Season 6
BoJack Horseman
16 EPISODES • 2019
BoJack inches his way toward redemption as a stint in rehab forces him to confront his mistakes and start making amends.

Season 5


1: A Horse Walks into a Rehab
Oct 25, 2019
BoJack checks into Pastiches, a Malibu rehab facility, where he grapples with memories of Sarah Lynn's death and his own troubled childhood.
2: The New Client
Oct 25, 2019
When her nanny quits, Princess Carolyn struggles to balance the demands of work and parenting. Mr. Peanutbutter visits BoJack in rehab.
3: Feel-Good Story
Oct 25, 2019
Girl Croosh sends Diane on the road with rugged cameraman Guy, but she balks when they ask her to produce more feel-good stories.
4: Surprise!
Oct 25, 2019
Todd organizes a surprise wedding for Pickles and Mr. Peanutbutter, but the party quickly goes off the rails when Mr. Peanutbutter makes a confession.
5: A Little Uneven, Is All
Oct 25, 2019
Dr. Champ tells BoJack it's time to leave rehab. Mr. Peanutbutter's reputation takes a hit. In Chicago, Diane wrestles with writer's block.
6: The Kidney Stays in the Picture
Oct 25, 2019
The assistants of Hollywoo go on strike. BoJack tries to help Dr. Champ. When Todd learns that his mother needs a kidney, Diane comes up with a plan.
7: The Face of Depression
Oct 25, 2019
BoJack travels around the country reconnecting with loved ones, while Mr. Peanutbutter embarks on his own national tour as the face of depression.
8: A Quick One, While He's Away
Oct 25, 2019
A reporter digs into the circumstances surrounding Sarah Lynn's death. Hollyhock goes to a party in New York City.
9: Intermediate Scene Study w/ BoJack Horseman
Jan 31, 2020
When BoJack starts teaching an acting class at Wesleyan, Hollyhock sets some boundaries in their relationship
10: Good Damage
Jan 31, 2020
Diane's depression lifts, but she's still struggling to start writing her memoir. Reporters Paige and Max pay Penny a visit.
11: Sunk Cost and All That
Jan 31, 2020
While Paige and Max question Mr. Peanutbutter at his restaurant, a panicked BoJack tries to piece together what's happening.
12: Xerox of a Xerox
Jan 31, 2020
After the Sarah Lynn story breaks, BoJack gives a live interview on TV. Diane meets Guy's teenage son.
13: The Horny Unicorn
Jan 31, 2020
BoJack gets a new AA sponsor. Todd plans a sophisticated party to impress his parents. Diane gets to know Sonny.
14: Angela
Jan 31, 2020
Angela Diaz reaches out to BoJack. Princess Carolyn gets an offer from Lenny Turteltaub. Todd cooks up a scheme.
15: The View from Halfway Down
Jan 31, 2020
BoJack reconnects with faces from his past.
16: Nice While It Lasted
Jan 31, 2020
A celebration brings people together.
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