Season 1
Luis Miguel: The Series
13 EPISODES • 2018
Season 1 of Luis Miguel: The Series was released on April 22 and consists of 13 episodes.


1: Cuando calienta el sol
Apr 22, 2018
Luis Rey, the father of Luis Miguel discovers the enormous talent of his son at 10 years old and is responsible for managing his career and personal life. While, Micky meets his first love, Mariana Yazbek.
2: The malagueña
Apr 29, 2018
As the press get wind of Luis Miguel's talk with Hugo, his dad tries to get him a duet with Michael Jackson. Flashbacks recall Luis Miguel's TV debut.
3: Yo que no vivo sin tí
May 6, 2018
Luis Miguel begs his record label to let him try a new pop sound, and celebrates his 18th birthday. Back in 1981, Luisito Rey asks too much of Marcela.
4: Culpable o no
May 13, 2018
Jealousy threatens to destroy Luis Miguel and Mariana's relationship. Alex feels betrayed by his brother after finding a postcard from their mother.
5: La chica del bikini azul
May 20, 2018
Luis Miguel's hard-partying ways end up putting an infatuated fan in serious danger. Financial issues call into question his dad's business practices.
6: Mamá, Mamá
May 27, 2018
The singer endures basic training at a military college in order to film there, and learns about responsibility. Alex searches for their mom in Italy.
7: La incondicional
Jun 3, 2018
In the midst of financial troubles because of his father, Luis Miguel travels to Italy to help Alex search for their mother and discovers several lies.
8: Alguien como tú
Jun 10, 2018
Luisito Rey starts a new record label. While trying to determine what to do about his owed taxes, Luis Miguel travels to Aspen with a frustrated Alex.
9: Todo el amor del mundo
Jun 17, 2018
An investigator looks into Marcela's disappearance. Luis Miguel grows frustrated with reporters' questions about his father, who debuts a new singer.
10: Decídete
Jun 24, 2018
After a breakthrough in the search for his mother, Luis Miguel must decide how to proceed. In 1985, tensions run high during a family reunion in Italy.
11: Marcela
Jul 1, 2018
A financially destitute Luisito Rey begins running out of options. Érika and Fede argue over Luis Miguel. In 1986, Marcela gets serenaded onstage.
12: No me platiques más
Jul 8, 2018
The truth about Luis Miguel's birthplace threatens to destroy his career just as he's trying to release a new album of classic Mexican songs.
13: No me puedes dejar así
Jul 15, 2018
As his father's medical condition worsens, Luis Miguel grows desperate for what could be his last opportunity to find out what happened to his mother.
Season 2
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