Season 9
The Jonathan Ross Show
11 EPISODES • 2015
Season 9 of The Jonathan Ross Show was released on October 2 and consists of 11 episodes.

Season 8


1: Episode 1
Oct 2, 2015
2: Episode 2
Oct 9, 2015
3: Episode 3
Oct 16, 2015
4: Episode 4
Oct 23, 2015
5: Episode 5
Oct 30, 2015
6: Episode 6
Nov 7, 2015
7: Episode 7
Oct 14, 2015
8: Burt Reynolds, Simon Pegg, Coldplay
Dec 5, 2015
American actor Burt Reynolds joins Jonathan following the release of his memoir But Enough about Me, in which he shares his memories of more than 50 years in Hollywood. Plus, Star Trek and Mission: Impossible star Simon Pegg takes a seat on the sofa, along with Coldplay, who also perform in the studio.
9: Episode 9
Dec 30, 2015
10: Episode 10
Dec 30, 2015
11: Christmas Special
Dec 26, 2015
The latest series of the chat show closes with a Boxing Day special in which Jonathan is joined in the studio by actor Ian McKellen, American comedian and actor Aziz Ansari, actress Lily James and TV host Fiona Bruce. However, to mark the festive season, the host dispenses with his usual rounds of no-holds-barred questioning, and instead invites his visitors to take part in light-hearted games. He also introduces performances by some of his more musically inclined callers, and plots to catch everyone off-guard with a few surprises.
Season 10
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