Season 1
Wild District
10 EPISODES • 2018
Season 1 of Wild District was released on October 19 and consists of 10 episodes.


1: Coercion
Oct 19, 2018
After giving himself up to officials, a former guerrilla reunites with his long-lost family and accepts an undercover mission in exchange for immunity.
2: Infiltration
Oct 19, 2018
To get close to Apache, Jhon seeks work from a team of mercenaries, who test him ruthlessly. Prosecutor León forges an alliance with a TV reporter.
3: Intimidation
Oct 19, 2018
Mario has his first day at his new school. Jhon starts working for Total Security, but Apache's right-hand man Cabeto is mistrustful and tails him.
4: Bribery
Oct 19, 2018
Apache is sent to bribe Prosecutor León. A child is abducted from Mario's school. Jhon and Verónica try going on a different kind of date.
5: Theft
Oct 19, 2018
Agent Duque sends Jhon to a bank to take photos of documents that reveal who's behind a shady firm's accounts. Mario gets in trouble with the law.
6: Raid
Oct 19, 2018
The cops raid the construction firm and Total Security. Jhon gets a tip on the kidnapping, and later runs into a familiar face. A betrayal stuns Mario.
7: Disappointment
Oct 19, 2018
Provoked by a schoolmate, Mario lashes out. Jhon accepts a potentially life-changing mission from Apache, and goes alone to face Aníbal and his men.
8: Betrayal
Oct 19, 2018
After suffering a serious setback, Prosecutor León is offered a lifeline. Agent Duque traces Apache's intel on the kidnapping to a walled estate.
9: Execution
Oct 19, 2018
A police press conference about the kidnapping makes Apache suspicious of Jhon, who preps for a risky job. Mario gets a package from the U.S. Embassy.
10: Judgement
Oct 19, 2018
Caldera unveils an audacious plan designed to expose Apache's powerful associates. Aníbal visits Jhon's home. Julie's fate is revealed.
Season 2
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