Season 3
Midnight Diner
10 EPISODES • 2014
A detective, a manga editor, a failed cartoonist and a single mother are among the customers who come to the midnight diner for food and company.

Season 2


1: Menchi-Katsu
Oct 20, 2014
Widowed singer Misao Kashima makes a rare visit to eat minced meat cutlets. Misao has been unable to perform on stage ever since she lost her husband.
2: Tomatoes Wrapped in Pork Belly
Oct 27, 2014
Comic editor Uno brings up-and-coming award-winning artist Hashimoto to eat Master’s pork-wrapped tomatoes. He lives with a woman and writes comics.
3: Simmered Taro and Squid
Nov 3, 2014
Private detectives Kei and Mamoru are drawn to the aroma of Master’s simmered taro and squid. They spend the night together after leaving the diner.
4: Red Pickled Ginger Tempura
Nov 10, 2014
Regular Komichi falls for Kasumi, whose past is unknown. She asks Master to make pickled ginger tempura, a taste familiar to people from Osaka.
5: Vermicelli Salad
Nov 17, 2014
Miho and Sayuri, in charge of their elementary school reunion, order vermicelli salad. The two recall their old schoolmate who loved the dish.
6: Cabbage Rolls
Nov 24, 2014
The weather is getting cooler so Master prepares extra stuffed cabbage to the regular customers’ delight. Only the stripper Marilyn feels differently.
7: Freshwater Clam Soup
Dec 1, 2014
On Saturday mornings, Yoshio and wife Mizue come to eat clam soup. People refer to them as a close couple. Yoshio is actually Mizue’s third husband.
8: Braised Burdock Root
Dec 8, 2014
”Do you have sautéed burdock?” asks stately Chizuru Ichikawa as she enters the diner. She is Gen’s former high school teacher, club adviser, and crush.
9: Liver & Chive Stir Fry
Dec 8, 2014
Detectives Noguchi and Izumi always disagree. He wants “liver and chives”, she wants “chives and liver”. She tells Master she wants a new partner.
10: New Year's Eve Soba Noodles
Dec 22, 2014
It’s New Year’s Eve. The regulars all come by to ring in the new year with Master’s soba noodles. The diner is always a special place for them.
Season 4
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