Season 4
24 EPISODES • 1985
The fourth season of Newhart aired on CBS from September 30, 1985 to May 12, 1986.

Season 3


1: Pirate Pete
Sep 30, 1985
Dick fills in on a kiddie TV program for its ailing host, Pirate Pete. Dick is appalled at Pete's commercialism and inadvertantly gets the programs cancelled. Dick tries his hardest to get Pete reinstated. Meanwhile, George plays a practical joke on Stephanie, adjusting her scale up two pounds.
2: The Way We Ought to Be
Oct 7, 1985
Michael and Steph break up when Michael realizes he's tired of Stephanie's demanding ways. Dick has difficulties with the WPIV staff when they're slow to direct his show.
3: Summa Cum Larry
Oct 21, 1985
Dick covers for Larry when he enrolls in night school and doesn't want the Darryls to know he's improving himself. Joanna obsesses when a travel guide lowers the inn's rating.
4: Oh, That Morocco
Oct 28, 1985
A lonely Joanna becomes best friends with Stephanie who insists on a group vacation to lovely Morocco.
5: Candidate Larry
Nov 4, 1985
Larry runs for Mayor.
6: Locks, Stocks, and Noodlehead
Nov 11, 1985
Stephanie's father visits the inn with the news that he's left his wife. The town celebrates Colonial Days, an authentic recreation of colonial times.
7: The Geezers in the Band
Nov 25, 1985
When Dick's old college jazz band reunites at the inn, he finds that expectations often excede reality.
8: The Shape of Things
Dec 2, 1985
Stephanie and Joanna open an aerobics club. Problems present themselves when Stephanie appoints herself as the manager and relegates Joanna to custodial duties.
9: Write to Privacy
Dec 16, 1985
Joanna and Steph are furious with Michael after they peek at his diary and find out what he really thinks of them.
10: Still the Beavers
Dec 23, 1985
Dick convinces George to quit the Beaver Lodge after the Beavers cheat George out of a prize rightfully his. George starts up a rival lodge to get back at the Beavers.
11: Much Ado About Mitch
Jan 6, 1986
George joins a Big Brother program and is dismayed when his young protege Mitch is awestruck by Dick's fast paced lifestyle. Michael and Stephanie use a Oujia board.
12: Look Ma, No Talent
Jan 13, 1986
Michael begins shirking his duties and risks his job when he tries to find a talent to impress his mother.
13: Larry's Dead, Long Live Larry
Jan 20, 1986
Larry dedicates his life to Dick when he believes Dick brought him back from the dead.
14: Stephanie Nightingale
Jan 27, 1986
Stephanie must care for the hotel staff and guests when a measels epidemic sweeps the inn.
15: The Stratford Horror Picture Show
Feb 3, 1986
The Loudons are spooked when the ghost of Sarah Newton (episode #2) returns to haunt the inn.
16: I Do, Okay
Feb 10, 1986
Joanna and a decidedly unenthusiastic Dick decide to renew their wedding vows to celebrate their wedding anniversary.
17: The Snowmen Cometh
Feb 17, 1986
The town panics when it appears the annual Snow Carnival will be cancelled due to a lack of snow. Larry, Darryl & Darryl request $2,000 to make it snow.
18: Will the Real Dick Loudon Please Shut Up?
Feb 24, 1986
Dick is thrilled when a production company expresses interest in making 'How to be a Plumber' into a video. His elation quickly dissipates when the producers decide to recast 'Dick Loudon' because of Dick's shifty eyes and stammer.
19: He Ain't Human, He's My Cousin
Mar 3, 1986
George meets his only living relative, Cousin Eugene.
20: Dwight Schmidlapp Is Not a Quitter
Mar 10, 1986
On a lark, Dick submits his newest book to his publisher under the pseudonym he used when he first started writing, Dwight Schmidlapp, only to find it rejected. Dick sinks into a funk when he realizes he's 'coasting' in his writing career.
21: Torn Between Three Brothers
Mar 17, 1986
A jilted fiancee staying at the inn gets a job at the Minuteman cafe. She unwittingly encourages the affections of both Darryls but rejects them for the more vocal Larry. George organizes a citywide campaign when Michael pulls Barnaby Jones off the air in favor of The Secret Lives of Platinum Gold Dancers.
22: Baby, I'm Your Handyman
Apr 7, 1986
George worries that a new girlfriend, actress Loretta Dupris is only dating him to make use of his handyman skills. TV Producer J.J. buys a Victorian mansion and plans to bulldoze it to erect a space needle.
23: Replaceable You
Apr 14, 1986
Secretary Alma amazes Dick, which she fills in as producer.
24: Pre-Nups
May 12, 1986
The Loudons, George, Steph and Michael are invited to Vanderkellen mansion for Arthur's birthday. Art insists Michael sign a pre-nuptial agreement that he refuses to do. Stephanie fears Michael's only dating her for her money. Dick worries when he breaks a music box given to Arthur by Winston Churchill.
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