Season 2
Unauthorized Living
10 EPISODES • 2020
Season 2 of Unauthorized Living was released on January 13 and consists of 10 episodes.

Season 1


1: A Thousand Reasons Not to Come Back
Jan 13, 2020
An Oeste native returns, vowing to turn over a new leaf. Nemo is forced to sign away ownership of Open Sea. Berta gets a surprise from Mexico.
2: Solitary King
Jan 20, 2020
Marina targets a weak link who's protecting Nemo: Chon. Ferro is tricked into leading Monterroso to the boy who witnessed Lamas's murder.
3: Believe in Me
Jan 27, 2020
To turn Daniel against his father, Berta first turns his father against him. Ferro learns where the police have moved the boy. Nemo is led into a trap.
4: The Caged Lion
Feb 3, 2020
When Nemo refuses to help the Arteagas, they make Chon and Nina suffer. A search begins for the one man who can exonerate Nemo: the cellphone thief.
5: The First Mistake
Feb 10, 2020
Nina is drawn to a new man. A public outburst from Celso threatens Nemo's delicate new partnership with the Arteagas. Abraham takes a stand for Chon.
6: The Last Landing
Feb 17, 2020
A Colombian drug lord arrives, setting Nemo's plan against the Arteagas in motion. Monterroso discovers Lara's offshore bank account and blackmails her.
7: No Hard Feelings
Feb 24, 2020
To save Mario, Nemo must reveal his ruse. Celso is tasked with making the Arteagas look like traitors. Chon chooses between her home and Abraham.
8: The Lesser Evil
Mar 2, 2020
Nina faces a complication. Mario visits his ex with a plan to lure Germán out of hiding. Germán sets up house and starts a new business.
9: A Very Dark Place
Mar 9, 2020
A tip about a sex trafficking operation spurs Alen to work undercover, and Mario uses his new job as Germán's bookkeeper to get intel on a shipment.
10: Before I Leave
Mar 16, 2020
Armed with his memory notebook and a list of final things to do, Nemo executes a plan to protect his loved ones while ending the war with the Arteagas.
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