Season 42
60 Minutes
46 EPISODES • 2009
Season 42 of 60 Minutes was released on September 27 and consists of 46 episodes.

Season 41


1: McChrystal/The Liquidator/A Living for the Dead
Sep 27, 2009
McCHRYSTAL - As the news from Afghanistan moves to the front pages of Americans' newspapers, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, tasked with turning things around there, tells 60 MINUTES that the spread of the violence in Afghanistan was more than he expected. David Martin reports. Mary Walsh is the producer. THE LIQUIDATOR - The man in charge of recovering assets from Ponzi scheme king Bernard Madoff says there is about 18 billion still out there that he hopes to recover for victims of the scam. But it won't be easy. Morley Safer reports. Deirdre Naphin and Katy Textor are the producers. A LIVING FOR THE DEAD - Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Elvis are dead and now, so is Michael Jackson. But as Steve Kroft reports, they are very much alive when it comes to earning money for their estates. Frank Devine is the producer.
2: The Swindler/130 Million Tons of Waste/The Great Migration
Oct 4, 2009
THE SWINDLER - To understand how Bernard Madoff could have done what he did, listen to so-called "mini-Madoff" Ponzi schemer Marc Dreier tell Steve Kroft in his first television interview how he scammed $400 million. Ira Rosen is the producer. 130 MILLION TONS OF WASTE - If coal ash is safe to spread under a golf course or be used in carpets, why are the residents of Kingston, Tenn., being told to stay out of a river where the material was spilled last December? Lesley Stahl reports. Shachar Bar-On is the producer. THE GREAT MIGRATION - Scott Pelley visits Kenya, the site of the great wildebeest migration, and looks at the threats to this natural spectacle comprised of over a million animals. Henry Schuster and Rebecca Peterson are the producers.
3: Golf Company/A Blow to the Brain/The Birdmen
Oct 11, 2009
GOLF COMPANY - Scott Pelley spends time with a U.S. Marine company in Helmand Province, sent there as part of President Obama's troop buildup in Afghanistan. Henry Schuster is the producer. A BLOW TO THE BRAIN - New studies show that athletes, especially professional football players, who suffered many blows to the head, became brain damaged. Bob Simon reports. Catherine Olian and Michael Radutzky are the producers. THE BIRDMEN - In the latest craze that has killed several extreme adventurers, men don wing suits, jump off mountain tops and glide at speeds of 140 miles per hour. Steve Kroft reports. Tom Anderson is the producer.
4: H1N1/The Kanzius Machine/Drew Barrymore
Oct 18, 2009
H1N1 - Scott Pelley reports on the H1N1 flu - which is increasingly targeting young, healthy people - and how the government plans to fight the flu pandemic. Michael Radutzky, David Gelber and Sam Hornblower are the producers. THE KANZIUS MACHINE - John Kanzius fought his leukemia head on, inventing a machine that may someday offer effective treatment for cancers without the debilitating side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. Lesley Stahl reports. Tanya Simon is the producer. DREW BARRYMORE - The remarkable former child star, actress and now director is profiled by CNN's Anderson Cooper. John Hamlin is the producer.
5: 60 Billion Dollar Fraud/Fight for a Cure/Tyler Perry
Oct 25, 2009
$60 BILLION FRAUD - Medicare and Medicaid fraudsters are cheating U.S. taxpayers out of an estimated $90 billion a year using a billing scam that is surprisingly easy to execute. Steve Kroft investigates. Ira Rosen and Joel Bach are the producers. FIGHTING FOR A CURE - More Americans are suffering from epilepsy than Parkinson's, cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis combined. Katie Couric reports on a disease that may not be getting the attention it deserves. Kyra Darnton is the producer. TYLER PERRY - When Hollywood refused to produce his films his way, Tyler Perry started his own studio in Atlanta and now his movies - including the popular "Madea" series - are drawing huge audiences. Byron Pitts profiles the new and unlikely movie mogul. Ruth Streeter is the producer.
6: H1N1 Vaccine/Yakuza/The Movie Pirates
Nov 1, 2009
H1N1 VACCINE - Scott Pelley reports on the manufacture, distribution and safety of the H1N1 flu vaccine. David Gelber, Michael Radutzky and Sam Hornblower are the producers. YAKUZA - How does a foreigner jump the line in America for a life-saving liver transplant? It might be because he is a high-ranking member of Japan's mafia, known as the Yakuza, whose criminal influence is worldwide. Lara Logan reports. Howard L. Rosenberg is the producer. THE MOVIE PIRATES - They are the bane of Hollywood: criminals who copy films - sometimes before the movies even reach the theater - and distribute them illegally on the Internet, costing Hollywood billions in lost revenue. Lesley Stahl reports. Tom Anderson is the producer.
7: Cyber War/Andre Agassi
Nov 8, 2009
CYBER WAR - Could foreign hackers get into the computer systems that run crucial elements of the world's infrastructure, such as the power grids, water works or even a nation's military arsenal, to create havoc? They already have. Steve Kroft reports. Graham Messick is the producer. ANDRE AGASSI - Katie Couric interviews the tennis champion about his drug use, the depression that made him use methamphetamine and other aspects of his personal life and tennis career in his first interview about his upcoming book. Harry Radliffe and Magalie Laguerre-Wilkinson are the producers.
8: The Deadliest Weapon/B-Rex/Resurrecting Eden
Nov 15, 2009
THE DEADLIEST WEAPON - Byron Pitts and 60 MINUTES cameras spend two days on the road with a bomb-hunting unit in Afghanistan as they encounter one deadly bomb after another. Tom Anderson is the producer. B-REX - Lesley Stahl meets the inspiration for the lead character in the classic film Jurassic Park and reports on how famed dinosaur hunter Jack Horner is shaking up the paleontology world. Shari Finkelstein and Meghan Frank are the producers. RESURRECTING EDEN - In Southern Iraq where many biblical scholars place the Garden of Eden, Scott Pelley finds a water world where the "Marsh Arabs" are making a comeback after Saddam nearly destroyed the "cradle of civilization." Jenny Dubin is the producer.
9: The Cost of Dying / Witness / Cameron's Avatar
Nov 22, 2009
THE COST OF DYING - Many Americans spend their last days in an intensive care unit, subjected to uncomfortable machines or surgeries to prolong their lives at enormous cost. Steve Kroft reports Andy Court is the producer. Watch a preview WITNESS - Recently freed after four months of interrogation and torture at the hands of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Newsweek reporter Maziar Bahari tells his story to Bob Simon and writes about his ordeal in the next issue of Newsweek. Michael Gavshon and Drew Magratten are the producers. Watch a preview CAMERON'S AVATAR - Morley Safer gets the first broadcast look at how "Titanic" director James Cameron created his $400 million 3D fantasy "Avatar." David Browning is the producer. Watch a preview
10: Congo's Gold War / Robert Ballard
Nov 29, 2009
CONGO GOLD - Five million people have died in the Democratic Republic of Congo in a war fueled primarily from gold mined in the country by warlords and smuggled out to be sold on the open market. Scott Pelley reports. Solly Granatstein and Nicole Young are the producers. THE GREAT EXPLORER - Robert Ballard discovered the Titanic, the Bismarck and the PT 109 and now 60 MINUTES cameras are there for his latest discovery, 1,500 feet down in the Aegean Sea off Turkey. Lara Logan reports. Max McClellan is the producer. THIS IS A DOUBLE-LENGTH SEGMENT.
11: The Zone/Personal Foul
Dec 6, 2009
THE ZONE - Geoffrey Canada's remarkable experiment in inner-city education, the Harlem Children's Zone, has helped put historically low-achieving students in New York City on academic par with their grammar-school peers. CNN's Anderson Cooper reports. Tanya Simon is the producer. PERSONAL FOUL - Disgraced ex-NBA referee Tim Donaghy speaks for the first time about betting on pro basketball games, his Mafia involvement and subsequent prison term. Bob Simon reports. Robert Anderson is the producer. (This is a double-length segment.)
12: President Obama/Growing Body Parts/Ricky Gervais
Dec 13, 2009
PRESIDENT OBAMA - In his first extensive interview since his speech announcing his troop build-up in Afghanistan, President Obama talks about his plans for Afghanistan and Pakistan, the economy and the creation of jobs and reacts to the breach in security at last week's White House state dinner. Steve Kroft reports. Michael Radutzky and Frank Devine are the producers. GROWING BODY PARTS - Morley Safer reports on the emerging technology of growing body parts from human cells taken directly from patients, providing new hope for amputees and patients on organ-transplant lists. Katy Textor is the producer. RICKY GERVAIS - Lesley Stahl profiles the man who created the hit television program "The Office," which has opened other doors to the stage and screen for the British comedian. Richard Buddenhagen is the producer.
14: California Water Drought/Oust al Qaeda/The Birdmen
Dec 27, 2009
RUNNING DRY - A three-year drought in California is bringing a decades-long fight over water to a head, forcing tough choices. Lesley Stahl reports. OUT OF THE SHADOWS - Henry Crumpton, the ex-CIA operative who secretly ran the war against terror in Afghanistan after 9/11, describes using local might to oust al Qaeda and their Taliban hosts - a strategy he says is needed in Pakistan now, where terrorist leaders are hiding. Lara Logan reports. BIRDMEN - In the latest craze that has killed several extreme sports enthusiasts, men don wing-suits, jump off mountaintops and glide down at speeds approaching 140 miles per hour. Steve Kroft reports.
15: A Crack In The Swiss Vault/Delay, Deny And Hope That I Die/The Secret Language Of Elephants
Jan 3, 2010
A CRACK IN THE SWISS VAULT - Swiss bank accounts offered people, including American tax cheats, a safe place to hide money. But Switzerland’s largest bank has given authorities formerly sacrosanct information on its American customers because of tips provided by whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeld, who tells Steve Kroft the secrets Swiss bankers never tell. Andy Court and Keith Sharman are the producers. "DELAY, DENY AND HOPE THAT I DIE" - Two wars and a recession have significantly increased the claims handled by the U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs, slowing the large bureaucracy and frustrating many veterans. Byron Pitts reports. David Schneider is the producer. THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF ELEPHANTS - Researchers listening to elephant sounds and observing their behavior are compiling an elephant dictionary. Bob Simon goes to Central Africa to listen to the language of the forest elephants first hand. Harry Radliffe is the producer.
16: Watching The Border/Revelations From The Campaign/Resurrecting The Extinct
Jan 10, 2010
WATCHING THE BORDER - Steve Kroft reports on the status of the multi-billion-dollar "virtual fence" being built at the U.S.-Mexican border, which is years behind schedule and so far covers only about one percent of the border. Keith Sharman is the producer. REVELATIONS FROM THE CAMPAIGN - Authors of a new book, "Game Change," and John McCain's former top campaign strategist reveal behind-the-scenes issues from the Republican and Democratic camps during the presidential campaign. CNN's Anderson Cooper reports. Robert Anderson is the producer. RESURRECTING THE EXTINCT - Scientists believe they can sustain endangered species - maybe even one day resurrect some that have died out - using DNA technology. Lesley Stahl reports. Shari Finkelstein and Meghan Frank are the producers.
17: Haiti/Football Island/Penelope Cruz
Jan 17, 2010
HAITI - News from Haiti as Correspondent Byron Pitts reports on the efforts of the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division to help rescue, feed and protect the citizens of the earthquake decimated country. FOOTBALL ISLAND - 60 MINUTES goes to American Samoa to find out how a territory with a population less than the capacity of a pro-football stadium sends more players to the NFL than any similarly populated place in America. Scott Pelley reports. Peter Radovich is the producer. PENELOPE CRUZ - In a rare interview, the Spanish starlet opens up about her life, career and childhood. Charlie Rose reports. Ruth Streeter is the producer.
18: The Quiet Professionals/White Hot/Beyonce
Jan 31, 2010
THE QUIET PROFESSIONALS - In a rare chance to show America's elite Special Forces up close, 60 MINUTES spent over two months with a Green Beret unit as they trained a group of Afghan soldiers and then went into battle with them against the Taliban. Lara Logan reports. Jeff Newton is the producer. WHITE HOT - U.S. Snowboarder Shaun White, who took home the gold at the last Winter Olympics, is still the guy to beat as he shows Bob Simon some of the tricks he'll use next month in Vancouver. Tanya Simon and Andrew Metz are the producers. BEYONCE - Steve Kroft profiles the superstar singer on the road and backstage where she explains what makes her one of the world's most successful entertainers. John Hamlin is the producer.
19: Made In America/Davos/Pigeon Fever
Feb 14, 2010
MADE IN THE USA - Could crucial parts of the equipment Iran is using in its uranium enrichment facility have come from the U.S.? American law enforcement authorities say sensitive devices and electronics that could be used in weapons of mass destruction are being smuggled into Iran. Lesley Stahl reports. Shachar Bar-On and Meghan Frank are the producers. DAVOS- Nowhere in the world can such a concentration of power be found than at the World Economic Forum's meeting in Davos, Switzerland, where the world's most powerful and influential people gather yearly to try to solve the world's most pressing problems. Scott Pelley reports. Michael Karzis is the producer. PIGEON FEVER - It's been just over a year since Bernard Madoff's multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme fell apart. But, as Morley Safer reports, despite all the news about the Madoff scandal, similar Ponzi scams are still thriving. David Browning and Diane Beasley are the producers.
20: Blackwater 61/Bloom Box/Ground Zero
Feb 21, 2010
BLACKWATER 61 - "Blackwater 61" is the call sign of a plane flown by the embattled government contractor Blackwater that crashed into a mountain in Afghanistan killing all onboard. The widow of one of the soldiers killed - a pilot herself - says the firm was negligent in the way it operated the flight. Steve Kroft reports. Draggan Mihailovich is the producer. THE BLOOM BOX - Large corporations in California have been secretly testing a new device that can generate power on the spot, without being connected to the electric grid. They're saying it's efficient, clean, and saves them money. Will we have one in every home someday? Lesley Stahl reports. Shachar Bar-On is the producer. GROUND ZERO - It's been eight years since the attack on the World Trade Center and billions of dollars have been spent, yet none of the promised buildings and memorial has been completed in what its developer calls "a national disgrace." Scott Pelley reports. Shawn Efran and Catherine Herrick are the producers.
21: Stealing America's Secrets/Battle Over History/Kathryn Bigelow
Feb 28, 2010
STEALING AMERICA'S SECRETS -- 60 MINUTES has obtained an FBI videotape showing a Defense Department employee selling secrets to a Chinese spy that offers a rare glimpse into the secretive world of espionage and illustrates how China's spying may pose the biggest espionage threat to the U.S. Scott Pelley reports. Henry Schuster is the producer. BATTLE OVER HISTORY - Bob Simon reports on what the Armenians call their holocaust - the 1915 forced deportation and massacre of more than a million ethnic Armenians by the Turks - an event that the Turks and our own government have refused to call genocide. Michael Gavshon and Drew Magratten are the producers. KATHRYN BIGELOW - Lesley Stahl talks to Academy Award best-director nominee Kathryn Bigelow about her award-winning film, "The Hurt Locker." If she's chosen, she would be the first woman ever to win in that category. Tom Anderson is the producer.
22: Inside The Collapse/Derek
Mar 14, 2010
INSIDE THE COLLAPSE - Former trader-turned author Michael Lewis writes about a handful of Wall Street outsiders who realized the subprime mortgage business was a house of cards and found a way to make millions betting against it. He also talks about the current situation on Wall Street, the large bonuses still being paid and his predictions for the future of the industry. Steve Kroft reports. Frank Devine and Jennifer MacDonald are the producers. THIS IS A DOUBLE LENGTH SEGMENT. DEREK - Lesley Stahl profiles British musical savant Derek Paravicini, whose computer-like memory for music is matched by his creative abilities to play it in any style. Shari Finkelstein is the producer.
24: The Case Against Nada Prouty/The Russian Is Coming/The Sharkman
Mar 28, 2010
THE CASE AGAINST NADA PROUTY - Former FBI and CIA terrorism fighter Nada Prouty was herself accused of aiding terrorism, but in her first interview, she denies she was anything other than a patriot. Scott Pelley investigates her case. Graham Messick is the producer. THE RUSSIAN IS COMING - Mikhail Prokhorov, perhaps Russia's richest man, discusses his planned purchase of the N.J. Nets basketball team, his vast wealth and the surprisingly unusual way he made most of his money in his first American television interview. Steve Kroft reports. Robert Anderson is the producer. THE SHARKMAN - Anderson Cooper dives unprotected with great white sharks and the South African who's spent more time up close with the ocean's most feared predator than anyone else. Michael Gavshon and Paul Bellinger are the producers.
25: Who Owns Your Genes?; Death Sentences Survived; Smokeless Cigarettes
Apr 4, 2010
Smokeless Cigarettes Morley Safer with Lori Andrews, professor of law who insists your genes are yours alone. Another lawyer who happens to be a molecular biologist insists that biotech gene patents are just beginning. Big companies profiting from the genetics of others? That's just one layer of 'wrong' explored in this story along with reasons why this might be the future in a good way. In our next story, Ugandan's given death sentences due to rampant HIV and AIDS in a country where the vast majority of people couldn't afford or gain access to necessary medications are now finding hope. Bob Simon reports on the American program helping to alter tragic outcomes. Also tonight, Leslie Stahl in a hard look at how tobacco companies are trying to stay afloat as more and more people wise up and quit while fewer start smoking to begin with. Are the new smokeless products safer alternatives or just another way to deliver new addicts to the companies that count on new customers replacing those lost to death and disease.
26: Gotti Family Member; Meet the New Missing Link
Apr 11, 2010
In our first story, a double-length report, Steve Kroft with John Gotti, Jr., son of big time, well known mobster, John Gotti. Known as "Dapper Don" as well as other appropriate names, his son strived for his approval by following in his footsteps. Now, with Gotti Sr. in prison, his son sits with Steve Kroft and exposes some of the secret dynamics of the Mafioso. Also tonight, a 60 Minutes exclusive with the two people in South Africa who made what could be the biggest archeological discovery to date. A new link in human evolution, found by Lee Berger and his son Matthew, this is the most complete set of remains found. Bob Simon reports. And let's not forget Andy Rooney tonight, on time.
27: Con men who promise cures to dying victims; actor Al Pacino discusses his career and upcoming roles.
Apr 18, 2010
Scott Pelley investigates medical con artists who prey on dying patients by using the promise of stem cells to cure almost any disease. Also: Katie Couric interviews Al Pacino.
31: Conan O'Brien, The All American Canal,, Chef Jose Andres
May 2, 2010
Late-night television comedian Conan O'Brien appears in his first interview since having to give back his spot on the "Tonight Show" to Jay Leno. Steve Kroft reports. The most dangerous body of water in the U.S. is a deep canal on the Mexican border with California where over 550 people, mostly illegal immigrants, have drowned. Scott Pelley reports. Pioneering Chef Jose Andres takes Anderson Cooper's taste buds on a savory tour of his culinary laboratory, featuring his avant-garde cooking technique, molecular gastronomy.
32: Homegrown terror, Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, people walking out on their mortgages
May 9, 2010
Steve Kroft reports on homegrown terror; Plus, Scott Pelley travels withSteve Kroft reports on homegrown terror; Plus, Scott Pelley travels with Sec. of State Hillary Clinton; Also, Morley Safer on people walking out on their mortgages, even though they can afford to pay.; Also, Morley Safer on people walking out on their mortgages, even though they can afford to pay.
33: Deepwater Horizon disaster, Conductor Gustavo Dudamel
May 16, 2010
On tonight's edition of "60 Minutes", Scott Pelley investigates the Deepwater Horizon disaster, Bob Simon catches up with Conductor Gustavo Dudamel, and Andy Rooney on gambling.
34: Are They Safe?/The Seed School/Marty's Big Idea
May 23, 2010
"Are They Safe?" investigates the danger posed by phthalates a set of chemical compounds that are found in many plastics. "The Seed School" examines a successful inner city public boarding school. "Marty's Big Idea" interviews the inventor of the cell phone. "Andy Rooney" talks about advice from his doctor.
35: The Deadliest Weapon/Resurrecting the Extinct/Vogue, Anna Wintour
May 30, 2010
"The Deadliest Weapon" rebroadcasts a segment on a group of soldiers in Afghanistan who look for roadside bombs. "Resurrecting the Extinct" rebroadcasts a discussion with scientists who are trying to recreate extinct animals. "Vogue, Anna Wintour" rebroadcasts a profile of the Vogue editor. "Andy Rooney" talks about Memorial Day and remembering fallen soldiers.
36: The Swindler/The Case Against Nada Prouty/The Sharkman
Jun 6, 2010
"The Swindler" rebroadcasts a segment on a Ponzi scheme run by Marc Dreier. "The Case Against Nada Prouty" rebroadcasts an investigation into a former agent from the FBI and CIA who is accused to consorting with terrorists. "The Sharkman" rebroadcasts a profile on shark expert Mike Rutzen. "Andy Rooney" talks about newspaper comics.
37: Sabotaging the System/The Great Explorer
Jun 13, 2010
"Sabotaging the System" rebroadcasts an investigation into how easily foreign hackers could create havoc by breaking into computer systems controlling the world infrastructure. "The Great Explorer" rebroadcasts a profile of the famous famous underwater explorer Robert Ballard.
38: Assault on Pelindaba/The Liquidator/A Living for the Dead
Jun 20, 2010
"Assault on Pelindaba" rebroadcasts a segment on an attack at a South African nuclear research center. "The Liquidator" rebroadcasts a segment on the men in charge of undoing some of the damage from Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme. "A Living for the Dead" rebroadcasts a segment on the business of marketing dead celebrities. "Andy Rooney" talks about the U.S. citizenship test.
39: Blackwater 61/Fight for a Cure/Cameron's Avatar
Jun 27, 2010
"Blackwater 61" rebroadcasts an investigation into the crash of an airline run by a U.S. military contractor. "Fight for a Cure" rebroadcasts a segment on David Axelrod and his family's fight against epilepsy. "Cameron's Avatar" rebroadcasts a segment on the science fiction movie. "Andy Rooney" responds to viewer mail about his comments on the post office.
40: Into the Wild: The Great Migration/The Secret Language of Elephants/B-Rex
Jul 4, 2010
"The Great Migration" rebroadcasts a looks at a massive animal migration in East Africa. "The Secret Language of Elephants" rebroadcasts a segment on scientists who are trying to understand Elephant speech. "B-Rex" rebroadcasts a profile of a paleontologist who is interested in recreating dinosaurs.
41: The Lost Children of Haiti/Kathryn Bigelow/White Hot
Jul 11, 2010
"The Lost Children of Haiti" rebroadcasts a visit to the Caribbean country to see how children are managing in the weeks since the earthquake. "Kathryn Bigelow" rebroadcasts a profile of the Academy Award winning director. "White Hot" rebroadcasts a profile of Olympic snowboarder Shaun White. "Andy Rooney" talks about old papers he has kept.
42: Golf Company/Penelope Cruz/Guiding Light
Jul 18, 2010
"Golf Company" rebroadcasts a segment on visits G Company in Afghanistan and the strategy of separating enemy combatants from civilians. "Penelope Cruz" rebroadcasts a profile of the Spanish actress. "Guiding Light" rebroadcasts a segment on the famous long-running soap opera which is ending its run. "Andy Rooney" talks about kitchen gadgets.
43: The Narrative, Growing body parts, Tyler Perry
Jul 25, 2010
"The Narrative" rebroadcasts a segment on an ideology that is used to promote anti-Western sentiment. "Growing Body Parts" rebroadcasts a discussion with scientists who are developing techniques to regrow parts of the body. "Tyler Perry" rebroadcasts a profile of the famous filmmaker. "Andy Rooney" talks about excessive desire.
44: Out of the Shadows/Discovery/Derek
Aug 1, 2010
"Out of the Shadows" rebroadcasts a segment on CIA agent Hank Crumpton who is working against the Taliban. "Discovery" rebroadcasts a segment on the discovery of a new human ancestor in South Africa. "Derek" rebroadcasts a revisit to a blind musical savant. "Andy Rooney" talks about newspapers.
45: The Cost of Dying/The Patriarch/Chef Jose Andres
Aug 8, 2010
"The Cost of Dying" rebroadcasts a segment on the enormous costs associated with end of life care. "The Patriarch" rebroadcasts a profile on the head of the Eastern Orthodox Church. "Chef Jose Andres" rebroadcasts a profile of the world famous chef.
46: A Crack in the Swiss Vault/130 Million Tons of Waste/Pacino
Aug 15, 2010
"A Crack in the Swiss Vault" rebroadcasts an examination of how Swiss banks help people secretly conceal wealth overseas. "130 Million Tons of Waste" rebroadcasts a segment on the dangers of coal ash. "Pacino" rebroadcasts a profile of the famous actor. "Andy Rooney" talks about specialization in medicine.
47: The Blowout/The Russian Is Coming
Aug 22, 2010
"The Blowout" rebroadcasts a segment on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster. "The Russian is Coming" rebroadcasts a profile of Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov who is trying to buy an NBA team. "Andy Rooney" talks about Christmas, games, and the election.
48: Stealing America's Secrets/The Bloom Box/The Birdmen
Aug 29, 2010
"Stealing America's Secrets" rebroadcasts a segment examining how an American intelligence analyst gave secrets to China. "The Bloom Box" rebroadcasts a look at an invention that could revolutionize energy delivery. "The Birdmen" rebroadcasts a look at a winged sky-diving suit. "Andy Rooney" talks about being an average American.
49: 60 Billion Dollar Fraud/The Seed School/Doubles
Sep 5, 2010
"60 Billion Dollar Fraud" rebroadcasts a segment on government agents fighting Medicare Fraud. "The Seed School" rebroadcasts a segment on a successful inner city public boarding school. "Doubles" rebroadcasts a look at twins who are playing doubles tennis.
50: 21st Century Snake Oil/Beyonce
Sep 12, 2010
"21st Century Snake Oil" rebroadcasts an investigation into a medical conman who is attempting to profit by offering miracle cures involving stem cells. "Beyonce" rebroadcasts a profile of the famous singer. "Andy Rooney" talks about sleeping and the economy.
51: The Swindler/White House Diary: Jimmy Carter/Football Island
Sep 19, 2010
"The Swindler" rebroadcasts a segment on a Ponzi scheme run by Marc Dreier. "White House Diary: Jimmy Carter" interviews the former president about his new book. "Football Island" rebroadcasts a segment on how American Samoa has become a breeding ground for top football talent.
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