Season 5
Meet the Browns
8 EPISODES • 2011
Season 5 of Meet the Browns was released on October 28 and consists of 8 episodes.

Season 4


1: Meet the Real Wedding
Oct 28, 2011
Colonel and Edna finally get ready for their wedding, and they seek help from the Brown family. Elsewhere, Renee does a good deed for Sasha, but she expects something in return.
2: Meet the Knock-Off
Oct 28, 2011
Cora buys an expensive purse, but claims that it is an inexpensive copy. Yvonne sells candy, raising suspision in Mr. Brown.
3: Meet the Reunion
Nov 4, 2011
Mr. Brown clashes with his former singing group member (Eddie Levert) as they prepare for their class reunion. Renee babysits Joaquin and seeks his input when she gambles.
4: Meet the Whodunit
Nov 4, 2011
Mr. Brown tries to figure out who ate his rice and gravy. Renee faces possible termination after being investigated by a member of the Nurses Auditing Board.
5: Meet the Telethon
Nov 11, 2011
Sasha host a telethon to raise 100,000 and Mr. Brown knocks out the star.
6: Meet the Hustle
Nov 11, 2011
Mr. Brown and Colonel tries to get even with the gangsters that ripped them off. Renee sells wigs at the hospital.
7: Meet the Switch
Nov 18, 2011
Will and Joaquin magically switch bodies after Joaquin wished to be an adult. Mr. Brown tries to get in contact with the electric company regarding his electric bill.
8: Meet the Family Portrait
Nov 18, 2011
In the series finale, Mr. Brown decides to have a family portrait. However, a series of conflict prevents it from happening.
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