Season 1
WKRP in Cincinnati
22 EPISODES • 1978
Season 1 of WKRP in Cincinnati was released on September 18 and consists of 22 episodes.


1: Pilot (1)
Sep 18, 1978
Andy tries to convince WKRP's owner that rock and roll will cure the station's ailing ratings.
2: Pilot (2)
Sep 25, 1978
Andy faces a fiscal crisis: Carlson won't finance a breaking-in period for the new format.
3: Les On a Ledge
Oct 2, 1978
Les is barred from locker-room interviews when his manhood is questioned.
4: Hoodlum Rock
Oct 9, 1978
Andy books a rock band whose members attack their audiences.
5: Hold-Up
Oct 16, 1978
A broadcast from a stereo shop is disrupted by a holdup.
6: Bailey's Show
Oct 23, 1978
Bailey's show brings out the weirdest people in town.
7: Turkeys Away
Oct 30, 1978
Carlson thinks up a wacko Thanksgiving promotional gimmick.
8: Love Returns
Nov 6, 1978
Andy may have to leave WKRP when he rekindles his love for a touring rock star.
9: Mama's Review
Jan 15, 1979
In flashbacks, Andy and Carlson update WKRP's owner Mrs. Carlson on recent station happenings.
10: A Date With Jennifer
Jan 22, 1979
Les invites Jennifer to a banquet, then suspects she only accepted out of pity.
11: The Contest Nobody Could Win
Jan 29, 1979
Johnny accidentally offers listeners $5000 instead of $50 as a contest prize.
12: Tornado
Feb 5, 1979
A tornado strikes while Japanese businessmen are touring the station.
13: Goodbye, Johnny
Feb 19, 1979
Johnny is offered a job in California, so the staff devises a scheme to keep him in Cincinnati.
14: Johnny Comes Back
Feb 26, 1979
Johnny comes back to WKRP expecting to get his job back. Instead, he is assigned to the predawn show.
15: Never Leave Me, Lucille
Mar 5, 1979
Temporarily separated from his wife, Herb envisions a fanciful bachelorhood.
16: I Want to Keep My Baby
Mar 12, 1979
Johnny refuses to relinquish an abandoned baby left at WKRP until he can contact the mother.
17: A Commercial Break
Mar 26, 1979
Andy has doubts about an upbeat ad campaign for a mortician.
18: Who is Gordon Sims?
Apr 2, 1979
Venus refuses to pose for an ad because he's wanted by the law.
19: I Do, I Do... For Now
Apr 23, 1979
Jennifer tries to discourage a beau by revealing she's married--to Johnny Fever.
20: Young Master Carlson
Apr 30, 1979
Momma Carlson insists her grandson be allowed to roam around the station after he's booted out of military school.
21: Fish Story
May 28, 1979
Andy tells a journalist that WKRP is just a "run-of-the-mill" station, even though a staffer is running around in a "carp" suit.
22: Preacher
Jun 4, 1979
A wrestler turned preacher uses his radio sermon to sell merchandise.
Season 2
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