Season 5
Sealab 2021
8 EPISODES • 2005
Season 5 of Sealab 2021 was released on March 6 and consists of 8 episodes.

Season 4


1: Casinko
Mar 6, 2005
As it turns out Sealab was built on an ancient Indian burial ground and is now sinking into the ocean floor. The only hope to save Sealab is John Bear, Sealab's resident Native American. But in order to save Sealab Shank's must agree to turn the Mess Hall into a casino which he does. But once the casino opens John Bear still won't stop the sinking (or let Debbie have a lounge show).
2: Butchslap
Mar 13, 2005
Marco convinces Debbie to give up her "questionable" ways through a pep talk, leading her to find religion and dump Quinn. Meanwhile, Sparks recognizes the pep talk from a 60's show, which leads a drunken Quinn to sic the network on the fugitive TV star Marco.
3: Monkey Banana Raffle
Mar 20, 2005
Extreme rebel trillionaire, Max Stone, buys Sealab and ends up running it better than before.
4: Shrabster
Mar 28, 2005
The police want Shanks... Why? The story is revealed in reverse. But it involves a monster, a plan to improve the world, and Grizzlebee's.
5: Cavemen
Apr 4, 2005
Quinn and Stormy are stuck in a cave with only 10 minutes of oxygen while sealab burns.
6: Moby Sick
Apr 11, 2005
Abalon, a terminally ill whale, comes to Sealab and asks Doctor Quinn to kill him. While Quinn wonders whether or not he could end a life Stormy recognizes Abalon as the star of a show called ‘I Gotta Have That Dick' and starts bugging him with fan fics. While Quinn examines Abalon's whale cancer Marco accidentally eats some of it and is inspired to create his own drink called F-YEAH!
7: No Waterworld
Apr 18, 2005
All the water around Sealab has disappeared, and left Sealab high and dry. Where has it all gone?
8: Legacy of Laughter
Apr 25, 2005
The cast looks back over five years of "A Legacy of Laughter" in the style of one of those tacky TV reunion specials but of course since this IS Sealab, not all goes well.
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