Season 2
Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell
12 EPISODES • 2015
Season 2 of Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell was released on July 13 and consists of 12 episodes.

Season 1


1: Psyklone and the Thin Twins
Jul 13, 2015
When Gary goes AWOL, Satan sends his top bounty hunters.
2: Shoulder Work
Jul 20, 2015
Gary gets help working someone's conscience.
3: Jett Copperhead, Six-pack Magician
Jul 27, 2015
Television's favorite redneck warlock puts on one last show.
4: True Love Will Find You
Aug 3, 2015
The demons need to find true love to free themselves from Hell.
5: New-cronomicon
Aug 10, 2015
The demons visit Earth to spread a new devil book, which resembles a teen romance.
6: Witches
Aug 17, 2015
The annual Wiccan devil orgy returns.
7: Cerberus
Aug 31, 2015
Cerberus heads to Earth because he's tired of guarding the gate to hell and takes Gary with him.
8: Nü-Byle
Sep 14, 2015
Satan reunites with an '80s hair band to give millenials a scare.
9: National Lampoon's Fireballz
Sep 21, 2015
The demons find a path to the female side of Hell.
10: Spunk
Sep 28, 2015
Hell has a drug epidemic, which creates opportunities.
11: Krampus Nacht
Oct 5, 2015
Gary and Claude bring Krampus out of retirement to ruin Christmas.
12: Heaven
Oct 12, 2015
Season 3
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