Season 1
The Practice
6 EPISODES • 1997
Bobby Donnell is a young, passionate lawyer struggling to keep his small Boston law firm afloat. He opened his practice full of idealist dreams of defending the innocent, but quickly realizes that defending the blatantly guilty tends to be more profitable.


1: Part I (Pilot)
Mar 4, 1997
Bobby defends Rachel Reynolds, a young woman facing drug charges. She is not a drug dealer, but was trying to cover for her brother. Lindsay represents Emerson Ray, who is suing a tobacco company in a wrongful death suit. Lindsay's favourite law professor, Anderson Pearson, represents the defence. Eugene represents "Free Willy", a man who exposes himself in public.
2: Part II
Mar 11, 1997
Bobby represents a man facing armed robbery charges. His strategy is to plead out to lesser charges. Eugene's client fears for her and her 11 year old son's safety, at the hands of her ex-husband. Eugene makes several attempts to get a restraining order. The situation has deadly consequences. Bobby tries to secure a loan and pays a visit to Jimmy Berluti, his friend and banker.
3: Trial And Error
Mar 18, 1997
Bobby plans to represent Gerald Braun in a wrongful death suit against Ronald Martin. Eugene's "Free Willy" returns, after being arrested in a peculiar position with a hooker. Defence Lawyers in the Emerson Ray case make a motion to have the case dismissed. Bobby fears that the judge is biased. Jimmy, Bobby's friend the banker, is fired for approving a construction loan under false pretences and Bobby decides to hire him.
4: Part IV
Mar 25, 1997
An extremely nervous Lindsey goes up against the tobacco industry and her old Law School Professor in her very first jury trial. Outraged by the release of his daughter's killer, Dr. Braun takes matters into his own hands.
5: Part V
Apr 1, 1997
Preparing for Dr. Braun's murder trial, Jimmy comes up with a controversial defence after the client refuses to argue temporary insanity. Meanwhile, Eugene bets both Lindsey and an ADA that he can win a hopeless case, and Ellenor finally comes face to face with the Podiatrist she met through the personal ads.
6: Part VI
Apr 8, 1997
Dr. Braun's emotional and outrageous murder trial finally begins, with Bobby going up against a known ADA who is also a famous Rabbi. Eugene represents a boy accused of statutory rape, after he impregnates a 13 year old girl.
Season 2
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