Season 4
Greenhouse Academy
8 EPISODES • 2020
Season 4 of Greenhouse Academy was released on March 20 and consists of 8 episodes.

Season 3


1: Rock by Rock
Mar 20, 2020
After an explosion rocks the school, one student hopes for a rescue while another one faces a threat from a mysterious virus.
2: The Quick One
Mar 20, 2020
As Hayley considers a risky way to save her classmate, the Eagles and the Ravens have a theory about the mystery virus.
3: A Not Totally Bad Person
Mar 20, 2020
Leo's setback creates tension between Hayley and Daniel. Meanwhile, an FBI investigation results in several major revelations.
4: Gummy Bears
Mar 20, 2020
Trusted with personal information, Becca and Daniel each battle their true emotions. A schedule change poses a serious problem for a shadowy enemy.
5: Cortinarius Orellanus
Mar 20, 2020
The shadowy enemy puts a sinister plan in motion. Later, Sophie investigates questionable news while Daniel debates making a confession.
6: Hundred Percent
Mar 20, 2020
As the Eagles and the Ravens examine evidence from an attack, a suspicious text from Leo leads them all to a shocking discovery.
7: Room 205
Mar 20, 2020
As Hayley, Daniel and Leo edge closer to learning the truth behind the mystery virus, their real feelings about each other finally come out.
8: The Client
Mar 20, 2020
Time is ticking as the shadowy figure makes a frightening ultimatum. Can the Eagles and the Ravens intervene in time to save the world?
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