Season 2
The Magic School Bus Rides Again
13 EPISODES • 2018
The Magic School Bus pulls out all the stops, taking Ms. Frizzle and the class to the top of a noodle mountain -- and the center of the sun itself.

Season 1


1: The Land Before Tim
Apr 13, 2018
When the class gets an invite to compete on Tim's favorite TV game show, the bus takes them all back in time to bone up on how fossils are formed.
2: Claw and Order
Apr 13, 2018
From scratch marks to stolen pepperoni slices, the science classroom's a mess -- and all clues seem to point to Wanda's bird friend, Marty the Magpie.
3: Ghost Farm
Apr 13, 2018
Wanda's been so busy planning this year's Fall Fun Feast that she forgot about the food. Now her only hope is a farm that's supposedly haunted. Gulp!
4: Nothin' But Net
Apr 13, 2018
Ms. Frizzle and the class race across the internet to recover a digitized Arnold before Jyoti's grandmother accidentally deletes him.
5: I Spy with My Animal Eyes
Apr 13, 2018
The kids learn to see the world through the eyes of different animals when a careless Arnold loses Carlos's pet rat -- then turns her invisible!
6: Ready, Set, Fail!
Apr 13, 2018
While building (and rebuilding) their own space rover to tackle the terrain on a faraway planet, Jyoti and the class learn that it's OK to fail.
7: The Good, the Bad and the Gnocchi
Apr 13, 2018
A race between competitive brothers Carlos and Mikey takes the gang to the top of an in-pasta-ble mountain, where they learn about simple machines.
8: Send in the Clouds
Apr 13, 2018
The kids go looking for rain to test out Jyoti's latest invention, "The Autobrella," only to wind up with their heads stuck in the clouds.
9: Ralphie and the Flying Tennellis
Apr 13, 2018
A little math helps Ralphie make complicated midair calculations when his cousins recruit him to join their high-flying circus act.
10: Tim and the Talking Trees
Apr 13, 2018
Ralphie doesn't believe Tim when he tells him that trees can talk, so Ms. Frizzle takes the class to a forest that's louder than it looks.
11: Waste Not, Want Not
Apr 13, 2018
Every person and animal poops. But the class isn't convinced that this so-called "brown gold" is as valuable as DA's famous inventor uncle says it is.
12: Janet's Mystery Gene
Apr 13, 2018
The bus takes Ms. Frizzle and the class deep inside Arnold's cousin Janet to learn why our genes makes us look, act and feel the way we do.
13: Making Magic
Apr 13, 2018
A field trip to the center of the sun takes a dangerous detour when the school's safety-conscious principal, Mr. Ruhle, tags along.
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