Season 1
Mr. Iglesias
10 EPISODES • 2019
Season 1 of Mr. Iglesias was released on June 21 and consists of 10 episodes.


1: Some Children Left Behind
Jun 21, 2019
On the last day of class before summer break, Gabe learns several of his students are being transferred out of Woodrow Wilson High School.
2: Summer School
Jun 21, 2019
Told to find an impartial teacher to grade his class's oral reports, Gabe worries when the most morally upstanding member of the faculty volunteers.
3: Full Hearts, Clear Backpacks
Jun 21, 2019
As part of his new security initiative, Carlos institutes a clear backpack policy that doesn't sit well with Gabe or his students.
4: The Wagon
Jun 21, 2019
While dealing with the transfer of a star athlete into his class, Gabe experiences an inadvertent stumble on the road to sobriety.
5: Everybody Hates Gabe
Jun 21, 2019
Marisol questions Gabe's sense of fair play when a football player seems to receive preferential treatment before Wilson High's big game.
6: Bullying
Jun 21, 2019
Gabe intervenes when he believes one of his students is being bullied. Meanwhile, new school guidelines regarding inclusive language dismay Marisol.
7: Talent Show
Jun 21, 2019
To get his class comfortable with being in the spotlight, Gabe persuades them to perform in the school's talent show. The catch? He must perform, too.
8: Teachers' Strike
Jun 21, 2019
When a teacher's strike threatens his students' chances in an academic decathlon, Gabe looks for ways to help them without crossing the picket line.
9: Oh Boy, Danny
Jun 21, 2019
After falling back under the spell of her two-timing ex, Abby turns to Gabe for support. Marisol declines to participate in the class's college tour.
10: Academic Decathlon
Jun 21, 2019
On the eve of the annual academic competition, Principal Madison, Marisol and Gabe all face tough choices involving loyalty and ambition.
Season 2
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