Season 4
My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman
6 EPISODES • 2022
Dave gets back out in the world and digs deep with guests Billie Eilish, Kevin Durant, Ryan Reynolds, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Will Smith and Cardi B.

Season 3


1: Billie Eilish
May 20, 2022
Dave visits Billie Eilish to discuss inspiration, influences and imposter syndrome - and even managers to work in a little go-karting and Auto-tuning.
2: Will Smith
May 20, 2022
Will Smith recalls his rap origins, the lasting impact of his parents, spiritual explorations, and one very fateful night at Quincy Jones' house.
3: Cardi B
May 20, 2022
Cardi B and Dave split a chopped cheese in a Bronx bodega and chat hooky parties, hip-hop, parenting, political science and protesting injustice.
4: Ryan Reynolds
May 20, 2022
Ryan Reynolds makes pizza for Dave while he discusses his youth in Canada, early days as an actor, life as a father and love of Welsh football.
5: Kevin Durant
May 20, 2022
Dave and Kevin Durant go one-on-one in baskeball, shuffleboard and conversation as they cover family, focus, trash-talking, social media and more.
6: Julia Louis-Dreyfus
May 20, 2022
Julia Louis-Dreyfus takes Dave fishing and talks growing up with two families, serving Gumby tea on "SNL" and reality overtaking fiction with "Veep."
Season 5
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