Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell
8 EPISODES • 2022
Season 0 of Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell was released on October 21 and consists of 8 episodes.

Season -1


1: Sexting
Oct 21, 2022
Gary shares some hands-on advice with a college student.
2: Immortal Kombat
Oct 21, 2022
A video game-based torture proves to be "Game Over" for Gary.
3: Shoulder Pad Work
Oct 21, 2022
Satan and Troy use hellish tactics to rig a football game.
4: Crossroads
Oct 21, 2022
Gary is forced to recruit new guitar legends at the Crossroads.
5: The Thunderdevils: Episode 1
Oct 21, 2022
Gary and his team of Thunderdevils give an anguished teen a lesson in sex positivity.
6: The Thunderdevils: Episode 2
Oct 21, 2022
Gary saves a college professor from cancel culture only to get canceled himself.
7: Ouroboros
Oct 21, 2022
Satan gives new meaning to the phrase "team-building exercise."
8: Hell 2.0
Oct 21, 2022
Gary and Troy give Hell a much-needed makeover.
Season 1
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