Season 2
22 EPISODES • 1983
The second season of Newhart aired on CBS from October 17, 1983 to April 16, 1984.

Season 1


1: It Happened One Afternoon (1)
Oct 17, 1983
Dick travels to New York to interview famous starlet Erica Chase for a potential biography. Joanna hires Stephanie to be the new maid over her parents objections.
2: It Happened One Afternoon (2)
Oct 24, 1983
Man-hungry Erica Chase literally chases Dick across her hotel suite to try to bed him. Stephanie's overbearing father flies to Vermont to convince her to come back home with him.
3: Animal Attractions
Oct 31, 1983
George finds a stray dog, 'Lucky'. Stephanie's husband drops by to find out why she left him.
4: The Stratford Wives
Nov 7, 1983
Joanna creates a stir at a potluck dinner by breaking a long-standing tradition whereby men eat in the dining room, women in the kitchen.
5: The Girl From Manhattan
Nov 14, 1983
Joanna convinces Dick to use a play he'd written years before in a local production. Friction develops when Dick casts her, not in the role of 'Joanna', but rather 'Joanna's Mother'.
6: Don't Rain on My Parade
Nov 21, 1983
Joanna is swamped when Dick volunteers her to serve Thanksgiving dinner for over 100 people, including her parents. George is upset when his Thanksgiving parade is ruined by rain.
7: Lady & the Tramps
Dec 5, 1983
Stephanie stumbles onto Larry, Darryl and Darryl's home when she's lost in a winter snowstorm.
8: The Man Who Came Forever
Dec 12, 1983
With a deadline looming, Dick can't get any work done on his latest book due to constant interruptions. Kirk wants to build a miniature golf course, George is worried about retirement, and the Stratford plays host to a guest who just wont leave.
9: The Looks of Love
Dec 19, 1983
Kirk helms a singles club in the hopes of finding the perfect girlfriend.
10: Kirk Goes for the Juggler
Jan 2, 1984
Kirk thinks he's met the girl of his dreams, but isn't sure how he feels when he discovers she's a clown.
11: A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread and POW
Jan 9, 1984
Stephanie and Joanna attend a poetry reading at Dartmouth where a professor has a special interest in Joanna. Dick unleashes his 'Irish temper' when said professor makes a pass at Joanna.
12: Cats
Jan 16, 1984
Stephanie's old boyfriend stays at the inn with his new wife, Stephanie's old best friend Tish Ellison. The sparks fly when Steph and Tish get reacquainted. Kirk throws a dinner party for Dick, Joanna, Cindy and himself.
13: Curious George at the Firehouse
Jan 23, 1984
George becomes a volunteer fireman, determined to shed his image as the town boob. George loses the keys to the fire truck just as the town's first fire in five years erupts.
14: Book Beat
Jan 30, 1984
After guesting on a literary discussion television program, Dick is tabbed to be its new host. Dick's first program gets off to a bad start when he's scheduled guest doesn't show up, and the fill-in, Col. Lloyd Mennenger, is a little off-kilter.
15: Kirk Pops the Question
Feb 6, 1984
Kirk relies on Dick and George to decide whether he should propose to Cindy.
16: Best Friends
Feb 13, 1984
Kirk is up in arms when a fast food franchise announces plans to build a restaurant in the town.
17: Kirk Ties One On
Feb 27, 1984
Kirk's can't wait for his wedding to Cindy, until the wedding actually starts and Kirk faints during the ceremony. .
18: Go, Grandma, Go
Mar 5, 1984
Kirk's grandmother visits, loaning her car to Kirk and Cindy for their honeymoon. Kirk realizes there's trouble when he's arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle.
19: Leave It to the Beavers
Mar 12, 1984
Dick is dumbfounded when George's club, the Beavers, reject him for membership. Kirk and Cindy have their first fight. A man with an imaginary wife stays at the inn.
20: Vermont Today
Mar 19, 1984
Dick gets his own television program 'Vermont Today'. Originally scheduled to interview the president of the university of Vermont, Dick instead hosts a competition for the world's smallest horse. Stephanie meets Michael Harris, the man of her dreams.
21: Send Her, Ella
Mar 26, 1984
Stephanie is disappointed when she has to watch the inn instead of participating in the Maple Syrup beauty contest, so she quickly crafts a disguise and goes as Miss Inez Velasco, leaving the inn in the hands of a guest.
22: New Faces of 1951
Apr 2, 1984
Dick and Joanna plan a birthday party for George after he reveals he's never had one. Dick calls everyone he can think of, but no one can make it. In desperation, Dick calls up George's old army buddies.
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