Season 3
Sealab 2021
12 EPISODES • 2003
Season 3 of Sealab 2021 was released on May 26 and consists of 12 episodes.

Season 2


1: Brainswitch
May 26, 2003
An accident leaves Quinn comatose and Stormy allegedly smarter. Have they really switched brains?
2: Vacation
Jun 2, 2003
Dr. Quinn forcibly takes a well-deserved vacation, inside Sealab's walls, the crew attempts to find out what he's doing.
3: Fusebox
Jun 9, 2003
The electricity is out in Sealab, and the crew tries to turn the power back on. This episode shows the outside of the Sealab for 8 minutes, during which time nothing happens besides Stormy destroying a section of the Sealab, and occasional appearances by fish, sharks, and bubbles.
4: Article 4
Jun 16, 2003
A loophole in the Sealab charter turns everyone into captains, except Stormy (too stupid), Quinn (too proud to exploit the loophole), and the Chinese crew members (because of previous Asian accomplishments, including anime, among other things). How will Sealab survive? And where did Capt. Murphy go?
5: Return to Oblivion
Nov 16, 2003
A network executive audits the set of the hard-hitting action drama Sealab 2021, with hopes of somehow salvaging the dwindling series.
6: Splitsville
Nov 23, 2003
Debbie and Quinn break up, while Dr. Virjay gets his old rock band back together.
7: Tourist Season
Nov 30, 2003
Captain Murphy opens Sealab to tourists, eventually prompting Dr. Virjay to renounce his religion, and begin to eat meat from cows.
8: Red Dawn
Dec 7, 2003
Kommissar Murphy brings Marxist-Leninist ideals to Sealab.
9: Meet Beck Bristow
Dec 14, 2003
Hollywood Actor Beck Bristow (Brian Bloom) comes to Sealab to study for a television role.
10: I, Robot, Really
Dec 21, 2003
Due to an incident with Chubby Carol, Quinn (who doesn't think Carol is so chubby) is blackmailed into giving each crew member a robot body, but what is to become of the crew's old bodies?
11: Frozen Dinner
Dec 31, 2003
The Sealab crew attempts a daring rescue mission to Ice Station Zebra, one of whose inhabitants has turned to cannibalism. They are accompanied by a German who "came with the sub," bears more than a passing resemblance to Jürgen Prochnow and is given to firing his pistol inside the sub and shouting "Sieg Heil, Cornelius Drebbel!" Unfortunately, the two inhabitants of Ice Station Zebra cannot be rescued due to a lack of wetsuits, thanks to Debbie packing an attractive dress for herself instead.
12: Tornado Shanks
Jan 11, 2004
As Captain Murphy leaves for The Great Spice Wars, a new captain, Tornado Shanks, is given the helm.
Season 4
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