Season 15
I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!
21 EPISODES • 2015
Season 15 of I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! was released on November 15 and consists of 21 episodes.

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1: Hell-evated
Nov 15, 2015
I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! is back which can mean only one thing… the time has come for a brand new cast of celebrities to head down under and battle it out in TV’s toughest challenge. This year’s fresh batch of celebrities – Duncan Bannatyne, Lady Colin Campbell, Tony Hadley, Yvette Fielding, Chris Eubank, Susannah Constantine, Brian Friedman, Jorgie Porter, Kieron Dyer and George Shelley - will be thrown in at the deep end, as they all face gruelling challenges right from the start, as viewers choose which of them will face the first Bushtucker Trial.
2: Disaster Chef
Nov 16, 2015
As the celebrities settle into camp life we find out which campmate is next to face the Bushtucker Trial.
3: Panic Pit / Jungle Ghost Train / Scare Fair
Nov 18, 2015
The surprises keep coming in the jungle as the celebrities adapt to their new jungle life.
4: Dicing With Danger
Nov 19, 2015
The jungle throws yet more surprises at the unsuspecting campmates.
5: Every Critter Counts / Cocktails and Screams
Nov 20, 2015
Catch up with the latest news from camp, and it’s time for the this year’s Live Bushtucker Trial.
6: The Trailer of Torment
Nov 21, 2015
Which of the celebrities are starting to struggle under the pressures of the jungle, and who is taking it on like a jungle king or queen?
7: Horri-flying Circus
Nov 22, 2015
The celebrities have endured a week of camp life but who is next to face the Bushtucker Trial?
8: Helmets of Hell
Nov 23, 2015
The celebrities settle in to their second week in the jungle, but who’s adapting to camp life, and who’s missing their home comforts?
9: Floods of Fear
Nov 24, 2015
With the temperatures hotting up so is the competition, who’s facing the next Bushtucker trial and who’s crumbling under the pressure?
10: The Critter Shop of Horrors
Nov 25, 2015
The surprises continue for the celebrities, as the pressure really mounts.
11: Scarier 51
Nov 26, 2015
There are more surprises in store for the campmates, and we start to see who is struggling with the jungle diet.
12: Steps to Hell
Nov 27, 2015
As the celebrities battle for their jungle lives are camp allegiances starting to form?
13: Saturday Fright at the Movies
Nov 28, 2015
Which campmates are struggling with camp life, and who is starting to be at one with the jungle?
14: Depths of Despair
Nov 29, 2015
With two weeks in the jungle who has it in them to keep going and be crowned jungle King or Queen?
15: Scarier 52
Nov 30, 2015
As their life of luxury awaits, who is desperate to get back to it, and who is adapting to camp life?
16: Badvent Calendar
Dec 1, 2015
The celebrities battle hunger, the jungle and each other as the title for King or Queen of the jungle gets ever closer.
17: Panic Pit Part 2
Dec 2, 2015
The celebrities are hungry and missing home, but they still need to win food for camp in the Bushtucker Trial.
18: Horrible Heist
Dec 3, 2015
The celebrities face another day of hardship and hunger in the jungle, but the finish line is in sight .
19: Twisted Tombola
Dec 4, 2015
The competition is ramping up, tiredness is taking over, but who is in reach of the Jungle Crown?
20: Celebrity Cyclone
Dec 5, 2015
In the penultimate show, everyone has their eyes on the prize but who will fall at the final hurdle in the race to be crowned this year’s King or Queen of the Jungle?
21: Final: Surf and Turf / Bushtucker Bonanza / Critter Attack
Dec 6, 2015
They have survived the Bushtucker Trials, camp life and their fellow celebrities, but who will you crown this year’s King or Queen of the Jungle?
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