Season 1
Frank's Place
22 EPISODES • 1987
Season 1 of Frank's Place was released on September 14 and consists of 22 episodes.


1: Pilot
Sep 14, 1987
2: Frank Returns
Sep 21, 1987
3: Frank Takes Charge
Sep 28, 1987
4: The Bridge
Oct 5, 1987
5: Frank Joins A Club
Oct 12, 1987
Frank joins an all black club of professionals but then Anna-May informs him of the ""Capital C club,"" as the members are all light-skinned blacks whereas Frank is dark-skinned, making him the token black in an all-black club.
6: Eligible Bachelor
Oct 19, 1987
7: Disengaged
Oct 26, 1987
8: Cool and the Gang (1)
Nov 9, 1987
9: Cool and the Gang (2)
Nov 16, 1987
10: Reverend Gets His Flock
Nov 23, 1987
11: I.O.U.
Nov 30, 1987
12: Food Fight a.k.a. Fighting Chefs
Dec 7, 1987
13: Season's Greetings
Dec 14, 1987
14: The Bum Out Front
Jan 4, 1988
15: Dueling Voodoo
Jan 11, 1988
16: Where's Ed?
Jan 18, 1988
17: Night Business
Feb 3, 1988
18: Shorty's Belle
Feb 15, 1988
19: Frank's Place—The Movie
Feb 22, 1988
20: Cultural Exchange
Mar 7, 1988
As part of a cultural exchange program, a tribal music group from Odolo, East Africa drops by Frank's Place on their tour of the United States. They like it there so much that they invite Frank to come see them perform, but he's got tickets to a Dizzy Gillespie concert on the same day, so instead their manager, Bob Coleman, talks him and the rest of the staff into attending an earlier rehearsal. The group's frontman, Adele, is so enamored with Dizzy Gillespie that Frank invites the group to come with them to see Dizzy in reciprocation. But Bob flies off the handle when Adele tells him afterwards that he wants to stay in the country to play jazz music -- which the leader of East Africa has banned -- and demands that Frank convince Adele to change his mind.
21: The Recruiting Game
Mar 15, 1988
22: The King of Wall Street
Mar 22, 1988
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