Season 7
Somebody Feed Phil
8 EPISODES • 2024
Globe-trotting gourmand Phil Rosenthal samples and savors culinary delights from Dubai, Edinburgh, Kyoto and more.

Season 6


1: Mumbai
Mar 1, 2024
After a tasty tour of Mumbai's bustling street food scene, Phil joins dabbawalas in delivering meals. A legendary chef is honored at The Bombay Canteen.
2: Washington, D.C.
Mar 1, 2024
After enjoying an epic chili dog, Phil does an intense rowing workout and meets members of Washington D.C.'s Deaf community who run a popular pizzeria.
3: Kyoto
Mar 1, 2024
Kyoto's artful approach to dining makes Phil hungry for more as he slurps soba, meets an omurice virtuoso and wanders a market beloved by foodies.
4: Iceland
Mar 1, 2024
Iceland's natural beauty dazzles Phil, who visits a popular bakery and chomps on street hot dogs — but is not so keen on taking a dip in icy-cold waters.
5: Dubai
Mar 1, 2024
Cultures converge in Dubai, home to what Phil calls the "best burger ever." He also visits a traditional teahouse and sits in on a Ramadan iftar.
6: "The Real" Orlando
Mar 1, 2024
Look beyond the theme parks to find Orlando's diverse food scene, where Phil digs into porchetta, Filipino ice cream and paella — plus a hefty cookie.
7: Taipei
Mar 1, 2024
Phil licks his plate after an amazing meal in Taipei, savors the tantalizing aromas of Jiufen Old Street and dines with NBA star Dwight Howard.
8: Scotland
Mar 1, 2024
Phil sips a famed Scotch whisky on the Isle of Skye. In Edinburgh, he scarfs sweets, devours haggis and dines with award-winning actor Kelly Macdonald.
Season 8
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