Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later
8 EPISODES • 2017
Season 1 of Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later was released on August 4 and consists of 8 episodes.


1: Reunion
Aug 4, 2017
In August 1991, the far-flung alums of Camp Firewood make their way to Maine for a long awaited reunion.
2: Softball
Aug 4, 2017
Beth drops a bomb shell, McKinley grows suspicious of the nanny, and Andy spars with the new cool kid at camp. Meanwhile, a sinister plan takes shape.
3: Tigerclaw
Aug 4, 2017
While Katie and Andy head out on a mission to save the camp, Lindsay follows a hot tip, and Donna approaches Victor with a surprising request.
4: Lunch
Aug 4, 2017
A newcomer shakes up the chemistry at camp. Mitch reaches out to an old friend for help. Susie's return to the theater creates a stir.
5: King of Camp
Aug 4, 2017
Andy challenges Deegs to a "King of Camp" showdown, Neil helps Vic prepare for his big moment, and troubling discoveries abound for the Firewood gang.
6: Rain
Aug 4, 2017
As a storm lashes the camp, tensions between lovers and rivals boil over, and Vic's date takes a turn for the weird.
7: Dance
Aug 4, 2017
While Mitch's posse scrambles to thwart Reagan's plan, Coop delivers an emotional speech at the dance, and the shocking secret comes to light.
8: End Summer Night's Dream
Aug 4, 2017
With the clock ticking and their options are running out Camp Firewood family braces for disaster. But there are more surprises in store.
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