Season 3
8 EPISODES • 2023
A trip to see her great-aunt sparks Hilda's interest in fairies. But the young explorer may have a stronger connection to the creatures than she thinks.

Season 2


1: Chapter 1: The Train to Tofoten
Dec 7, 2023
Hilda and the gang take the train to Tofoten to visit Great-Aunt Astrid for a relaxing holiday — but adventure soon comes knocking at their door.
2: Chapter 2: The Fairy Mound
Dec 7, 2023
Convinced that fairies exist in Tofoten, Hilda starts investigating around town... only to uncover a troubling mystery involving her own family.
3: Chapter 3: The Giantslayer
Dec 7, 2023
An ancient Faratok Tree transports Hilda and Wood Man to an alternate universe, where a feud rages between giants and a not-so-mighty giantslayer.
4: Chapter 4: The Laughing Merman
Dec 7, 2023
After their fellow Sparrow Scouts dub them "The Freaky Friends," Hilda, Frida and David resolve to have the most ordinary river trip imaginable.
5: Chapter 5: The Job
Dec 7, 2023
When Hilda's father comes for a surprise visit, she joins him on a mysterious errand to the castle ruins on behalf of a shady man known as "The Polecat."
6: Chapter 6: The Forgotten Lake
Dec 7, 2023
Hilda and her mother go on a camping trip, but Johanna suspects she's visited this forest before. Does the forest remember her, too?
7: Chapter 7: Strange Frequencies
Dec 7, 2023
Frida holds a town hall meeting to figure out why the nisse keep stealing from each other while Hilda tries to decode her radio's cryptic messages.
8: Chapter 8: The Fairy Isle
Dec 7, 2023
Hilda journeys into the fairy mound to look for her father, unraveling surprising family secrets along the way — but the truth comes at a great risk.
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