Season 1
11 EPISODES • 2006
Michael returns home after seven years on the run and reestablishes his criminal empire. Tommy tries to stay on the straight and narrow while representing his district. Eileen cheats on her husband and descends into drug addiction.


1: Mark 8:36
Jul 9, 2006
Local politician Tommy Caffee's life gets complicated when his gangster brother returns home to Providence.
2: Genesis 27:29
Jul 16, 2006
Michael plays a game of Russian roulette with the mentally challenged brother of a neighborhood store he wants to take over. Tommy is working on keeping a highway spur from going through the hill by wheeling and dealing behind the scenes. Eileen gets some upsetting news at the doctor's office.
3: Matthew 13:57
Jul 23, 2006
Tommy must help settle a garbage strike. Michael tries to recruit for his crew. Eileen's boyfriend misses their time together.
4: Matthew 5:6
Jul 30, 2006
The Caffee's Sunday dinner is interrupted by Treasury Agents looking for the conterfeit money. Michael takes care of the guy who "ratted" him out and Tommy looks to the speaker for help on a bill that will help his real estate deal.
5: Matthew 12:25
Aug 6, 2006
Tommy sees an opportunity to make some money when the governor asks him to introduce a bill that would create jobs on the hill but would also tear down some houses. Michael deals with Armenian drug dealers working out of a local bar. Rose fights back when they want to lay off 25 workers at the mill.
6: Samyutta 11:10
Aug 13, 2006
Michael helps out Declan's partner. Tommy sees a way to fix his zoning problems by helping a black minister.
7: Genesis 27:39
Aug 20, 2006
Tommy decides to work with Michael to save a local movie theater. Rose gets a new job and immediately tires to unionize her co-workers.
8: Job 31:5-6
Aug 27, 2006
Rose plans a surprise birthday part for Michael. Tommy decides to play dirty to be the majority leader.
9: Ecclesiastes 7:2
Sep 10, 2006
A deadly bus crash is caused by a suicide jumper. The bus was carrying passengers from The Hill back from a Patriots game. Michael tries to figure out a way to use this to his advantage with Freddie.
10: Vivekchaudamani: 51
Sep 17, 2006
When the Caffee's father shows up, he tries to get the boys to help him by threatening to sell the family home.
11: Matthew 22:10
Sep 24, 2006
A hit is ordered on Michael. Marty Trio works with the FBI to get Freddie by wearing a wire. Declan thinks his partner might be a dirty cop.
Season 2
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