Sealab 2021
7 EPISODES • 1999
Season 0 of Sealab 2021 was released on November 30 and consists of 7 episodes.

Season -1


1: Pitch Pilot
Nov 30, 1999
Two scientists are stuck on an iceberg in Antarctica. They call for Sealab's help, but they have other issues. For example, Marco thinks he is a salad, Sparks interrupting the call by watching porn, Turtle races.
2: Nightshift
A never-before mentioned crew of technicians on Sealab with their own episode.
3: I, Robot - Alternate Ending
Alternate ending to episode 2 from season 1
4: Little Orphan Angry Deleted Scenes
Deleted scenes from episode 7 of season 1
5: Radio Free Sealab Uncensored
Uncensored scene from episode 1 of season 1
6: Dearly Beloved Seed
Unaired episode
7: Quinnmas
Unaired episode
Season 1
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