Season 6
Family Matters
25 EPISODES • 1994
Season 6 of Family Matters was released on September 23 and consists of 25 episodes.

Season 5


1: To Be or Not to Be (1)
Sep 23, 1994
Laura doesn't want Stefan to change anything about himself for her, while Urkel - as his nerdy self - is a 10 in Myra's eyes. Meanwhile, hoping to improve his vision, Carl steps into Urkel's transformation chamber.
2: To Be or Not to Be (2)
Sep 30, 1994
After a vengeful Myra tampers with Urkel's transformation chamber, Carl steps into it and steps out as an Urkel-like nerd.
3: Till Death Do Us Apartment
Oct 7, 1994
College man Eddie moves into an apartment with Waldo and promptly plans a hot night with two female guests which inflames Waldo's steady, Maxine.
4: The Looney Bin
Oct 14, 1994
Hard times bring distress for the unemployed Harriette and for a homeless and eccentric janitor [ Poston ], who get s trapped in the school bomb shelter with Good Samaritans Urkel and Carl.
5: Beta Chi Guy
Oct 21, 1994
His friendship with Urkel damages Eddie's reputation with a group of ultra cool fraternity brothers.
6: Dark and Stormy Night
Oct 28, 1994
On a dark and stormy Halloween night Winslows play Pass the Ghost Story, in which Carl and Harriette are 19th-century vampires licking their chops over the wayfaring Sir Steven (Urkel).
7: Par For the Course
Nov 4, 1994
Duffer Carl is reluctant to stand up to his cheating boss during a round of golf, but Harriette isn't reluctant to go looking for Laura when she misses her curfew.
8: Sink or Swim
Nov 11, 1994
It's no secret that Urkel is deathly afraid of the water and his heart sinks when he learns that he can't graduate from high school unless he can pass a pass a swimming test, so he asks Carl for lessons.
9: Paradise Bluff
Nov 18, 1994
Urkel's life flashes before him atop Paradise Bluff, where Myra hands him an ultimatum; and Harriette rates her mate and finds Carl needs to spice up his technique - at barbecuing.
10: Flying Blind
Nov 25, 1994
Carl and Urkel must land a plane after their vengeful pilot bails out on a charter flight to Detroit, leaving the m with only their emotional baggage.
11: Miracle on Elm Street
Dec 16, 1994
Richie brings home a homeless person on Christmas.
12: Midterm Crisis
Jan 6, 1995
Carl loses points with Capt. Savage by telling him the truth about the woman he loves; and Eddie and Urkel cook u p a lie about Waldo's midterm baking project, which they devoured.
13: An Unlikely Match
Jan 20, 1995
Urkel sets an example of forgiveness after getting harassed by a gang of ruffians at school - when he discovers the ringleader has leukemia, he organizes a bone marrow drive; and a police-auction bargain overshadows Carl's good judgment.
14: The Substitute Son
Feb 3, 1995
The transformation machine turns Urkel into a karate master who defends Laura's honor at a rough longshoreman's bar; Waldo becomes Carl's substitute son when Eddie starts taking his father for granted.
15: The Gun
Feb 10, 1995
Gritty episode in the style of NYPD Blue, where Laura is robbed by female gang members and considers purchasing a gun to ward off future trouble.
16: Wedding Bell Blues
Feb 17, 1995
Urkel and Carl risk their lives to save the distraught Mr. Looney from committing suicide when he is jilted on hi s wedding day; meanwhile at home, Laura fumes when her parents are more protective of her than of Eddie.
17: Ain't Nothin' But an Urkel
Feb 24, 1995
Another transformation-chamber mishap turns Urkel into a gyrating Elvis with a hunka hunka lot of explaining to do during a meeting with an MIT recruiter (Kline).
18: My Uncle Hero
Mar 3, 1995
Suspicions mount for Myra as Urkel and Laura put their heads together to plan a surprise birthday party for her. Meanwhile across town, Richie hopes to impress his classmates on a field trip to Carl's office at the police station.
19: My Bodyguard
Mar 17, 1995
After failing to foil a robbery, Carl is assigned to protect Urkel, who stopped the thief; the boss's daughter comes on to Eddie.
20: Cheers Looking at You, Kid
Mar 24, 1995
Carl and Henriette send Laura off unchaperoned to cheerleading championships in Omaha where Laura's handsome partner Gary looks a lot like trouble in Urkel's spying eyes.
21: What's Up Doc?
Mar 31, 1995
A therapist helps the Winslows get to the root of their tensions by reflecting on life with Urkel.
22: We're Going to Disney World (1)
Apr 28, 1995
As a finalist in a contest, Urkel invites the Winslows on his trip to Disney World, where Laura has a fantasy romance---with Stefan Urquelle.
23: We're Going to Disney World (2)
May 5, 1995
Myra rushes to Disney World, fearing something is amiss with Urkel. And it's no Mickey Mouse worry: he's proposed to Laura by the time Myra arrives.
24: They Shoot Urkels, Don't They?
May 12, 1995
Grandma Winslow and Fletcher's senior citizens home is in need of financial assistance. The Winslows propose holding a dance marathon to raise the money. This becomes the perfect oppurtunity for Carl to proove himself the most endurant over Steve. He is tired about hearing from everyone how Steve almost defeated him in an arm wrestling contest they had despite the fact that Carl did win. All For One starts up the dance marathon. Laura is partnered up with Waldo's distant cousin Bob who turns out to be a very short man. Laura is afraid of saying something offensive in front of Bob. But when Laura accindentally does, Bob assures her that it's all right, that he cant help being a short man. The dance goes on late into the night by one or two in the morning Harriet and Myra want to give but Carl and Steve refuse. The girls leave Carl and Steve anyway so the competition is between Carl and Steve alone. By 3am Grandma Winslow and Fletcher announce the dance marathon over since they a
25: Home Sweet Home
May 19, 1995
When his parents move to Russia without telling him, Steve moves in with Eddie and Waldo - but his super termites eat them out of house and home, literally.
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