when Lindani insist on Binneland's help. Elise finds out about Dylan and Billy's mysterious past. Hannah struggles to keep Lucinda in check and upsets Oliver by doubting his principles. Veronica is head over heels in love and laughs at the idea of Beau liking Faye.
72: Episode 72
Jul 13, 2010
Franz convinces Leonora to tell Matty Christine's parents don't want her at the funeral. Lucinda attacks Oliver verbally when she hears she can't see Rosemary. Veronica is devastated because she does not hear form Beau, while Faye and Beau go on a date - to Gary's great disappointment. Emilio insists that Billy gets a divorce as soon as possible.
73: Episode 73
Jul 14, 2010
Oliver ruffles feathers when he gets involved in Lucinda's case, and Billy is desperate to get rid of her husband. Leonora feels guilty that she will soon have to leave Matty.
74: Episode 74
Jul 15, 2010
Oliver feels increasingly uncomfortable with Lucinda in the house. Toeks plays matchmaker between Beau and Faye; and Stefanie feels Pippa is neglecting her duties as bridesmaid.
75: Episode 75
Jul 16, 2010
Faye is head over heels in love with Beau and when he bowls her over with a huge surprise it is time for Veronica to realize that the American is not interested in her. Lucinda is the root of evil in the Knight household and Hannah acknowledges that Lucinda must go. Jennifer takes charge to get Dylan reinstated and a Binneland employee gets badly injured.
76: Episode 76
Jul 19, 2010
Rian realizes there is friction between Conrad and Stefanie, and Conrad gives Stefanie an ultimatum. Dylan saves Billy's life and Joeke and Yvette have a falling out. Elise decides to let the cat out of the bag, and the Knights have to say goodbye to Lucinda.
77: Episode 77
Jul 20, 2010
Dylan is concerned about Billy, while everyone at Binneland is excited about Stefanie's kitchen tea. Joeke gives Nadia a stern warning and Rian offers to help with the worker's compensation dilemma.
78: Episode 78
Jul 21, 2010
At tells Stefanie that Binneland is in need of some good publicity. Ulrich asks Emilio if he can host a party at the bistro. Oliver interferes with Warrick's Durban July 2010 plans, while Warrick asks Yvette to the function. Quinton forces Tertius to organize him a birthday party, and Dylan is desperate to talk to Billy. Stefanie meets Brian and Pippa reveals who is accompanying her to the wedding. Joeke surprises everyone with a donation and Rian tells Stefanie that he might have to go away for a while.
79: Episode 79
Jul 22, 2010
Stefanie has financial worries while Brian puts her under pressure. Dylan struggles with the fact that he might stand the change of losing someone very important in his life. There's romance in the air at RPK Incorporated, but it might be one sided. Ulrich's plans to impress Nadia with a sophisticated dinner might get some competition from Emilio and a Binneland party. Stefanie has to face her own demons when Rian finds out he will have to leave on a business trip.
80: Episode 80
Jul 23, 2010
Brian complicates Stefanie's life with an unexpected visit to At. Elise feels aggrieved as she has not yet been invited to the wedding. Joeke's refuses to accept that Hannes left Yvette a trust. Ulrich meets Daleen again and is immediately smitten. Billy pretends that she's relieved about the divorce. Elise decides to teach Quinton a lesson at his birthday party. Zoey takes on Nadia about her negative attitude.
81: Episode 81
Jul 26, 2010
Stefanie resorts to desperate measures to get rid of Brian and to dupe the board. Yvette is devastated when everyone assumes she had was Hannes's mistress. Worlds collide when two parties take place at the bistro simultaneously, and surprises are at the order of the night.
82: Episode 82
Jul 27, 2010
Warrick convinces Hannah that Yvette did not have a relationship with Hannes. Hannah tries to discuss it with Joeke but they have a terrible fight over the issue. Billy and Dylan are in the seventh heaven and Ulrich tries to apologize to Daleen - but she wants nothing to do with him. Elise hears Veronica is planning on asking Nathan to Stefanie's wedding. Toeks refuses that Kallie buys Stefanie's shares. Rian tries to find out why his bride-to-be is so very unhappy.
83: Episode 83
Jul 28, 2010
Warrick is going to do everything in his power to get the money Yvette is owed. Toeks is worried about Stefanie and Brian starts to get impatient with Stefanie when she tries to buy more time. Conrad pays Coen to follow Brian. Nadia wants to remind Ulrich why they fell in love in the first place, while Ulrich wants to die of embarrassment when he hears what he said to Daleen.
84: Episode 84
Jul 29, 2010
Joeke gives Hannah an upsetting ultimatum and Elise is convinced that Conrad wants to be more than Pippa's friend. Yvette is caught off guard by Oliver's disdain.
85: Episode 85
Jul 30, 2010
Stefanie admits to Conrad that she is being blackmailed and Quinton helps Ulrich to become a single man again. Kallie realizes Toeks does not want his help.
86: Episode 86
Aug 2, 2010
Faye convinces Toeks that Kallie would be a good business partner, but he seems to be more interested in following At's advice. Joeke and Warrick are at logger heads when he refuses to give up Yvette's trust case. Conrad refuses to tell Pippa what he is going to do to the person who is blackmailing Stefanie. Joeke upsets Yvette, and when Warrick consoles her she gets the wrong message.
87: Episode 87
Aug 3, 2010
Joeke encounters resistance because of her handling of Yvette's trust. Oliver finds a way to withhold the money from Yvette. Stefanie realizes that Conrad has scared Brian and Pippa apologizes to him. Quinton plays matchmaker. Stefanie gets very upset when she has to sign her pre-nub. Rian's best man arrives, much to everybody's surprise.
88: Episode 88
Aug 4, 2010
Stefanie is shocked to realize that she is indebted to Rian, while Kallie is worried that Stefanie might not really want to get married. At tries to convince her to sign the pre-nub but Stefanie feels humiliated. Hannah is livid at Oliver and Joeke for getting in the way of Yvette's trust. Daleen realizes what Quinton and Ulrich are up to but has plans of her own.
89: Episode 89
Aug 5, 2010
It's the day before the big wedding and Rian returns to a confused and exhausted Stefanie. Warrick insults Joeke and all of RPK expects the worst. Dylan tries to convince Billy to help arrange a visit with Lucinda.
90: Episode 90
Aug 6, 2010
Billy's relationship with Dylan has an impact on her professional life. Hannah realizes her mother is not as tough as she seems, and Joeke has a change of heart. The guests at Stefanie and Rian's wedding begin to wonder if the bride got cold feet…
91: Episode 91
Aug 9, 2010
Billy refuses to end things with Dylan, and Malan is obtuse with At, while Joeke gives Yvette her approval. Emilio's uncle wants money, while Lindani urgently wants to see Michael. Pippa thinks Conrad should make friends with Malan, and Toeks gives Daleen a bright idea. Everyone is giving Gys advise about how to handle the situation with Sif. Lindani flirts with Zoey, and Elise has it in for Malan.
92: Episode 92
Aug 10, 2010
Zoey gets upset when Billy confronts her about Lindani while Emilio's uncle puts pressure on him regarding the money. At wants Malan to open up to him and Gys can't seem to shake Sif off.
93: Episode 93
Aug 11, 2010
Oliver assures Zoey she has nothing to worry about, but Joeke isn't as sympathetic. Lindani gets rubbed up the wrong way, and Emilio has even more money problems - to Oliver's great frustration. Kallie suspects Malan's life is in danger, and Conrad confronts Pippa about her feelings for Malan. Toeks gives Gys one of Kitte's old suits to wear to the matric dance.
94: Episode 94
Aug 12, 2010
Malan flips when he hears how Conrad got his shares, and decides to rope Oliver Knight in to help him teach At a lesson. Everyone is suspicious when Zoey's behavior gets out of hand. The Castignani-family close in on Emilio, causing him to make desperate deals.
95: Episode 95
Aug 13, 2010
Zoey is afraid to go home alone and abuses Thabang's friendship. Oliver refuses to help Emilio, which lands Emilio in even more trouble with his uncle. Tertius is very unhappy with Quinton's date, and wants to meet her personally. Malan gets a nasty surprise when he meets with Oliver to discuss the contract. Conrad upsets Pippa when he doubts her honesty. Zoey receives more bad news about Lindani and Gail.
96: Episode 96
Aug 16, 2010
Kallie tries to get Toeks and Malan to make peace. Pippa asks Conrad to only be her friend, but then they kiss. Malan confronts At about Stefanie and Conrad's shares, and Gys is excited about his date with Martie. Zoey tries to apologize to Lindani, and Thabang is fed-up with Zoey's hidden agenda. Emilio is shocked in his uncle's behavior, and Oliver tries to prevent Emilio from telling the truth.
97: Episode 97
Aug 17, 2010
Pippa asks Conrad to give her more time, and Kallie tells Malan to get his act together when it comes to Toeks. Oliver defends Thomas, and Warrick's brother causes havoc.
98: Episode 98
Aug 18, 2010
Thomas's first day back at the firm is fraught with difficulties, and Joeke gets word of a complaint against Zoey. Quinton and Tertius hatch another desperate scheme to get Gys a date for the matric dance, and Malan confronts Pippa about their relationship.
99: Episode 99
Aug 19, 2010
At tries to find out what happened to Malan, while Elise is asked to not tell anyone what she saw. Zoey goes missing, and Franz hears that one of the nurses will be going with Gys to the matric dance. Oliver and Michael inform Nadia and Billy about the claim against RPK. Conrad asks for Pippa's help, and Rebecca tells the board about Ben suing RPK. Pippa hears what really happened to Malan, and Hannah has some advice for Thomas. Pippa, Elise, and Veronica help to find the perfect dress, and Tessa tells Zoey that she cant keep quiet any longer.
100: Episode 100
Aug 20, 2010
Gys eventually goes to the matric farewell in a hired suit and he and Daleen are the couple of the event. The wonderful evening ends on a peculiar note. Thomas' father wants him to settle the Dippernaar case, or otherwise he ends all financial support to his son. Zoey doesn't want to discuss the events of the past with Tessa. Joeke and Michael force Lindani to drop his case against Zoey. At is still trying to figure out what Malan and Warrick are up to.
101: Episode 101
Aug 23, 2010
Stefanie and Rian are back from their honeymoon earlier than anticipated. The clerks think Thomas needs a make-over. At gets an upsetting call from Malan, and Zoey accuses Tessa of being selfish. Michael advises Tessa to forget about what happened in the past, while Stefanie picks up a vibe between Pippa and Conrad.
102: Episode 102
Aug 24, 2010
Stefanie struggles to make peace between Kallie and Toeks, so she can sell her shares. Nadia suspects Thomas has a crush on Billy. Zoey gets some good news, and some tough love. At finds out who Tyron really is and Warrick has to confront his past.
103: Episode 103
Aug 25, 2010
Warrick tries to convince his brother to leave Malan alone, and Zoey thinks her career is over. Stefanie milks Kallie for more money, and the clerks convince Thomas to get new clothes. There's a cold atmosphere between Conrad and Pippa, and Warrick considers quitting RPK. Toeks thinks something is up between Kallie and Stefanie, and Zoey tries to mend her friendship with Thabang.
104: Episode 104
Aug 26, 2010
Warrick tells Malan he is going to disappear and Malan should do the same. Stefanie is in trouble with the bank and Kallie nearly shoots off his mouth in front of Rian. When Hannah protects Thomas, Billy wonders how long the two have known one another. Michael is concerned about more than Rebecca's plumbing when Emma tells him about the house. Tyron will take Nagskof if Malan cannot come up with the money, but At has a plan.
105: Episode 105
Aug 27, 2010
Malan refuses to leave the country, and At is worried about the safety of his two sons. Coen is asked to make a problem disappear, and Rebecca needs to move out of her house for a while. Thomas won't settle out of court, and he realizes what At did to him while he was taking care of Ansie. Kallie is doing market research about Mugg & Bean's menu, and Conrad gives Pippa the cold shoulder.
106: Episode 106
Aug 30, 2010
Tyron strikes when At refuses to pay up. Kallie is in a flat spin about the meeting with Toeks. Michael has to be hospitalized after helping Rebecca out.
107: Episode 107
Aug 31, 2010
Michael makes a difficult patient and gives Rebecca a hard time. She learns that At is funding Ben Dippenaar's case and that her career could be on the line. Thomas decides to settle. Joeke catches Warrick and Oliver out. Stefanie confesses to Kallie that she sold her engagement diamond. Pippa and Conrad make peace and take their relationship to the next level. Tyron marks Pippa as his next victim.
108: Episode 108
Sep 1, 2010
Pippa's very upset about the strange events of the previous night and Conrad begs At to pay Tyron. At is faced with more than one life or death decision and Malan reveals something very disturbing. Michael and Rebecca are driving each other crazy and Gary gets involved against his better judgement. Joeke demands an explanation about Warrick's behavior and Stefanie becomes forever indebted to Kallie.
109: Episode 109
Sep 2, 2010
Pippa and Conrad decide to see each other in secret. Emilio's cousin runs into problems with the law, and Oliver is persuaded to help. Michael bristles at the way he's treated by the women in his life and At plans to put even more pressure on Warrick.
110: Episode 110
Sep 3, 2010
Guido Castignani sends Oliver a scary gift, and Rebecca decides to move out of her house. Kallie hides important information from Toeks, and Pippa doesn't want to hurt Malan's feelings.
111: Episode 111
Sep 6, 2010
Daleen, Oliver and Conrad are not prepared to tell the truth, and Warrick tells Oliver of At's threats. Hannah meets Fabiana, and Franz buys someone flowers - regardless of how much he is teased by Gys. Emilio warns a family member, and At is confronted. Malan eventually finds out about Conrad and Pippa.
112: Episode 112
Sep 7, 2010
At tries to prevent Conrad from telling Malan the truth about his love life, and Stefanie tries to convince Toeks to give Kallie another chance. Elise sows the seeds of doubt in Daleen's mind about Malan's intentions, and Joeke wants Oliver to drop Fabiana's case. Michael's excitement over a new love interest is cut short when he finds out about Rebecca and Franz's date. Fabiana wraps Oliver around her little finger.
113: Episode 113
Sep 8, 2010
Oliver gets disturbing news, but refuses to discuss it with Hannah. Elise decides to try and stop Malan from using Daleen, and Rian discovers the extent of Stefanie's overdraft.
114: Episode 114
Sep 9, 2010
Fabiana's wedding gift creates tension between Oliver and Hannah, and Warrick has very bad news for At. Pippa surprises Malan and Daleen by walking in on them after a date.
115: Episode 115
Sep 10, 2010
Pippa isn't sure if she should share her news about Malan with Daleen. At tries to get information on Tyron from Malan, but Malan evades his questions. Toeks is a bit dismayed when everyone makes a fuss over Kallie. Rebecca can't believe she's jealous of Michael, and Joeke takes it upon herself to give Fabiana a stern warning.
116: Episode 116
Sep 13, 2010
Pippa and Conrad are worried about Daleen, and determined to find out what happened between her and Malan. Oliver and Hannah's relationship takes strain. Zoey battles with her studies. Franz has a date, and At is hit by a bombshell realization.
117: Episode 117
Sep 14, 2010
Quintin is very upset when he finds out what Malan did to Daleen. Conrad tells Malan the truth about Pippa. At confronts Malan about Tyron. Oliver is shocked when he finds out who Michael's new client is, and Michael is worried about Emma's strange behavior.
118: Episode 118
Sep 15, 2010
Rebecca discovers someone she knows on a dating website. Fabiana uses all her charm to manipulate Michael, and Gary is concerned when he recognises the symptoms of Zoey's hangover. Sparks fly between Quinton and Malan when Quinton confronts Malan over Daleen. At discovers the hard way that there is nothing like a free lunch.
119: Episode 119
Sep 16, 2010
Stefanie upsets Rian by talking business with Malan. Zoey struggles to absorb exam pressures and Michael realises why Emma is acting so strangely. Joeke's distrust of Fabiana deepens, while Malan gives Conrad an ultimatum.
120: Episode 120
Sep 17, 2010
Fabiana shows Joeke her true colors, and Michael and Rebecca hear about Emma's crush. Zoey comes clean about her exam, and Malan initiates a dangerous game.
121: Episode 121
Sep 20, 2010
Gary is scared of going for a leukemia check-up. Malan enjoys being the puppetmaster, by putting strain on Stefanie's marriage, and insisting that At splits up Conrad and Pippa. Fabiana hints that Oliver should take the law into his own hands, while Joeke is out to destroy the woman. Jennifer, Rebecca and Michael get drawn into the world of cyberdating.
122: Episode 122
Sep 21, 2010
Joeke think Fabiana is to blame for the break-in at RPK, and At tells Stefanie to make peace with Rian. Malan invites Conrad, Pippa and Elise to dinner, while Emilio finds out where Ulrich was. Emma and Gys make plans to get Franz and Rebecca together, and Malan makes sure At knows he is serious. Gary is scared of getting his test results, and Rian and Stefanie have trouble burying the hatchet. Jennifer's date doesn't go down too well, and Fabiana meets Oliver in his office after hours. Michael hears about Rebecca's accident.
123: Episode 123
Sep 22, 2010
Michael is worried about Rebecca's condition and there's many twists and turns to the Fabiana case. Malan forces At to embarrass himself and Gary gets the results of his test.
124: Episode 124
Sep 23, 2010
Rebecca is a difficult patient - especially when she feels insecure about Michael's actions. Gys urges Franz to spend time with Rebecca and Malan attends the shareholders meeting and makes an announcement that rocks the boat. Oliver is rushed to hospital, just before the start of Fabiana's trial.
125: Episode 125
Sep 24, 2010
Gary is too scared to talk to the directors of RPK about his awareness campaign. A suicide shocks Oliver, and Lindani holds RPK responsible. Ulrich wants nothing to do with Fabiana. Emma's feelings towards Michael forces him to visit Rebecca.
126: Episode 126
Sep 27, 2010
At tries to persuade Pippa to break up with Conrad. Gary has a meeting with the directors, and Lindani threatens to sue Oliver.
127: Episode 127
Sep 28, 2010
Franz isn't sure how serious At's injury is. Stefanie doesn't believe Malan and Conrad's story. Michael wonders if it is right that Rebecca is staying with him, but Emilio tells him to use the opportunity. Warrick gets called in when Billy discovers something in the envelopes. Things go wrong when Pippa tries to comfort Conrad. Fabiana confronts Oliver. Kallie and Joeke bond. Oliver and Hannah receive a menacing message.
128: Episode 128
Sep 29, 2010
Stefanie's still on a mission to find out what happened between Conrad and At. Veronica tries to find out more about Gary's relationship status. Rebecca and Michael are very uncomfortable about the previous night, and Oliver and Billy makes a breakthrough with Fabiana's case. Franz gives the children bad news regarding At's prognosis. Pippa tries to comfort Conrad but he pushes her away.
129: Episode 129
Sep 30, 2010
The police start to interrogate Conrad due to an anonymous tip. Michael and Rebecca struggle to keep their activities under wraps. Things go wrong when Nadia plays matchmaker between Thabang and Zoey. Fabiana gets the upper hand when Joeke overplays hers.
130: Episode 130
Oct 1, 2010
Michael and Rebecca feel guilty about their feelings for each other. Oliver confronts Joeke about her meeting with Fabiana, while Warrick is concerned about a letter Joeke received. Fabiana tells Oliver the truth about his mother, and Veronica sees Yvette as competition - and she isn't happy about it.
131: Episode 131
Oct 4, 2010
Veronica says a few things to Gary's colleagues that she wishes she could take back. Warrick realizes that Joeke is lying about the mysterious letter, while Ulrich finds out that saying 'no' to Fabiana is more difficult than it seems. Coen pushes Conrad to take action against Malan.
132: Episode 132
Oct 5, 2010
Gys is getting ready for his final exams, and Franz starts testing At. Gary is stressed about the cocktail party. Emilio struggles to make peace with Oliver. Warrick confronts Joeke about her contact with convicts. Hannah realizes the extent of Oliver's rage. Nadia has plans to play matchmaker. And Franz realizes there is something seriously wrong with At.
133: Episode 133
Oct 6, 2010
Billy realises Fabiana and Ulrich are in cahoots, and Oliver and Lindani use this to their advantage. Toeks wants to encourage Gys for the exam, but he gets shocking news. Pippa realizes Conrad bears a grudge against Malan. Joeke receives another mysterious letter, and everybody is excited about the famous DJ who will be visiting Binneland. Veronica tries to heal the rift with Gary.
134: Episode 134
Oct 7, 2010
Gys is humiliated after being rejected by the university, and refuses to explore alternative options. Lindani has Ulrich followed to try to catch Fabiana out. Fabiana has one last parcel for Ulrich to deliver. Franz asks Pippa to be At's private nurse at the Koster house. Conrad doesn't have the courage to go and see At, while Malan gets shunned by At. Stefanie swears she will make Conrad pay for hurting At. A beautiful orchid is delivered at RPK and is the source of saucy gossip.
135: Episode 135
Oct 8, 2010
Ulrich is caught between a rock and a hard place when both Fabiana and Oliver puts pressure on him. Franz is shot down in flames when he tries to help Gys get into medical school - especially when Gys finds out. Fritz unexpectedly pitches up again and Joeke struggles to contain the situation. Elise realizes how much Veronica misses Gary and decides to interfere. Stefanie sees an opportunity to cause more trouble and tries to convince Pippa to take on the job of nursing At. At is visited by both Conrad and Malan: each with different outcomes.
136: Episode 136
Oct 11, 2010
Warrick is worried about Joeke's safety when he finds out about Fritz's past. At is released from hospital and placed in Pippa's care, and Lindani forces Ulrich to co-operate in the Castignani investigation.
137: Episode 137
Oct 12, 2010
At is a very difficult patient, and Pippa doesn't want to be his nurse. Joeke tells Fritz that she won't see him again. Zoey gets a mysterious phone call, and Lindani makes sure that no-one knows that Ulrich is helping him out. Conrad and Stefanie fight over theatre equipment. Zoey sets tongues wagging at the function, and Coen shares a secret with Stefanie.
138: Episode 138
Oct 13, 2010
Franz confronts At about his attitude towards Pippa, and Coen and Stefanie bond. Malan and Quinton are looking for Daleen, and Daleen makes a shocking announcement. Michael becomes more frustrated with Rebecca as she insists on keeping their relationship a secret. Fritz wangles information out of Yvette about Hannah. When Fabiana finds out her contacts are being followed, she threatens Ulrich and it leaves him terrified. Billy is concerned for Ulrich's life and has a word with Oliver.
139: Episode 139
Oct 14, 2010
Fabiana has Ulrich caught up in a hit and run accident. Rebecca and Michael end up getting a shock when they tell Emma about their relationship. Quinton finally takes a leap of faith and confesses his feelings to Daleen. An old acquaintance of Joeke's decides to acquire Hannah's services.
140: Episode 140
Oct 15, 2010
Fabiana is worried about the repercussions of Ulrich's arrest. Emilio and Oliver come to blows, and Fritz gets Hannah alone ...
141: Episode 141
Oct 18, 2010
Hanna's mysterious client only wants to see her after hours. Conrad's confrontation with Malan leads to a confession. Kallie is doing his best to stabilize relationships in the Koster mansion. Emilio and Hannah find out what Oliver and Lindani are up to while Ulrich is becoming more and more afraid.
142: Episode 142
Oct 19, 2010
Billy finds out that Ulrich is operating as a double agent. Stefanie gets hold of the contract between Malan and At and stars scheming with Coen to get Malan out of the way. Michael declares his love for Rebecca publicly much to the dismay of Emma. Tertius watches a shady guy making advances on a girl in Nagskof.
143: Episode 143
Oct 20, 2010
Conrad warns Stefanie that she's playing with fire, and Warrick is convinced someone is watching Joeke. Ulrich fears for Billy's life, and Malan makes a very important decision. Hannah makes a dangerous mistake.
144: Episode 144
Oct 21, 2010
Stefanie wants Malan to to draw up a contract ensuring that he will not lay claim to Binneland, and At makes peace with Malan. Jennifer tells Tertius he stands a good chance to become head of ER, but then Tertius bumps into Jaco at Nagskof and assaults him. Veronica's life is in danger after a night out, and Emilio has a stern warning for Fabiana. Hannah finds out where Fritz's mind is at, and tries to persuade him to a different viewpoint - but he already has other plans. Michael writes down and signs his promises to Rebecca to put her mind at ease.
145: Episode 145
Oct 22, 2010
Jennifer plans a fun-filled evening to tire Daniël. Conrad takes Tertius to task for not getting a second opinion on a difficult case. Oliver begins to realize that there is more to his wife's silence than meets the eye, and Ulrich hears news that leaves him very worried.
146: Episode 146
Oct 25, 2010
Veronica fears the truth about what happened to her the night of Jaco's assault. Jennifer struggles with a difficult Daniël. Emilio and Joeke are convinced Fabiana abducted Hannah, and Oliver confronts Fabiana. Hannah tries to manipulate Fritz. Quinton is desperate to keep Daleen at Binneland. Tertius has a lot to explain to the shareholders.
147: Episode 147
Oct 26, 2010
Tertius' second meeting with the board doesn't go down too well, and he is scared of the consequences. Hannah refuses to talk to Oliver about her ordeal and he struggles to accept this. Daniël causes problems at the crèche and Jennifer is at her wits end. Fabiana visits Ulrich for the last time with a parting gift. Joeke calls on a last resort to help Hannah. Veronica and Elise start a dangerous rumour about Tertius. Quinton ropes in Elise to help him convince Daleen to stay at Binneland.
148: Episode 148
Oct 27, 2010
Tertius receives an unwanted gift from his fan club. A surprise guest turns up at the RPK offices, and Malan tries to help Jennifer by baby-sitting Daniël.
149: Episode 149
Oct 28, 2010
Oliver doesn't share Hannah's joy over Ivan's surprise visit. Nadia resumes ties with Ivan and Ulrich is left feeling like an outcast. Billy takes a serious look at her future, while Dylan arranges free legal advise Tertius with her. Stefanie gets a lashing when she takes on Tertius, and Jennifer over-reacts when Franz suggests therapy for Daniël. Quinton and Daleen finally find each other.
150: Episode 150
Oct 29, 2010
Malan takes matters into his own hands when he finds out that Jennifer slept through Daniël's crying. While Billy dreams of a bright future with Dylan, he doubts whether the Head of ER post is worth the sacrifice. Tertius finds out what happened at Rebecca's meeting with Sunay. While Ivan has everyone eating out of his hands, Oliver suspects there's more to his visit.
151: Episode 151
Nov 1, 2010
Ivan's visit puts strain on Hannah and Oliver. Tertius and the board struggle to see eye to eye. Kallie's new recipes drive Toeks up a wall. Nadia is underperforming at work because of Ivan's behaviour. Jennifer struggles to cope with Daniël, while Quinton is playing Sherlock Holmes with matters of the heart.
152: Episode 152
Nov 2, 2010
Rebecca smells a rat when it comes to Ivan and his finances. Hannah doesn't understand Ivan's behavior when it comes to a Maggie Laubser painting, and Nadia's negligence could cost one of Warrick's clients thousands. Dylan has doubts about the post of Head of Casualty, but cant discuss it with Billy. Quinton asks Elise to obtain personal information from Daleen, and Tertius is upset about the board's decision regarding Sunay. Toeks insists that Jennifer spends the night with her, Faye, Franz and Kallie ... and then the inconceivable happens.
153: Episode 153
Nov 3, 2010
Daniël is still missing, and the police suspect that someone kidnapped him - an inconsolable Jennifer is questioned. Michael refuses to tell Hannah about Ivan's problems, while Ivan makes Nadia a very attractive offer. Dylan withdraws his application, and Stefanie convinces Quinton to apply for the job. Veronica spares no details when she talks to Sunay, and Malan and Conrad decide to tell At about Daniël's disappearance.
154: Episode 154
Nov 4, 2010
Toeks is overcome with guilt and blames herself or what happened to Daniël. Nadia decides to go into business with Ivan. Billy has to bail Dylan and Oliver out of jail. Jennifer decides to take matters into her own hands. Everyone's attempts to keep At from finding out about what happened to Daniël is in vain.
155: Episode 155
Nov 5, 2010
The police discover a new lead in their investigation of Daniël's disappearance, but Coen has his own suspicions. Nadia and Ivan go into business together, and Hannah finds out that Ivan isn't being honest with her.
156: Episode 156
Nov 8, 2010
Ulrich is worried about Nadia's new partnership, and Hannah confronts Ivan about his debt. Quinton's effort to be a friendlier person unnerves the nurses, and Jennifer is shocked when Captain Liebenberg's investigation takes an unforeseen turn.
157: Episode 157
Nov 9, 2010
Captain Liebenberg questions Kallie and Toeks, which strengthens his suspicion regarding Jennifer - this leads to a confrontation between him and Franz. Toeks is upset with Kallie's behaviour regarding the coffeeshop's kitchen, and Hannah and Ivan are at loggerheads. Joeke is shocked when she learns the truth about Ivan, while Oliver and Dylan are excited about their camping weekend. Billy and Hannah don't share the same sentiment, and this leads to tension between Dylan and Billy. Malan decides to take matters regarding Daniël into his own hands.
158: Episode 158
Nov 10, 2010
Oliver and Hannah have words, and Franz is livid when Malan undermines the search for Daniël. Joeke asks Ivan some difficult questions about his business and he feels betrayed by Hannah. Oliver and Dylan's irresponsible behavior gets them in trouble with their respective partners. Toeks takes some drastic steps to stop Kallie's new business ventures, but it blows up in her face. Jennifer is disappointed when she visits At in the hope that he will know what to do.
159: Episode 159
Nov 11, 2010
Jennifer turns up at the hospital unexpectedly, and Nadia receives shocking news. Kallie makes a huge blunder, and Hannah crosses swords with her family.
160: Episode 160
Nov 12, 2010
Kallie tries desperately to make amends with Erna, while Jennifer's return to work makes bigger waves than she thought it would. Malan is out for Jennifer's blood, and Billy worries that Dylan thinks she's a bore. Ivan places Joeke in an uncomfortable position.
161: Episode 161
Nov 15, 2010
The press escalates their campaign against Jennifer, and she is shocked to find out that Captain Liebenberg regards her as an official suspect in the disappearance of Daniël. Conrad wants to help Jennifer, but At refuses to air his suspicions. Erna suggests Toeks and Kallie start their own business, but Toeks refuses - and doesn't want anything to do with Kallie ever again. Billy is upset to find out that Dylan is interested in joining Doctors Without Borders. Ivan tries to make peace with Nadia, while Joeke makes a plan with Ivan's debt - to the dismay of Hannah.
162: Episode 162
Nov 16, 2010
At convinces Jennifer to get legal advice, and Billy asks Thabang to spy on Dylan. Daleen decides to test Quinton's commitment.
163: Episode 163
Nov 17, 2010
Rebecca launches a search party when her father, Stan, goes missing. Sparks fly between Dylan and Billy, and Daleen and Quinton try to work things out - on a physical level. Rian is very interested in Kallie's ideas for a new business, and Jennifer flies off the handle during a tough interrogation.
164: Episode 164
Nov 18, 2010
Rebecca cleans Stan's flat and realizes what chaos his affairs are in. Pippa is impressed with Daleen's serious approach to her relationship with Quinton. Billy and Dylan are both too proud to bury the hatchet. Malan starts to doubt Jennifer's innocence. Warrick convinces Jennifer to do an interview with a newspaper to tell her side of the story.
165: Episode 165
Nov 19, 2010
Rebecca keeps the truth from Emma when the police find Stan, and Zoey desperately wants Billy and Dylan to make up. Jennifer is furious with Warrick, and Toeks is emotional and confused after a visit from Erna.
166: Episode 166
Nov 22, 2010
Emma is rattled by her grandfather's strange behavior, and Rebecca forces Stan to go to see Franz. Kallie is anxious about Toeks's decision, and Quinton's jealousy over Malan and Daleen's interaction leads to a confrontation. Everyone is worried when Daleen isn't feeling too well. Power cuts drives everyone up the wall, especially Billy and Dylan who are caught in an elevator together. Jennifer wants to throw in the towel, and Franz pleads with Warrick to help her - Oliver is the one who comes up with a sly solution.
167: Episode 167
Nov 23, 2010
Zoey convinces Billy and Dylan to pretend that they're still mad at each other so that she'll have an excuse to see Thabang. Emma realizes that her parents have been lying to her about Stan. Daleen finds out what's wrong with her and Coen returns with disturbing information he refuses to share with anyone but At.
168: Episode 168
Nov 24, 2010
Warrick confesses to Oliver about his almost kiss with Jennifer. At tries to make peace with Malan, and Elise tries to figure out what the cause of Daleen's foul mood is. Michael and Rebecca decide to put the cards on the table for Stan, and Nadia suggests Zoey does the same with Thabang. Veronica tells Daleen that Toeks is bankrupt, and Thabang and Tesse meet unexpectedly. Jennifer gets advice from an unfamiliar familiar acquaintance. Coen shares sensitive information with At. Faye and Veronica are worried about Daleen. Emma does research on her grandfather's illness, and Stan mistakes Rebecca for his ex-wife. Daleen tries to hide her condition from Quinton, and At wants Jennifer to go back to work. Billy and Dylan make up and Zoey takes credit for it, while Jennifer hears Daniël's voice.
169: Episode 169
Nov 25, 2010
Tertius blames Quinton for Daleen's mood, but is shocked when the truth is revealed. Stefanie struggles to accept At's decision and takes matters into her own hands. Michael wants to plan for Stan's future, but Rebecca refuses to accept the reality. Zoey firmly believes Thabang is in love with her, but he has someone else in mind. Kallie's exciting news might just cause problems between him and Toeks. Jennifer struggles to adapt to the hospital, and is very upset when she hears Daniël again.
170: Episode 170
Nov 26, 2010
Stan's condition and financial problems cause a crisis in the Lennox family. Tertius finds out whose child Daleen is expecting, while Quinton and Daleen make big romantic plans. Jennifer tells Warrick that Daniël talks to her and Warrick starts to complete the puzzle.
171: Episode 171
Nov 29, 2010
Faye is furious because Stefanie gives her a verbal warning. At hears about it from Franz, and decides to take back control of the clinic. Daleen ends the relationship with Quinton, and when she decides to tell the father of her unborn child about her pregnancy she discovers he has a new girlfriend. Jennifer wants to get help from a psychic to find Daniël, but Toeks strongly advises her to not go through with it. Yvette takes Warrick under her wing, and Rebecca realizes she has to take control of Stan's finances.
172: Episode 172
Nov 30, 2010
Quinton and Pippa are shocked when they find out about Daleen's secret. Stan doesn't react well to the news that he is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Yvette is driving Warrick mad with her concern over his health. Jennifer decides that contacting a psychic is her only option. Tessa is honest about her feelings for Thabang.
173: Episode 173
Dec 1, 2010
Rebecca phones her mother about Stan's disappearance and fears the worst. Veronica and Elise speculate on the father of Daleen's baby - Faye reprimands them and facilitates reconcilement. Kallie leaves for Thailand. At returns to Binneland and gets a cold reception. Warrick hatches a plan to thwart the kidnappers
174: Episode 174
Dec 2, 2010
Warrick suspects that Alice might be linked to Daniël's disappearance. Tertius tries to convince Daleen to tell her parents and Rebecca receives a surprise visit from her mother.
175: Episode 175
Dec 3, 2010
With Daleen pregnant, Pippa has to deal with her own conflicts and living with a hormonal rollercoaster. Rebecca struggles to deal with both her dad's illness and her mother's insistence to help, which has disastrous consequences. Warrick finds a break in Jen's search for Daniël and sends a risky plan into action. Toeks opens the new shop. Gary has a crush, but Zoey has her reservations. Daleen struggles to come forward with the truth about the parentage of the baby.
176: Episode 176
Dec 6, 2010
Jennifer is convinced that Roelien is somehow behind Daniël's kidnapping, and decides to take the evidence to At. While Rebecca makes arrangements to move her father into a care facility, Michael confronts Angela about her attitude. Ulrich proposes a business idea, and Tertius tries to get Daleen to focus on the wellbeing of her unborn child rather than what people will think.
177: Episode 177
Dec 7, 2010
Stan's misguided love and affection forces Angela to face her own past and mortality. Tertius causes the Binneland grapevine to buzz with news that rivals Daleen's pregnancy. Gary does a song and dance to convince Yvette to use him and Ulrich to organize RPK's end of year function. The exchange to get Daniël back goes horribly wrong.
178: Episode 178
Dec 8, 2010
Too much stress has dire consequences for Jennifer. Warrick is determined to find Daniël. Stan and Angela relive some happier moments from the past. Rebecca witnesses it and has new insight into her role in her parents' lives. At and Roelien are reunited. They're conflicted about Daniël - will they be able to compromise. Thanks to inside info Gary and Ulrich's company get to arrange their first function. Warrick has his own ideas about Yvette and Gary. Quinton's anger and frustration with Tertius and Daleen's intended marriage reaches boiling point. There is still doubt by some Binnelanders whether Tertius is the father of Daleen's baby.
179: Episode 179
Dec 9, 2010
At tries to get information regarding Daniël from Roelien, but she refuses to cave. Tertius and Daleen realises the full implications of their lies and Elise hatches a plan that will only make things worse. The Lennox family celebrates Christmas and Michael makes Rebecca's day. Malan and Stefanie are both curious as to At's sudden disappearances. Warrick feels guilty about Daniël, but can't help Jennifer. Daleen and Quinton argue about his general attitude.
180: Episode 180
Dec 10, 2010
At's strange behaviour makes Malan suspicious. Roelien gives At an appalling ultimatum; Elise organizes Daleen an unwelcome bachelorettes and Pippa makes an unexpected declaration.
181: Episode 181
Dec 13, 2010
Angela returns home. Michael organizes a romantic evening for Rebecca and himself. In spite of the fact that Gary believes No-Name's first children's party was a disaster he and Ulrich get more bookings. Gary thinks the moment he is successful Yvette will forget about Warrick. The clerks hope they will get a 13th cheque. Daleen and Tertius pretend they got married at the magistrate's court and move into Rebecca's bachelor flat. Neither of them are happy. Elise picks up there is a problem with the happy couple. The story At gave to the journalist about Jen's break-down appears in the newspaper. Warrick feels he and Malan need professional help to find Roelien. Malan refuses point blank. At convinces Roelien to hand over Daniël but at that exact moment Malan storms in and Roelien flees.
182: Episode 182
Dec 14, 2010
Ulrich and Gary organize the RPK function. Daleen's parents arrive unexpectedly at Binneland. Jennifer receives a message from Roelien. Nadia gives Gary a dancing lesson.
183: Episode 183
Dec 15, 2010
Daleen tells Tertius that he has to work through her mother to get on her father's good side. Roelien sets up a meeting with Jennifer. Yvette jumps the moment Warrick snaps his fingers. Daleen begs her mother not to tell her father that she's pregnant. At makes a deal with Jennifer.
184: Episode 184
Dec 16, 2010
At briefs Jennifer on what they should tell the police about Daniël's return. Yvette learns that Warrick doesn't have a date for the RPK party and cancels her date with Gary. Gary makes an impulsive decision. Oliver and Hannah seem to drift even further apart. Daleen realizes that she cannot hide anything from her mother, blurts out her secret to her father. Quinton saves Tertius from a sharp confrontation.
185: Episode 185
Dec 17, 2010
Jennifer thanks Rian for the loan. Tertius and Daleen try to convince everybody they are in love. Oliver tries to give the gift to Hannah again, but they fight. Gary regrets asking Veronica to the year-end function and she regrets saying yes. Osie and Tilda fight over Daleen's future. Liebenberg still out to get Jennifer. Malan confronts At about Roelien. Veronica tells Elise she saw Tertius and Daleen kiss. Emilio tells Ulrich the restaurant will be open over Christmas and New Year's. Toeks, Franz and Dylan visit Jennifer and Daniël for the first time. Gary tells Veronica about his feelings for Yvette. Warrick gets rid of Liebenberg. Hannah prepares a treat for Oliver but he doesn't pitch. Osie wants to meet Tertius's parents.
186: Episode 186
Dec 20, 2010
Hannah asks her mother for advice about her and Oliver's problems, but doesn't get the answers she was hoping for. Gary's plans for RPK's end of year function suffer a cruel blow. At placates Jennifer's fears regarding Roelien, and Daleen decides to resign and move back home so that her parents can help look after the baby.
187: Episode 187
Dec 21, 2010
Malan tries to find out what happened to Roelien; Warrick declares his love for Jennifer. Tertius worries about the cost of raising a child.
188: Episode 188
Dec 22, 2010
Daleen and Tertius' home life is not improving and she decides to take action. Everybody's excited about the year end function and Yvette hopes that Warrick will finally notice her. Joeke finds out that Zandile will visit Hannah and confronts her about the implications. Oliver's trying his best to understand the situation, but is struggling. Toeks takes control of the commune and gets a new tenant. Elise convinces Veronica to tell Gary, how she really feels.
189: Episode 189
Dec 23, 2010
Tertius and Daleen's "marriage" is riddled with pitfalls and misunderstandings. Life in the small flat is a struggle. Both Quinton and the couple reject Elise's solution. Oliver's departure to Nature's Valley without Hannah is bitter-sweet. She finds solace in Zandile. The RPK clerks are hungover after the party and aren't looking forward to Yvette's big spring clean. Gary is on cloud nine after Yvette's kiss, little does he know what her true feelings are. It leads to big disappointment. A minor fender-bender forces Joeke to Binneland. She insists on Franz being the only doctor allowed to treat her. Franz' diagnosis shocks her to the core.
190: Episode 190
Dec 24, 2010
There is still no sign of Kallie and Malan starts having suspicions. Tertius has a crisis with his Christmas tree, and Joeke disappears before her operation. Christmas Eve at the Koster's is full of surprises.
191: Episode 191
Dec 27, 2010
Kallie gets lost in Johannesburg's inner city. Toeks is very worried but refuses to admit it. At and Jen move closer together - to Sefanie's chagrin. It looks like Daleen might lose the baby. Tertius feels responsible. Elise is worried because their quiet house guest has disappeared. Quinton wants nothing to do with the man. Franz takes pity on Joeke after her brain surgery. Hannah has had the best Christmas in years because of Zandile. She and Emilio have dinner together but she does not tell Oliver. The Lennox family leaves on holiday. Billy and Dylan moves into their house to look after the animals. Emma is mortified.
192: Episode 192
Dec 28, 2010
Tertius can't take Quinton's unforgiving attitude anymore. Gary and Ulrich get the go-ahead to throw the Nagskof New Year's Eve bash. Elise is shattered. Warrick finds out about Joeke's operation. Hannah's convinced that Oliver doesn't miss her in the least.
193: Episode 193
Dec 29, 2010
Joeke hatches a scheme to convince her daughter that she really was overseas. Hannah and Emilio discover a shared interest, while Billy and Dylan suffer endless problems with the many pets in the Lennox household. Elise feels bad about telling Malan about Gary's past, and Tertius is struggling to face the idea of having to keep working with Quinton.
194: Episode 194
Dec 30, 2010
Quinton finds out about Daleen and Tertius's entire web of lies. Disaster strikes another animal at the Lennox house. The success of the new year's party hangs in the balance. Elise and Joeke are at loggerheads. Warrick is surprised when he discovers Emilio with Hannah.
195: Episode 195
Dec 31, 2010
Daleen decides to tell Malan who her baby's father is. Elise snaps at Joeke. Everybody's preparing for the New Year's party. Someone turns up unexpectedly to surprise Malan.
196: Episode 196
Jan 3, 2011
Malan is very tempted to follow Lienkie to South America. Warrick is suspicious and doesn't want Hannah and Emilio to spend time alone together. Joeke and Franz have mixed feelings about the fact that she'll be released tomorrow. Veronica wishes the new tennant would just disappear. Faye warns Stefanie to stop interfering.
197: Episode 197
Jan 4, 2011
Warrick confronts Hannah and Emilio; Joeke is released from Binneland; and Kallie hosts a farewell party for Malan.
198: Episode 198
Jan 5, 2011
Hannah is convinced Joeke and Oliver came back earlier because Warrick warned them about her friendship with Emilio. Dylan hears Doctors Without Borders need him in the Sudan. He does not know how to tell Billy. Zoey is worried because Billy is studying so hard. She makes Nadia nervous as well. Veronica is convinced something bad happened to Fanie and Toeks finds out he was retrenched a month before. Daleen tells Gys she and Tertius need an evening on their own. An old friend of Gideon's land up in hospital in a critical condition. Franz isn't sure he can save his life.
199: Episode 199
Jan 6, 2011
Fanie's magazine collection disgust Elise and Veronica. Toeks is upset and orders that all Fanie's belongings be thrown out. It does however lead to the discovery of a possible clue. The commune tenants have mixed feelings about Elise's suggestion that Gys move in. Emilio is a bone of contention between Oliver and Hannah. Joeke is suspicious about Emilio and Hannah's friendship, presses Warrick for answers. The tension between Billy and Dylan intensifies, Michael warns him to come clean regarding MSF. A phone call beats Dylan to it and the bomb explodes. Franz is tense about Gideon's arrival and Johan's operation. Jennifer and Toeks can't resist teasing him about his dinner date with Joeke. The interaction between Franz and Joeke seem to be on track.
200: Episode 200
Jan 7, 2011
Hannah and Oliver's relationship is on shaky ground. Billy struggles to deal with Dylan wanting to join Doctors without Borders. Johan regains consciousness and has to deal with the extent of his injuries. Gideon has some much needed good news for Franz. Gys moves into the commune.
201: Episode 201
Jan 10, 2011
Gideon does his best to support Johan; At gives Dylan an unexpected ultimatum; Daleen dreads facing Gideon; Billie's not convinced she'll be able to wait for Dylan
202: Episode 202
Jan 11, 2011
Heidi looks for a way out; Emilio offers her a job. Joeke announces RPK will offer Zoey a position. Zoey doesn't show the expected enthusiasm. Johan has a new positive outlook on life. Liebenberg is frustrated that Franz refuses to operate on Johan. Tertius is upset that Daleen is embarrassed in front of Gideon. Dylan resigns and Elise insists on a farewell party.
203: Episode 203
Jan 12, 2011
Ulrich is devastated when Heidi gets caught with her hand in the till. While the media goes to town with the fact that the state prosecutor could be a murderer, Lindani is convinced Gail is responsible. Elise causes great embarrassment for Gys and his date when Franz unexpectedly arrives at the commune. At forces Stefanie to ask Gideon to stay on at Binneland.
204: Episode 204
Jan 13, 2011
Dylan arrives at the field hospital, but doesn't get the welcome he expects. The State Advocate approaches Michael for representation. Heidi lies to Ulrich about how much she owes. Quinton can't help but wonder about the nature of Tertius and Daleen's relationship, and Franz and Gideon have a falling out over Johan
205: Episode 205
Jan 14, 2011
Franz and Gideon make peace. Ulrich and Heidi declare their love to each other. Everybody is upset with Michael for representing Lindani. Tertius wants to find a bigger place, but Daleen likes things the way they are. Johan lies to Gideon and manipulates him completely. Oliver sees Hannah in Emilio's arms. Stefanie fights with Gideon, but he gives her something to think about. Lindani doesn't get custody over Max and Michael warns him to stay calm. Yvette warns Zoey to stay away from Gail. Rian gives Gideon advice on dealing with Franz. Zoey gives Gail a list of people who have a grudge against Lindani. Butch tries to force Heidi to come back to Size'Em. Gideon tries to convince Franz to operate on Johan.
206: Episode 206
Jan 17, 2011
Ulrich is smitten and wants to hit the road with Heidi, but he is blissfully unaware of her dark secret. Lisa and Dylan bond for the first time. The conflict between Frans and Gideon over Johan's operation is brought to a head.
207: Episode 207
Jan 18, 2011
Lindani Mabonda insists Joeke suspends Zoey when he realizes she still has contact with Gail. The clerks see how beautiful Lisa is. Billy isn't worried that Dylan will fall for her. Dylan and Lisa are more and more attracted to each other. Hannah finds out that Oliver saw her in Emilio's arms. Ulrich wants to borrow money to pay off Heidi's debt to Size'em. Emilio warns him not to get involved with the Mafia again. Liebenberg and Gideon hold Franz responsible for Johan's massive seizure. Johan regains consciousness. His right side is paralysed and he can't talk. Gideon warns Elise not to leave Liebenberg alone with Johan. Tertius realizes Gys wants to stay on at the commune to attract girls.
208: Episode 208
Jan 19, 2011
Johan dies under suspicious circumstances. Lindani Mabonda's private life makes front page news; and Ulrich tries to repay Heidi's debt.
209: Episode 209
Jan 20, 2011
Nadia and Billy decide to spy on Heidi. Joeke is upset about the way Oliver dealt with an important client. Lindani is involved in a video scandal. Franz finds out about Liebenberg's last visit to Johan. Gideon warns Liebenberg that his father isn't go to let go until he finds out the truth behind Johan's death. Gideon finds comfort in Stefanie's arms.
210: Episode 210
Jan 21, 2011
Zoey confronts Gail. Stefanie tries her best to avoid Gideon. Liebenberg tells Gideon the truth, and Franz makes peace with Gideon. Ulrich receives shocking news.
211: Episode 211
Jan 24, 2011
Ulrich and Heidi kiss and make up. He's says that he's in love than and sees a future for them together. Heidi is pleased - only up to a point. Elise freaks when she learns of Gys' plans to entertain girls at the commune. Hannah's becoming more and more frustrated with Oliver's strange behavior. Franz is determined to turn Liebenberg over to the police. Will Gideon and Liebenberg's plea manage to persuade Franz? Dylan and Lisa's professional relationship is unwittingly becoming a more personal one. Lindani is livid when Zoey admits that Gail and the prostitute are in cahoots. They set a trap for the prositute - their attempt is foiled by a tragic incident.
212: Episode 212
Jan 25, 2011
Ulrich is devastated when Heidi gets caught with her hand in the till. While the media goes to town with the fact that the state prosecutor could be a murderer, Lindani is convinced Gail is responsible. Elise causes great embarrassment for Gys and his date when Franz unexpectedly arrives at the commune. At forces Stefanie to ask Gideon to stay on at Binneland.
213: Episode 213
Jan 26, 2011
Billy feels as if she and Dylan are growing apart. Heidi returns the money she stole, but Nadia and Emilio decide not to tell Ulrich that she has. Quinton is upset with Elise for allowing Gys to be embarrassed, and Gideon confronts Stefanie about involving herself in his love-life.
214: Episode 214
Jan 27, 2011
At wants Stef to convince Gideon to take the Binneland job. Stef confesses to Gideon that she still has feelings for him. Rian smells a rat. Heidi approaches Emilio for help. Lisa is in denial after Dylan kissed her. Gail signs over custody of her son. Oliver departs on his Africa trip.
215: Episode 215
Jan 28, 2011
Billy picks up something is wrong with Dylan, he struggles with guilt after kissing Lisa, made worse by Lisa being in denial. Rian gives Stefanie an ultimatum that shakes their relationship. Oliver is preparing for his trip, but not sure he can leave Hannah alone again. Franz decides to confront Gideon about his suspicions about him and Stefanie. Ulrich quits and might leave Pretoria for good.
216: Episode 216
Jan 31, 2011
Stefanie's marriage is stifling her; Gideon and Nadia's relationship is on track; Oliver arrives safely in Botswana; Lisa keeps pushing Dylan away; Toeks is on a mission to save Gys from the evils of the commune.
217: Episode 217
Feb 1, 2011
Lisa confuses Dylan with her see-saw emotions and doesn't want him to tell Billy about what happened between them. Richard is upset when Michael suggests he should take a severance package from Pharmanox. Gideon invites Nadia to dinner but is shocked when she finds out it's a double date with Franz and Joeke. Billy feels unsure about Dylan and Quinton strokes her ego. Yvette catches Nadia helping Gary with his function during office hours. Stefanie feels more and more trapped and turns to Gideon for comfort.
218: Episode 218
Feb 2, 2011
Dylan is tense about Oliver's visit because he fears Oliver might pick up on something between him and Lisa. Franz warns Gideon about Stefanie and Stefanie threatens to move out if At doesn't want to support her. Kallie receives a mysterious letter and Hannah can't get hold of Oliver.
219: Episode 219
Feb 3, 2011
Kallie learns the true identity of Kobus Koster and Billy breaks up with Dylan. Oliver tries to negotiate with his kidnappers.
220: Episode 220
Feb 4, 2011
The poacher makes contact with Hannah. Stefanie tells Gideon he is pressurizing her. Warrick and Zoey start investigating Pharmanox. At suggests Stefanie asks Rian for more time before they get pregnant. Quinton is on top of the world after Billy kissed him. Stefanie has an answer for Gideon and Rian has shocking news for her. Rebecca promises to help Richard.
221: Episode 221
Feb 7, 2011
Hannah and Warrick are negotiating with Joe and Emilio and Joeke find her behavior strange. Dylan shocks everyone with a decision that he makes and Hannah is afraid of its implication. Stefanie is torn between a life with Gideon and her Binneland shares, Gideon refuses to give her up and Rian finally puts his foot down.
222: Episode 222
Feb 8, 2011
Joe has upsetting news for Hannah. Gideon receives unexpected visitors and ends up in hospital. Kallie discovers the truth about Theodora. Emma tries to hide the fact that she has a boyfriend. Michael gets on the track of Pharmanox's mysterious subsidiary company.
223: Episode 223
Feb 9, 2011
Kallie has an idea for a Valentines Party with a difference. At offers Gideon a plane ticket to London in an attempt to get him out of Stefanie's life. Dylan admits his feelings towards Lisa and Emma's parents confront Richard over an inappropriate SMS.
224: Episode 224
Feb 10, 2011
Kallie's Valentine's plans make At's skin crawl. Richard is devastated when Rebecca threatens him with the police. Zoey turns PI and uncovers more of Pharmanox's secrets. Lisa realizes Dylan won't survive if the bullet is not removed.
225: Episode 225
Feb 11, 2011
Richard discovers new proof of foul play at Pharmanox but Michael and Rebecca are on the war path. Stefanie becomes desperate about Rian, and Kallie concocts a sly Valentine's Day scheme while Oliver and Dylan fight for survival in Tanzania.
226: Episode 226
Feb 14, 2011
Valentine's Day brings out the best and worst in the Binneland personnel. Nathan makes an important announcement. Michael gets threatened to drop Richard's case. Hannah is convinced Oliver is dead, and Emilio is there to comfort her. Rebecca fears Michael's reaction to the news of Emma's boyfriend.
227: Episode 227
Feb 15, 2011
Michael struggles with Emma's news, and Kallie feels At needs someone in his life. Zoey convinces Billy to fight for Dylan, Michael receives a threatening call and he fears for his family's safety, and Pippa finds out that Nathan is engaged. Elise makes fun of Nathan's fiancé and upsets Pippa in the process.
228: Episode 228
Feb 16, 2011
Billy pretends nothing is wrong between her and Dylan, and Lisa tells Dylan she is going back to Abeyi. Lindani refuses to investigate the Pharmanox-case unless Michael and Warrick can give him some solid proof the De Nuys is busy with illegal activities. Toeks finds out Kallie is looking for a partner for At on the internet. Conrad is upset when the whole hospital is making fun of the fact that Nathan's fiancée looks like Pippa, and confronts Pippa.
229: Episode 229
Feb 17, 2011
Dylan comes clean to Billy about his true feelings for Lisa, and Oliver's guilt threatens to push him over the edge. Bianca steps on Pippa's toes, and Dylan accuses Elise of being selfish and manipulating.
230: Episode 230
Feb 18, 2011
Oliver opens up to Hannah. Kallie plays matchmaker. There's a break in Michael's case. Conrad becomes suspicious of Pippa's awkwardness around Nathan and Bianca. Billy confronts Dylan.
231: Episode 231
Feb 21, 2011
Kallie tries to orchestrate a chance meeting between At en Joeke. Stefanie picks up on the fact that everything isn't a hundred percent between Conrad and Pippa. Oliver receives an upsetting phone call. Nadia confronts Zoey about the fact that she's going for secret interviews. Emilio gets an unexpected visitor.
232: Episode 232
Feb 22, 2011
Hannah seeks Peet's help, he promises to help find Carol a place to live. It causes friction between Hannah and Emilio, and Emilio struggles to hide his feelings for her. Warrick tries to persuade Zoey to stay on at RPK after the exam. Yvette and her sister are at loggerheads about Naas, Des' new boyfriend. Gys' disregard for cleanliness causes friction in the commune. Bianca discovers that everyone sees her as Pippa's clone and confronts Nathan about it. Conrad is also unsure about Pippa's feelings for him. The misunderstanding between Daleen and Tertius re his appointment with Joeke is resolved.
233: Episode 233
Feb 23, 2011
An unexpected phone call makes Oliver suspicious of Hannah and Emilio's relationship, and Elise asks Liebenberg to help them find the missing Gys. Pippa is forced to stay over in the Koster mansion.
234: Episode 234
Feb 24, 2011
Gys gets more than an earful about his irresponsible behavior. Pippa expresses her concern about Binneland's lack of resources. Stefanie invites Bianca and Nathan to dinner. Warrick deceives Leonard. Hannah convinces Oliver to talk to his mother, then crosses a line with Emilio.
235: Episode 235
Feb 25, 2011
Conrad confronts Stefanie about her troublemaking. Michael tells Peet how he will prepare Lucinda for her trail. Emilio wants to talk to Hannah, and Gys tries to get out of his arrangement with Liebenberg. Joeke finds out Carol is in Pretoria, and Pippa finds out her father is coming to visit. Nathan warns Pippa that Stefanie might have hidden agendas. Yvette is upset when she hears Desiree saw a plastic surgeon. Liebenberg is strict with Gys and impresses Toeks enormously. Stefanie invites Pippa's father to stay at the Koster mansion. Carol gets arrested infront of Oliver and Hannah. Lucinda arrives for her first interview with Michael.
236: Episode 236
Feb 28, 2011
Stefanie returns from her weekend with Rian humiliated. Toeks finds out that Liebenberg is connected to the mysterious "Member 41" and Conrad realises that Pippa never told her father about him. Michael is faced with an uphill battle to get Rosemary's testimony, and Hannah is consumed by the guilt of keeping secrets from her husband.
237: Episode 237
Mar 1, 2011
Conrad and Dirk struggle to see eye-to-eye. Lucinda has Michael worried because of her refusal to co-operate. Toeks contrives to meet "Member 41" personally. Yvette makes a shocking discovery during a visit from Desiree.
238: Episode 238
Mar 2, 2011
Toeks is highly disgusted when she finally meets the baking legend which is Member 41. Lucinda orchestrates a meeting with Rosemary that does not go down well. Yvette is convinced Leonard is hitting Desiree. Conrad's nagging suspicions about Nathan and Pippa are confirmed.
239: Episode 239
Mar 3, 2011
Lucinda feels she has nothing to live for after Rosemary tells her she is to blame for Pat's death. Yvette tries to find out if Desiree might be on drugs. Liebenberg confronts Toeks because she insisted Gys can't have anything more to do with him. Joeke has to sell the farm in Dullstroom because Ivan needs more money. Conrad breaks off the relationship with Pippa.
240: Episode 240
Mar 4, 2011
A fuming Pippa confronts Conrad, and Bianca begs Nathan to give her another chance. Warrick and Leonard butt heads over Desiree. Joeke's tenant in Dullstroom gets violent, and Toeks discovers who Liebenberg's daughter is.
241: Episode 241
Mar 7, 2011
Emma struggles to decide if she should give Rosemary's note to Lucinda. Hannah is livid when she finds out that Oliver and Joeke kept her in the dark. Against his better judgement, Oliver agrees to let Lucinda live with them. Yvette has no idea that there's something going on between Jennifer and Warrick. Gys finds out who Sif really is.
242: Episode 242
Mar 8, 2011
Yvette is convinced that Leonard is abusing her sister. Elvera refuses that Lucinda and Rosemary see each other, which places Hannah and Michael in a sticky situation - Oliver unknowingly suggests a solution to Hannah. Warrick is excited about his date with Jennifer. Gys tries to protect Celeste from a callous Quinton. Conrad confronts At when he interferes in Conrad and Pippa's relationship.
243: Episode 243
Mar 9, 2011
Warrick warns Yvette over Leonard, and Yvette misreads his concern. Elvera is at her wits' end, while Rosemary opens up towards Lucinda. Stefanie finds out what is written in Conrad's will, and she tries to cause a divide between Pippa and Conrad. Toeks's concern for Celeste blows up in her face.
244: Episode 244
Mar 10, 2011
Quinton is put in his place. Elise is amazed by the quality of Toeks's baking, and Pippa admits that her friendship with Stefanie is on the rocks. Warrick becomes even more of a hero to Desiree after intervening in an awkward encounter with Leonard. Hannah negotiates to gain Lucinda's full co-operation, but an unexpected twist does her defense serious damage.
245: Episode 245
Mar 11, 2011
Dylan has to beg At Koster for his old job back, and Warrick's housewarming turns into a fiasco when Leonard shows up. Despite Elvera's wishes, Rosemary wants to testify for Lucinda, and Celeste puts Gys in a compromising position.
246: Episode 246
Mar 14, 2011
Desireé flirts with Warrick, while Elvera accuses Michael of turning Rosemary against her. Toeks tries to play peacemaker between Liebenberg and his daughter.
247: Episode 247
Mar 15, 2011
Lucinda feels trapped when she realizes that Rosemary is severely disturbed, and Warrick buys Desiree's nude photo's from Leonard. Toeks and Lucinda's wait is over, and Liebenberg gets a mouthful regarding his attitude towards Celeste. Daleen finds out what the sex of her baby is, and Hannah feels exceptionally guilty.
248: Episode 248
Mar 16, 2011
Oliver flips when Hannah tells him the truth about Emilio. Liebenberg comes to his senses and lets Celeste follow her own path. There’s trouble in paradise for the lovebirds when Daniël becomes ill. Everyone believes Tertius is the perfect husband when he goes to town over the baby.
249: Episode 249
Mar 17, 2011
Daleen and Tertius stress about Osie coming to visit. Emma appeals to her parents for more freedom. Joeke realises that the only way to save RPK is by saving Oliver and Hannah's marriage. Fabiana moves in for the kill. Toeks gets bad news from South America and is forced to make emergency plans. Stefanie is ready to throw in the towel with Rian.
250: Episode 250
Mar 18, 2011
Rian's actions make it very clear that he doesn't need Stefanie anymore. Hannah begs Oliver to give their marriage one last chance, and Emilio gets a surprise visit from the health inspector. Tertius tries to impress Osie, but it almost ends in disaster.
251: Episode 251
Mar 21, 2011
Michael and Rebecca are highly upset when they find out that Emma went to Sun City with some interesting friends. Fabiana does her best to push Oliver even further away from Hannah. Osie makes a suggestion which makes Daleen see red. Joeke receives frightening news about Ivan. Rian makes a decision which surprises Stefanie.
252: Episode 252
Mar 22, 2011
Daleen is surprised that Tertius seems to warm to the idea of a practice in Rustenburg. To Hannah’s dismay, Joeke is determined to help Ivan. It seems like it is the end of the road for the Knights as a couple, and apparently Rebecca is an embarrassment for Emma. Rian’s resolve to divorce Stefanie makes her panic - and a shocking statement bursts from her lips.
253: Episode 253
Mar 23, 2011
Stefanie feels trapped by her lies. Billy sees something she wishes she hadn't. Daleen jumps to all the wrong conclusions after finding out that Tertius has contact with his ex, and Oliver makes a life-changing decision.
254: Episode 254
Mar 24, 2011
Hannah is shocked when she finds out that Oliver wants to leave RPK. Stefanie knows she'll be better off with Rian dead. Michael fears he might lose Rebecca. Oliver finds comfort in Fabiana's arms. Pippa is shocked when she finds out that Stefanie is pregnant.
255: Episode 255
Mar 25, 2011
Joeke believes there is only one illegal, risky and very costly way to get Ivan out of jail, and Fabiana offers to help her. Michael organizes his surprise wedding, and Stefanie, who believes she's pregnant, tries to emotionally manipulate Rian into giving her another chance.
256: Episode 256
Mar 28, 2011
Stefanie approaches Pieter to help sell her deception to Rian. Tertius is surprised when he's invited to interview for a job he hasn't applied for. Billy confronts Warrick and Oliver with questions about the firm's future, and Joeke has to make a terrible choice.
257: Episode 257
Mar 29, 2011
Rebecca makes an impulsive decision which can ruin Michael’s wedding plans. Daleen upsets Tertius when she tells her father about their problems. Rian struggles to forgive Stefanie and she becomes more desperate. Joeke is pressured into a decision by Fabiana. Quinton is still convinced that Daleen is in love with him.
258: Episode 258
Mar 30, 2011
Daleen’s father insists she and Tertius go for counselling with a minister. Elise threatens that she will hit Tertius herself if he treats Daleen badly. Michael and Warrick tries against all odds to save RPK. Fabiana threatens Joeke that if she does not keep helping her launder money she will harm Ivan and Hannah. Oliver and Hannah say a final good-bye. Rian confronts Stefanie.
259: Episode 259
Mar 31, 2011
Daleen and Tertius hear that Osie will be sitting in on their meeting with ds. Willie while Oliver's unsuccessful in his attempts to shake off Fabiana. Joeke tells Hannah what she needs to do to save Ivan. Warrick's stomach ache gets worse and Nadia and Gary hear that RPK's in trouble. At tells Rian that he didn't know about Stefanie's plans. Quinton tells Tertius that he must fight for Daleen if he loves her. Emilio asks Oliver to help Joeke and Franz conronts Joeke about not answering his phone calls.
260: Episode 260
Apr 1, 2011
Season 7
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