Season 1
Blood Free
10 EPISODES • 2024
Season 1 of Blood Free was released on April 10 and consists of 10 episodes.


1: Episode 1
Apr 10, 2024
It is Christmas Eve of 2025. BF showcases their new product. Everyone praises Jayu, the CEO, but the primary industry suffers because of BF. Two other incidents occur on the same day. A stockbreeder falls on Jayu's vehicle...
2: Episode 2
Apr 10, 2024
Chaewoon becomes Jayu's bodyguard. They attempt to fix the hacking but realize governmental power is needed. Jayu asks Seonu Jae, the prime minister, for help. A BF chief researcher gets in a car accident. Jayu suspects these incidents are related, and Chaewoon finds something suspicious about the hacking.
3: Episode 3
Apr 17, 2024
It is suspected that the hacking could have been an inside job. Could the culprit be nearby? Ja Yu digs into Chae Woon's past. She finds out that he was present alongside her during the terrorist attack that involved the president a few years ago.
4: Episode 4
Apr 17, 2024
Seon U Geun, the chairman of DORSON Group and Seon U Jae's biological father, suggests that Ja Yu sells her cultured meat technology to him. Meanwhile, the hacker is found dead. Ja Yu is suspected of being responsible and she even receives death threats.
5: Episode 5
Apr 24, 2024
In a life-and-death situation, Chaewoon is moved to a hidden laboratory in BF's basement.
6: Episode 6
Apr 24, 2024
Just when Chaewoon thinks he found a lead, he faces with an even bigger tragedy.
7: Episode 7
May 1, 2024
The police suspect Chaewoon and arrest him. Seonu Jae takes interest in Chaewoon.
8: Episode 8
May 1, 2024
In order to unveil the spy's identity, Chaewoon reveals the real reason why he joined BF.
9: Episode 9
May 8, 2024
10: Episode 10
May 8, 2024
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