Season 6
The Practice
23 EPISODES • 2001
Season 6 of The Practice was released on September 23 and consists of 23 episodes.

Season 5


1: The Candidate (1)
Sep 23, 2001
A sensational murder case embroils a charismatic state senator, on trial for killing the man purported to be his wife's lover. Part 1 of two.
2: The Candidate (2)
Sep 23, 2001
Courtroom skirmishes and contentious strategizing mark the murder trial of state senator Keith Ellison. Conclusion.
3: Killing Time
Sep 30, 2001
A parole hearing for a convicted killer who maintains he's innocent vexes Eugene and a death-row inmate who accepts his fate troubles Rebecca.
4: Liar's Poker
Oct 7, 2001
Jimmy's heavy gambling losses oblige him to represent his agitated bookie in a thorny civil suit. Meanwhile, an attempted-murder case raises questions of legal ethics.
5: Vanished (1)
Oct 14, 2001
An unsolved kidnapping case embroils Bobby with the alleged abductor, a convicted child molester. Gambling fever leads Jimmy to take a big risk. Part 1 of two.
6: Vanished (2)
Oct 21, 2001
Startling revelations complicate a kidnapping case, which hinges on the testimony of a mysterious recluse with a secret past. Conclusion.
7: Honor Code
Nov 18, 2001
Bobby, Eugene and Jimmy work with an insurance company to settle the claim of a 10-year-old accident victim. But when the case presents a dilemma of moral and ethical proportions, the tension that's been brewing between Jimmy and Eugene finally boils over.
8: Suffer the Little Children
Nov 25, 2001
After promising the mother of a murdered teen that he'll find the drive-by shooter responsible, ADA Lowe adopts a “whatever it takes” attitude towards the prosecution of the young gang member he thinks did it—who is defended by Ellenor. Meanwhile, Lindsay is moved to help a mentally retarded man find the daughter he lost touch with years ago as a result of being wrongfully incarcerated for over a decade.
9: Dangerous Liaisons
Dec 2, 2001
Bobby fears that his protective feelings for a vulnerable female client may threaten his objectivity in her case. Lucy goes above and beyond the call of duty to help an elderly rape victim get the only thing she wants from her attacker—an apology.
10: Inter Arma Silent Leges
Dec 9, 2001
Rebecca faces what could be the greatest challenge of her career when she attempts to uncover why her doctor's husband, an Arab, was detained by federal agents without any explanation. After encountering a series of impenetrable legal roadblocks, she learns a difficult truth: “Inter arma silent leges—in war law is silent.” Meanwhile, Eugene’s court-appointed client forces him to use the race card.
11: Eyewitness
Jan 6, 2002
A Reverend shares a secret with Jimmy and Lindsay that could drastically affect the ruling on their client, accused of murder, but only if he's willing to testify. Ellenor’s ADA friend makes her an offer she must refuse, despite the consequences.
12: The Test
Jan 13, 2002
Bobby makes a judgement call based on a client’s instructions, but it turns out he may have made the call too soon. Meanwhile, Lindsay begs Helen Gamble to order DNA tests on a client serving jail time for double rape—a sentence the client received 7 years ago with a fresh-out-of-law school Lindsay by his side.
13: Pro Se
Feb 10, 2002
Ellenor is ordered to appear as co-counsel for murderer Ray McMurphy, who insists on defending himself in his latest trial. The trial turns ugly for everyone involved, as McMurphy will do whatever it takes to keep himself from going back to prison. Meanwhile, the firm try to support Bobby as he comes out of hospital and he tries to come to terms with being victimised.
14: Judge Knot
Feb 17, 2002
Helen and Bobby are shocked to learn that the FBI suspects a popular and highly respected judge of accepting bribes. Convinced the judge is innocent, they're torn about whether or not to assist the U.S. Attorney in a “sting” operation which could also effectively put their careers on the line.
15: Man and Superman
Feb 24, 2002
A schizophrenic who believes he's Superman entangles Jimmy in a civil suit involving a hospital and the widow of a bystander killed by the mental patient's seven-story leap.
16: M. Premie Unplugged
Mar 10, 2002
Eugene and Rebecca go head-to-head with Helen Gamble on a case involving a father accused of an unthinkable act of child abuse. Meanwhile, ADA Mitchell Wheeler, who previously made an indecent and unethical proposal to Ellenor, returns, this time with a different kind of offer for her.
17: Manifest Necessity
Mar 17, 2002
Helen Gamble heads up the prosecution of an accused murderer with suspected ties to the mob, a case her boss, DA Walsh, has an inexplicably strong interest in. Meanwhile, Lindsay unintentionally helps a familiar client get arrested.
18: Fire Proof
Apr 7, 2002
An arson case inflames Jimmy when he has to defend a respected Italian-American businessman who is an old friend. But his suspicious furniture-store fire killed a night watchman. Jimmy is reunited with the savvy hooker who previously duped him.
19: The Return of Joey Heric
Apr 14, 2002
The enigmatic and disturbed Joey Heric returns. An admitted killer who's now a lawyer, Joey is grandstanding in a homicide trial. In another storyline, Jimmy is reunited with the savvy hooker who previously duped him.
20: Eat and Run
May 5, 2002
A client who believes he's Hannibal Lecter admits to cannibalism but not murder in a trial that's especially hard on Lindsay, whom the defendant calls Clarice.
21: Evil-Doers
May 12, 2002
An accused rapist and his identical twin muddy a trial. The Hannibal Lecter copycat continues to terrify Lindsay during a commitment hearing.
22: This Pud's for You
May 19, 2002
Eugene takes charge at the scene, ordering Lindsay and Bobby to avoid talking with police. But the legal team's ensuing debate on how to proceed leads to questions about Lindsay's arguably tenuous state of mind, as well as the moments prior to the shooting, which Lindsay says she can't recall.
23: The Verdict
May 19, 2002
Lindsay stands trial for shooting Lawrence O'Malley, who became obsessed with her after her firm defended him in his murder trial.
Season 7
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