Season 1
Golden Boy
36 EPISODES • 2022
Season 1 of Golden Boy was released on September 23 and consists of 36 episodes.


1: Episode 1
Sep 23, 2022
A decision is made that, Ferit, who angered his family - especially his grandfather - Halis Aga, with his irresponsibility, must marry a suitable girl from Gaziantep. Although Ferit doesn't want to get married, he can't step on his grandfather's word. Finding the right bride is the duty of Halis Aga's eldest bride, Ifakat. The surprise to be experienced at the requested ceremony of Suna, who is suitable to be the bride of the Korhan Family in Gaziantep, will affect both Suna and her sister Seyran.
2: Episode 2
Sep 30, 2022
Korhan Family wants Seyran instead of Suna. As soon as Kazim says yes to this offer, preparations begin. Although Seyran objects to this decision, she cannot convince both her aunt Hattuç and her father Kazim. Seyran asks Yusuf to kidnap her to avoid marrying Ferit. Ferit, on the other hand, does not worry about this marriage because he thinks that nothing will change in his life. Action-packed days are about to begin for both Ferit and Seyran.
3: Episode 3
Oct 7, 2022
Seyran, who came to Istanbul after the wedding, is trying both to get used to the order of the Korhans and to adapt to her new family. Halis Aga, on the other hand, has a new plan in mind for Ferit. Rumors about Suna in Antep annoy Kazim and push him to make a decision.
4: Episode 4
Oct 14, 2022
Ferit's efforts to get used to his new workplace and his quarrels with Seyran continue. Kazim, who comes to Istanbul, first comes to visit Halis Aga. Seyran, who learns the habits of the Korhan family as time passes, unwittingly witnesses what happened between Ifakat and Orhan. Asuman's surgery brings together Fuat and the Korhans to support Asuman. Seyran encounters a surprise when she least expects it.
5: Episode 5
Oct 21, 2022
Ferit, who learns that Yusuf is Seyran's ex-boyfriend, is upset by this situation. Yusuf insists on talking to Seyran. When Seyran says she needs to talk to Suna to explain the situation, Ferit keeps the sisters alone. At the invitation of Gülgün, Kazim and the whole family come to visit the Korhans.
6: Episode 6
Oct 28, 2022
Ferit, who has a fight with Yusuf, does not calm down for a long time and takes his anger out on Seyran. Bad news awaits Seyran, who scores very well in the university exam. Surprises are experienced one after another at a family dinner with Kazim and Suna. Pelin has no intention of giving up on Ferit and Yusuf has no intention of giving up on Seyran.
7: Episode 7
Nov 4, 2022
Yusuf finds a job at the mansion, saying that he is a distant relative of Seyran. Ferit, on the other hand, gets very angry at this situation and offers to spend the whole day with Seyran to talk about what is going on. Fuat continues to work with Suna. Halis Aga's visit to Kazim causes the opening of old notebooks with Hattuç. Suna and Seyran's dinner with Fuat and Ferit ends in an unexpected surprise.
8: Episode 8
Nov 11, 2022
When Ferit tells Seyran that Suna kissed him at night, Seyran gets very angry and although Ferit says he is innocent, she does not believe him and accuses him. When Seyran learns that her mother is sick, she takes her breath with her and stays with her mother for the night. Ferit, on the other hand, takes advantage of the situation and goes out with Pelin. While Seyran is asking Suna to account for her kissing Ferit, Kazim gets mad and puts his new plan into motion for Suna.
9: Episode 9
Nov 18, 2022
Seyran asks Ferit for help to save Suna. Ferit plans to kidnap Suna. They carry out their plan without Kazim's knowledge. When Kazim realizes that Suna has disappeared, he takes his anger out on Esme. How Suna will enter the mansion is another tricky issue.
10: Episode 10
Nov 25, 2022
Suna feels responsible for what happened with Kazim and leaves a note and returns home from the mansion. Ferit explains everything to Halis Aga, who is informed that Suna has secretly left the mansion in the morning. Thereupon, Halis Aga visits Kazim with a new plan in mind. When Ferit brings Halis Aga's request for grandchildren to the agenda again, Seyran and Ferit continue their unfinished match. Seyran's past with Yusuf continues to make Ferit restless. He invites Yusuf to their room and asks him an unexpected question.
11: Episode 11
Dec 2, 2022
Seyran is extremely upset by Yusuf's answer to Ferit's question and doesn't want to see either of them. An unpleasant surprise awaits Ferit, who goes out with Abidin at night. Unwittingly photographed by a journalist, Ferit asks Orhan for help to get rid of this trouble without Halis Aga's knowledge. The person who can help Ferit in this matter is Seyran.
12: Episode 12
Dec 9, 2022
They convince Kazim and Halis Aga that the photograph in the newspaper is an old one. Ferit is very angry with Taylan, who publishes the photos, and he has no intention of letting this go easily. Ifakat, on the other hand, takes care of Suna and begins to train her, as they promised Kazim.
13: Episode 13
Dec 16, 2022
Ferit leaves the house as a result of Halis Aga's slap on him. Kazim, who arrived at the mansion after Yusuf told him what had happened, took Seyran and Suna back. When Ferit, who had taken refuge in Pelin, informs her that he has decided to leave, Pelin informs Seyran to stop him.
14: Episode 14
Dec 23, 2022
Seyran's kissing Ferit is not enough to turn Ferit from his path. On the other hand, Halis Aga fell ill and was taken to the hospital. Halis Aga, who survived the critical situation and went home, will also have a request from Seyran.
15: Episode 15
Dec 30, 2022
Ferit cannot digest Seyran's departure and goes to Kazim's to get his wife. After what Halis Aga said, Kazim is determined to take Seyran and return to Antep with his entire family, but Ferit will not allow Seyran to go. Ferit, who takes Seyran with him, has a New Year's plan in mind that will unite the whole family.
16: Episode 16
Jan 6, 2023
After the New Year's meeting, everything goes back to the old times at the mansion, and it's time for a magazine shoot where Ferit and Seyran will be on the cover. The editor of the magazine is Defne, who knew Orhan a long time ago. A night full of unexpected events awaits Ferit.
17: Episode 17
Jan 13, 2023
Efe Han, who is looking for a new face for his own collection, wants to talk to Seyran. Defne, who is an intermediary in this work, gets on the nerves of Ferit, Orhan, and Ifakat. Seyran is confused and goes to Kazim for consultation. Ferit makes a move to get Serter out of Pelin's life, but this move will have surprising consequences.
18: Episode 18
Jan 20, 2023
Ferit, who learns that Seyran went to meet Efe Han alone and signed a contract, goes crazy and takes his breath with Defne and Efe. Serter's uncle, on the other hand, has no intention of letting Ferit go unless Ferit leaves Pelin alone. Ifakat is afraid that Halis Aga will hear what happened between her and Orhan.
19: Episode 19
Jan 27, 2023
Ferit, who is very angry that Seyran and Suna are having dinner with Efe and Defne, makes a scene at the restaurant. The tension between Ferit and Seyran continues after Ferit goes to Pelin, who needs help after Serter's unexpected departure. Ferit, who brings Pelin to the mansion by making an unexpected move, makes Seyran very angry.
20: Episode 20
Feb 3, 2023
When they learn that Kazim was shot and Ferit is with him, all family members end up in the hospital. What happens to Kazim affects everyone deeply. While the waters between Seyran and Ferit calm down a bit, Pelin's situation makes Seyran take an unexpected decision.
21: Episode 21
Feb 24, 2023
Halis Aga, who is both angry and affected by what he hears after speaking with Seyran, establishes new rules at the mansion and at the workplace. Halis Aga's words, who include Ferit in the work, are very heavy. Seyran makes an unexpected move. The feelings between Suna and Abidin intensify.
22: Episode 22
Mar 3, 2023
Ferit's confession has made Seyran very happy, but Seyran still has no intention of giving up control and is quick to take Ferit to a close mark. While Halis Aga storms the mansion, Fuat gets his share of this situation. Trying to get used to the new job and his new order, Ferit also looks for ways to get closer to Seyran. Latif's handling of affairs in the mansion is difficult for the Sultan, Sefika and others. Ifakat, on the other hand, has a new plan for this situation.
23: Episode 23
Mar 10, 2023
When Halis Aga learns that Fuat and Asuman are on bad terms, calls Seyran and asks her for support on this issue. Ferit, who learns about the situation, quickly makes a plan. On the other hand, Defne comes to talk to Ifakat and Gülgün about Seyran's withdrawal from the project. Kazim, on the other hand, is determined to carry out his plans for the land. Suna and Abidin, Ferit and Seyran, and Asuman and Fuat, who came together with Ferit's plan, will also take important decisions during their short vacation.
24: Episode 24
Mar 17, 2023
Asuman and Fuat raise the issue of adoption to Orhan, Gülgün, and Ifakat, but they get an unexpected answer. Seyran has made a decision to reconcile with Ferit, but a new test awaits the two of them. Ferit and Gülgün are both surprised and nervous about Zerrin's demands. Ferit, who asks Pelin about Zerrin, gets an unexpected reaction from Pelin. An unexpected person rushes to the help of Orhan, who is overwhelmed by the pressure at home and at work. Kazim Aga, on the other hand, begins to get used to his new order in the Korhans company.
25: Episode 25
Mar 24, 2023
After what Seyran heard, she gets very angry, and cold winds begin to blow between her and Ferit. While finding a suitor (Saffet) for Suna, Ifakat convinces Suna to go out to dinner with Saffet together with Seyran and Ferit. Both Abidin and Suna do not like this situation. On the other hand, Ifakat continues to cooperate with the Sultan to realize her plans for Latif. Zerrin's target this time is Seyran.
26: Episode 26
Mar 31, 2023
Seyran returns home after seeing Ferit in Pelin's house, but she stands tall. Zerrin does not miss any opportunity to create the tension she wants. Kazims are guests of Korhans at iftar. When the situation between Suna and Saffet is discussed at the table, Ferit gets approval from Kazim to have another meeting with Saffet on the boat. While the progress of things is devastating both Suna and Abidin, Abidin makes an offer to Suna. When Zerrin's new move makes Seyran uneasy, she takes precautions in a way no one expected.
27: Episode 27
Apr 7, 2023
For Seyran, who catches Ferit's hand in the air, the ropes come to the breaking point and she takes her breath in Kazim's house. When Halis Aga learns that Seyran has left the house, he gets very angry. Ifakat is pleased with this development. When Ferit learns about the situation with Suna, his reaction is to hold Abidin to account, and a quarrel ensues between the two. While Ifakat's plan is working smoothly, Seyran's insistence on not returning to the mansion continues. Saffet tells his grandfather that he wants to marry Suna. Pelin takes one more step to win Ferit...
28: Episode 28
Apr 14, 2023
Kazim's fight with Ferit makes things harder for Seyran and Ferit. Abidin tells Suna that he quit his job and what happened with Ferit, and proposes to her. After Ferit, Seyran also learns about Suna and Abidin. Saffet Aga takes Saffet and his brother Tarik and goes to meet Kazim's. While Suna is helpless in the face of all these, a surprise awaits Seyran. While Halis Aga's anger towards Kazim breaks his relationship with Hattuç, Ifakat continues to implement her plan meticulously. More than one danger awaits Ferit.
29: Episode 29
Apr 21, 2023
When Ferit learns from Suna that Kazim will marry Seyran, he goes crazy and raids Saffet Aga's house. When Abidin finds out about the situation, he goes after Ferit to protect him. Ferit makes peace with Abidin and brings him back to the mansion. Hearing that Ferit has gone to Saffet Agas, Halis Aga finds out what happened and ends up in Kazim's house. On the other hand, Zerrin continues to meet Kazim and implement her plan. Her new move is to take with her someone whose reckoning with the Korhans has not been completed in the past. Saffet is very happy to marry Suna ...
30: Episode 30
Apr 28, 2023
Seyran and Ferit sign the divorce papers and Halis Aga kicks Seyran out. Saffet Aga, Kazim, and Tarik take Seyran from the mansion. Seeing Tarik and realizing that he has taken advantage of the situation, Ferit gets mad and fights with Tarik. After Seyran leaves, Ferit cannot contain his anger and argues with both Halis Aga and Orhan. Ifakat, who sees Ferit throwing himself outside to clear his head, does not delay in informing Zerrin. Zerrin convinces Pelin to go after Ferit. When Kazim hears that Seyran has signed a letter of consent, he takes it out on her again. ...
31: Episode 31
May 5, 2023
Neither Abidin nor Gülgün can dissuade Ferit who proposes to Pelin. Following this decision, Ferit throws himself out again. After Seyran learns that Ferit will marry Pelin, a storm breaks out inside her. Tarik pays attention to Seyran. When Kazim is confused by something Seyran blurts out, he asks Hattuç to take a hand in the matter. Seyran cannot contain herself and confronts Ferit about Pelin before the court. Suna goes to look for a wedding dress. Saffet Aga gives Kazim a generous gift. The court date for Ferit and Seyran's divorce case arrives.
32: Episode 32
May 19, 2023
Seyran's fainting after the court worries everyone, especially Ferit. Both Ferit and Seyran are very upset about what happened. Ferit cannot rest without seeing Seyran and finds a way to get out of the mansion and see Seyran. Zerrin and Pelin are invited to the mansion to talk about Ferit and Pelin's situation. Suna and Saffet's wedding preparations are in full swing. Tarik is looking forward to the day he will marry Seyran. Ferit can't handle what happened and takes his anger out on the entire household. On the other hand, Ferit wants to help Abidin with Suna and ...
33: Episode 33
May 19, 2023
Having kidnapped Seyran and Suna from the wedding, Ferit, and Abidin try to find the safest place to go. Seyran and Suna are determined not to turn back from their path even though they are scared. Saffet Aga and Kazim Aga come to the mansion to hold the Korhans to account. Esme makes an unexpected exit to Kazim. Everyone at the mansion joins hands to find Ferit, Seyran, and Suna. Fuat, together with Asuman, takes action to support Ferit. Tarik is on Fuat's neck like everyone else. The news that arrives at the mansion will change everything.
34: Episode 34
May 26, 2023
Fuat's death deeply affects everyone, especially Ferit. Everyone, including Saffet Aga and his family, is together for condolences. Ferit is devastated by Fuat's death and when he sees Tarik at the funeral, he breaks the ropes. Seyran is determined not to leave Ferit. Gülgün cannot overcome her anger towards Orhan. Zerrin and Pelin continue to stir up trouble. When Ferit visits Fuat's grave, he receives an unexpected message. After a long time, Halis Aga brings down the walls he has built on Hattuç. While Kazim puts his marriage plan for Suna into practice, his ...
35: Episode 35
Jun 2, 2023
Kazim, who separated Seyran from Ferit, takes his breath in Saffet Aga's together with Seyran. Pelin, on the other hand, makes a move that worries Zerrin very much after what she sees. Ferit confronts Tarik and puts a rest on him. Tarik, on the other hand, responds to this rest by intimidating Orhan. Later, when he learns that Seyran spent the night with Ferit, he offers Seyran to take her back to the Kazims. Ferit feels very lonely after all that has happened and offers to Seyran to run away together again. Seyran makes an important decision after the visit of ...
36: Episode 36
Jun 9, 2023
After Ferit receives Seyran's letter, he starts looking for her from all sides. Abidin learns that Suna has married Saffet and is devastated. Seyran is not herself. When she arrives in Antep with Hattuç, they see that the mansion is surrounded by Tarik and the guards. As soon as Ferit learns that Seyran is in Antep, he rushes to Antep and meets Seyran at Vakkas Usta's shop. Afterward, he offers Seyran to run away together again. Tarik does not leave Seyran's pursuit for a moment. Things are not going well at the mansion, and there is another surprise.
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