42 EPISODES • 2011
Season 0 of Glee was released on August 12 and consists of 42 episodes.

Season -1


1: Glee: The 3D Concert Movie
Aug 12, 2011
A concert documentary shot during the Glee Live! In Concert! summer 2011 tour, featuring song performances and Glee fans' life stories and how the show influenced them.
2: Glee: Encore
Sep 19, 2011
Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to Gleek Out! This is a full-length feature of Season One’s most sensational musical numbers – back to back so the party never has to end! All your favorites are here, including Queen’s “Somebody To Love, Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” and Madonna’s “Express Yourself!”
3: The Making Of The Rocky Horror Glee Show
A behind the scenes look at Season 2's 'The Rocky Horror Glee Show'.
4: Building Glee's Auditorium
A look behind the scenes at McKinley High School Auditorium set with Cory Monteith.
5: A Day In The Life Of Brittany
6: Shooting Glee In New York City
7: Guesting On Glee
8: Stevie Nicks Goes Glee
9: Sue's Quips
Season 2's filling of Sue Sylvester.
10: Glee At Comic-Con 2010
Glee cast and crew interview panel at Comic-Con 2010.
11: Ginger Supremacists (Extended Scene)
12: Glee Under The Stars
Season 2 kick off party at Santa Monica High School.
13: Ask Sue: World Domination Blog
Sue Sylvester answers fan letters.
14: Glee Swap
15: Meet The Newbies
Introducing the new cast members of Glee Season 3.
16: Saying Goodbye
A behind the scenes look with some of the cast graduating McKinley High at the end of Season 3.
17: Welcome to McKinley!
18: Somebody to Love Music Video
Cover of the Queen hit 'Somebody to Love' by the cast of Glee.
19: Fox Movie Channel Presents Casting Session
A look behind the scenes at the casting of Glee.
20: Deconstructing Glee with Ryan Murphy
21: Dance Boot Camp
22: Season 1 Video Diaries
Video diaries from the cast of Glee.
23: Staying in Step with Glee - "Rehab"
A look at the dance routine used in "Rehab", shown during the pilot episode in Season 1.
24: Bite Their Style: Dress Like Your Favourite Gleek
A look at the costumes used in Glee.
25: Unleashing the Power of Madonna
A look at the inspiration behind the Season 1 episode 'The Power of Madonna'.
26: Making of a Showstopper
A look behind making the Bohemian Rhapsody showstopper in the Season 1 finale.
27: Getting Waxed with Jane Lynch
A look at producing the Sue Sylvester wax model at Madame Tussaudes.
28: Santana's Slams
29: Give Note
Glee gives $10,000 to Culver City Middle School to support musical theatre at the school.
30: Behind the Scenes of "Props"
A look behind the scenes of Season 2's "Props" and the challenges of switching characters.
31: Return of Sue's Quips
Season 3's filling of Sue Sylvester.
32: Movin' On Up: Glee in NYC
33: Jarley
Jake (Jacob Artist) and Marly (Melissa Benoist) talk about their auditions, joining the cast of Glee and their relationship.
34: Building New York
Behind the scenes look at building the new sets for New York.
35: Glee on Film
A behind the scenes look at Season 4's 'Girls (and Boys) on Film'.
36: The Road to 500
A look back at producing 500 musical performances.
37: Blaine's Time Capsule
38: Glee Premier Party!
The Season 4 premier of Glee!
39: GLEEful: Celebrating 100 Episodes of Glee
The cast talk about hitting 100 episodes of Glee and about the 100th episode '100'.
40: Glee in the City
41: The Final Curtain
A look behind the final episode of Glee.
42: Looking Back Video Yearbook
The cast and crew of Glee reminisce on the six seasons of Glee and everything that means to them.
Season 1
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