Season 1
72 Dangerous Animals: Australia
12 EPISODES • 2014
Season 1 of 72 Dangerous Animals: Australia was released on September 2 and consists of 12 episodes.


1: Risky Waters
Sep 2, 2014
Venomous critters roam both land and sea in Australia. Under the ocean's surface is an entire world of swimmers inflicting pain and paralysis.
2: Fast and Furious
Sep 9, 2014
Cameras capture creatures with a mean streak and lightening-quick reflexes, including a tiny grub with potent itch power and a giant water buffalo.
3: Dead or Alive
Sep 16, 2014
From city fliers and ocean swimmers to outback dwellers and even an extinct species, see how this group of beasts ranks on the danger scale.
4: Tiny Terrors
Sep 23, 2014
Take an insider's look at Australia's most deadly and diminutive species, including a virus-carrying mosquito and the waterhole-dwelling olive python.
5: The Ancient Killer
Sep 30, 2014
Meet a wild canine with cute puppies and a bad reputation. Learn why the wild dingo may look cuddly, but is a deadly playmate.
6: The Greatest Fear
Oct 7, 2014
This episode reveals how a soothing dip in Australia's ocean can turn terrifying when the cold eyes and sharp teeth of a shark appear.
7: Cruel Creatures
Oct 14, 2014
This episode focuses on deadly creatures' playful ways, including the brutal sea lion, the poisonous stonefish and the furry fruit bat.
8: Instant Death
Oct 21, 2014
This episode focuses on dangerous beasts and their natural weapons: Talons, teeth, fangs and tentacles are all used as instruments of pain and death.
9: Seeing Red
Oct 28, 2014
Visit with one of Australia's most feared ocean dwellers: The stingray glides through the water, waiting to inflict pain with it's barbed stinger.
10: Lurking in the Grass
Nov 4, 2014
See how Australia's grasslands harbour animals are worth worrying about, especially the venomous reptiles that slither amongst the country's green fields.
11: Brutal Bites
Nov 11, 2014
Which beast has the most vicious bite? It might be the jaws of an ancient creature, a rare reptile's fangs or poisonous spines caught on a fish hook.
12: Unknown Dangers
Nov 18, 2014
This episode counts down Australia's top ten dangerous animals, including the razor-jawed jack jumper aunt and the beautiful killer box jellyfish.
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