Season 2
Real Rob
8 EPISODES • 2017
Season 2 of Real Rob was released on September 29 and consists of 8 episodes.

Season 1


1: Acupuncture & Spring Rolls
Sep 29, 2017
Rob intrudes on Patricia's commercial shoot. When Jamie is injured, Rob tries to cure him on the cheap by taking him to an acupuncturist.
2: Priorities
Sep 29, 2017
Rob and Patricia explore some rather dubious preschool options for Miranda. Jamie goes on a blind date after an unfortunate encounter with a spider.
3: Best Play Date Ever
Sep 29, 2017
Rob learns the true meaning of "pricey" at a progressive preschool. Patricia orchestrates a play date for Miranda and a popular student.
4: Zen What Happens
Sep 29, 2017
After a one-hour flight delay sends him into a tizzy, Rob gets an introduction to the art of Zen from fellow passenger Danny Trejo.
5: Coffee Business
Sep 29, 2017
A jealous Rob keeps tabs on Patricia's new soap opera gig. Stalker gives Rob a tip about a very special coffee-making process.
6: Authentic Self
Sep 29, 2017
Rob agrees to speak to Miranda's class in Patricia's stead. After catching up with his pal Adam Sandler, Rob starts work on a low-budget movie.
7: Who Loves You
Sep 29, 2017
Jamie borrows Rob's emergency lamp for a camping trip with Allison. Rob heads to Mexico to support Patricia during her promotional tour.
8: Now Boarding
Sep 29, 2017
After receiving big news from Allison, Jamie reconsiders his future with the Schneiders. Rob gets an offer for a potentially life-changing role.
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