Season 4
Family Matters
24 EPISODES • 1992
Season 4 of Family Matters was released on September 18 and consists of 24 episodes.

Season 3


1: Surely You Joust
Sep 18, 1992
Feuding neighbors "Hurricane" Urkel and "Bonecrusher" Carl take a not-so-neighborly, macho grudge match to TV's American Gladiators.
2: Dance to the Music
Oct 2, 1992
Home-coming Queen Laura gets the royal treatment from Urkel, who gets popular jock Ted to ask her to the dance; Carl meets Harriette's new piano teacher..
3: Driving Carl Crazy
Oct 9, 1992
Carl hopes to practice stress management by keeping his cool, but he nearly blows a gasket teaching Urkel to drive.
4: Rumor Has It
Oct 16, 1992
As rumors begin to fly that Ted has "scored" with Laura, Urkel must warn her that the guy she's dating means to boost his rep by ruining hers.
5: Number One with a Bullet
Oct 23, 1992
Carl and Urkel are hospital roommates and Urkel, as usual, is a pain -until he gets the opportunity to save Carl's hide.
6: Whose Kid Is it Anyway?
Oct 30, 1992
Richie is upset when Eddie's hot Halloween date conflicts with his promise to take his little cousin trick or treating.
7: An Officer and a Waldo
Nov 6, 1992
Eddie's insult sends Waldo off to join the Army; Harriette and Carl set up a sting to catch a shady repairman.
8: Just One Date!
Nov 13, 1992
Urkel resorts to despearate measures to win a date with Laura by camping out on the Winslows' roof, even though a big blizzard is fast approaching Chicago. Meanwhile, Richie meets new next door neighbor Gwendolyn.
9: The Oddest Couple
Nov 20, 1992
Eddie's sloppy habits and Steve's scientific experiments don't make for domestic bliss when the two become roommates.
10: It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Urkel
Dec 11, 1992
Laura's guardian angel shows Urkel what it's like to be Laura.
11: Muskrat Love
Jan 8, 1993
Eddie breaks a date with a smart and witty girl his friends disapprove of, while Laura regrets encouraging Maxine to date Ted; Carl gives Harriette fitness gear.
12: Hot Wheels
Jan 15, 1993
Carl buys a hot rod for Eddie, hoping it will be the road to a father-son bonding session; and Urkel strengthens his bond with Laura using a new wonder glue he invented.
13: The Way the Ball Bounces
Jan 22, 1993
A college woos athlete Eddie, who has only fame and fortune in mind after accepting a scholarship; meanwhile, Laura forgoes sleep to study for her PSATs.
14: A Thought in the Dark
Jan 29, 1993
Laura and Ted momentarily derail Urkel's efforts to win Laura by fixing him up with Ted's brainy cousin Myra for a double date to a concert.
15: Tender Kisses
Feb 5, 1993
Eddie gets more than he bargained for when he and his pals sneak into R&B singer Tracie Spencer's hotel room in search of tickets to her concert; and Carl is in for a big surprise when he discovers Harriette's diary.
16: Heart Strings
Feb 12, 1993
Lonely and depressed after breaking up with Ted, Laura grants Urkel a few bittersweet hours of bliss as her valentine; Gwendolyn charms Richie with "yucky goo-goo stuff"; and Harriette and Carl search for admirable qualities in each other.
17: It's a Mad, Mad, Madhouse
Feb 19, 1993
Eddie tries to cover for his poor record in school by claiming he has family problems at home - so his teacher arrives to evaluate his dysfunctional family environment.
18: Higher Anxiety
Feb 26, 1993
At a party, Urkel, Eddie and Waldo get trapped on a fire escape. A heartbroken Eddie mourns his split with two-timing Oneisha, while Carl gives the cold shoulder to his mother's beau Fletcher, who has big plans for her future.
19: Mama's Wedding
Mar 5, 1993
Thanks to Eddie, Mother Winslow's "simple family wedding" brings more than the family bargained for 150 extra guests.
20: Pulling Teeth
Mar 19, 1993
Waldo dates Laura's friend; Richie tries to get rid of a baby tooth.
21: Walk on the Wild Side
Mar 26, 1993
Laura has never been thought of as a wild and crazy gal. Rather, a white-bread, cut from her family's cloth Miss Goody Two-Shoes. So, giving into peer pressure and armed with fake ID's, Laura and her friends Maxine and K.C. go to Club Buff, a male strip club with a female clientile. Urkel gets wind of this and is sworn to secrecy... until he finds out that Estelle, Harriet and Rachel are planning a night out - at the very same Club Buff. Urkel dashes down to the club to warn Laura and her friends. But the club owner mistakes him for one of the scheduled performers and herds him on-stage. Urkel actually improvises part of an act, before he makes an impassioned speech and then warns Laura that right across the room sit her mother, aunt and grandmother. An embarassed Harriet takes an even more embarassed Laura home.
22: Hot Stuff
Apr 30, 1993
Myra enlists Laura's help in snaring "hot stuff" Urkel; Eddie asks Carl a lot of questions after buying a hot car stereo.
23: Stormy Weather
May 7, 1993
Urkel's nerdiness gets under the skin of Laura's arrogant prom date (Ross Leon), who's itching to order Laura to write off Urkel as a friend.
24: Buds 'n' Buns
May 14, 1993
As a part-timer at the Mighty Weenie fast food joint, Carl doesn't relish answering to the top dog - Eddie; Urkel takes Laura's advice and commits to Myra.
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