Season 1
Family Matters
22 EPISODES • 1989
Season 1 of Family Matters was released on September 22 and consists of 22 episodes.


1: The Mama Who Came to Dinner
Sep 22, 1989
Mother Winslow moves in and immediately begins to usurp Carl's authority. Eddie wants to go out with his friends, but he has a strict curfew that complicates things with Carl.
2: Two-Income Family
Sep 29, 1989
Hariette loses her job to automation, forcing the family into austerity measures while Carl stews over the family debts.
3: Short Story
Oct 6, 1989
Rachel writes a short story with characters that seem all too familiar; Carl becomes obsessed with the family's out of proportion water bill.
4: Rachel's First Date
Oct 13, 1989
The Winslows finally get to be alone together when Rachel accepts a date with a man from the church choir.
5: Straight A's
Oct 20, 1989
Eddie comes home with straight A's on his report card and the whole family is proud of him. Rodney comes over and tells him that he changed the grades on the report cards on the school computer. Eddie doesn't want to tell the truth because he fears that he will hurt Carl's feelings.
6: Basketball Blues
Nov 3, 1989
Carl's efforts to get Eddie psyched for a pro basketball career is enhanced by a visit from basketball star Bolton.
7: Body Damage
Nov 10, 1989
Rachel takes an unauthorized spin in the classic automobile that Carl plans to drive in the Columbus Day Parade.
8: Mr. Badwrench
Nov 17, 1989
Self-proclaimed handyman Carl decides to install a shower in Mother Winslow's quarters while she's out of town.
9: Stake-Out
Nov 24, 1989
After Carl is on an all-night stakeout with his attractive new partner, Harriette finds a room key to Louie's Love Grotto in his pocket.
10: False Arrest
Dec 1, 1989
The Winslows are aghast to discover that their TV idol has been arrested for assaulting a police officer - Officer Carl Winslow.
11: The Quilt
Dec 8, 1989
Laura sells a quilt Grandmother Winslow considered an heirloom.
12: Laura's First Date
Dec 15, 1989
Laura wants to go to an upcoming dance with a good-looking boy. Carl and Eddie try to find Laura a date. Carl asks Steve Urkel to take Laura to the dance, while Eddie asks one of his friends to take her out. When Laura finds out what happened, she is humiliated.
13: Man's Best Friend
Jan 5, 1990
Carl has a rule he intends to enforce not pets in the house until he meets a big, playful puppy who follows the kids home from school.
14: Baker's Dozens
Jan 12, 1990
Thanks to Rachel's brainstorm, Carl could become the "king of tarts" if he shares his secret recipe for lemon tarts, which were a big hit at a local restaurant.
15: The Big Reunion
Jan 19, 1990
Carl decides to lose weight before going to his high-school reunion.
16: The Party
Feb 2, 1990
A "No Guests" rule spells no fun for Eddie, who's left in charge of the house while the adults are away for the weekend.
17: The Big Fix
Feb 9, 1990
Eddie persuades Laura to date a guy he's indebted to.
18: Sitting Pretty
Feb 16, 1990
Laura's babysitting service floods the house with children at a bad time on the night Carl has invited his captain over.
19: In a Jam
Mar 16, 1990
Eddie wants to do the right thing when faced with protecting Steve from a bully who threatens to beat him up, which could get Eddie creamed as well.
20: The Candidate
Mar 23, 1990
Eddie places image over integrity in his class president bid when image-maker Laura offers a thousand points of light to illuminate his campaign.
21: Bowl Me Over
Apr 13, 1990
The men vie with the women in a bowling match and Carl's philosophy about accepting defeat gracefully ends up in the gutter when Hariette aces him out.
22: Rock Video
Apr 27, 1990
When Eddie's big ego threatens to disband his group during the making of a rock video for a contest, the rest of the Winslows offer some ideas.
Season 2
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