Season 8
Family Matters
24 EPISODES • 1996
Season 8 of Family Matters was released on September 20 and consists of 24 episodes.

Season 7


1: Paris Vacation (1)
Sep 20, 1996
Steve does it yet again. He creates the UrkPad which allows him, the Winslows, and Stefan to travel to Paris. All goes well when Stefan learns he likes being a model and can actually speak French. Eddie unfortunately has to work during vacation for causing an accident at a restuarant. And Steve makes a new friend in Nicole. Or does he?
2: Paris Vacation (2)
Sep 20, 1996
Turns out Nicole is a spy that is trying to get her hands on how the UrkPad works for her sinister cousin. Urkel is kidnapped and must either make them an UrkPad or die.
3: Paris Vacation (3)
Sep 27, 1996
In the final part of the Paris trilogy, Carl comes to the rescue and saves Steve and the Winslows head back home... all except for Stefan.
4: Movin' On
Oct 4, 1996
Urkel fits in with his new college friends but pines for Laura.
5: 3J in the House
Oct 11, 1996
The Winslows realize their feelings for 3J when he runs away from the group home.
6: Getting Buff
Oct 18, 1996
Eddie learns a revealing lesson when Greta gets a part-time job.
7: Stevil
Oct 25, 1996
Ventriloquist Steve's look-alike dummy comes alive on Halloween.
8: Karate Kids
Nov 1, 1996
As a playground supervisor, Steve has a tough time controlling the bullies.
9: Home Again
Nov 8, 1996
A New Edition concert helps Stefan and Laura's long-distance relationship.
10: Nightmare at Urkel Oaks
Nov 15, 1996
Eddie dreams that he is getting married to Myrtle Urkel, of all people, in her Southern plantation.
11: Chick-a-Boom
Nov 22, 1996
Steve invents some musically-activated gunpowder, but Myra mistakes it for pepper when she uses it to prepare a big dinner for Carl's commissioner!
12: The Jury
Dec 6, 1996
Steve and Carl are called in on jury duty, and Steve proves without a shadow of a doubt that the accussed is innocent while everyone else thinks he is guilty.
13: It Came upon a Midnight Clear
Dec 13, 1996
Laura finally gives Curtis the old heave-ho now that Stefan is back to stay. Meanwhile, Carl and Steve get lost in the woods looking for a Christmas tree.
14: Revenge of the Nerd
Jan 3, 1997
Laura plans to join a sorority and learns Steve is their favorite target.
15: Love Triangles
Jan 17, 1997
Best friends Laura and Maxine are attracted to the same guy.
16: Father Time
Jan 31, 1997
Urkel invents a time machine, and he and Carl travel back to the 70s, where Carl takes advantage and changes the future to become a billionaire.
17: Beauty and the Beast
Feb 7, 1997
Myrtle Urkel is back, and this time, she sabotages a beauty pageant so she can win.
18: Le Jour d'amour
Feb 14, 1997
Urkel narrates romantic vignettes featuring the Winslows and friends.
19: What Do You Know?
Feb 28, 1997
Eddie's plan misfires when he transforms into Urkel to compete on a game show.
20: Odd Man In
Mar 14, 1997
Harriette fills a spot at Carl's poker table while Steve does work for Eddie at a ballpark.
21: Flirting with Disaster
Mar 28, 1997
Eddie is most definitely flirting with disaster when he tries to date a woman much older than him. Meanwhile, Steve is causing Carl's homeowner insurance to skyrocket.
22: Pound Foolish
Apr 25, 1997
Donna Summer reprises her role as Urkel's Aunt Oona from Altoona, who has put on weight but anticipates taking it off in her nephew's new-fangled fat-compression chamber.
23: The Brother Who Came to Dinner
May 2, 1997
Carl learns his wayward brother Frank is in trouble with the law.
24: A Pirate's Life for Me
May 9, 1997
Steve's time machine sends him and Carl back to a pirate ship.
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