Season 3
The Muppet Show
18 EPISODES • 1978
Season 3 of The Muppet Show was released on November 17 and consists of 18 episodes.

Season 2


1: Raquel Welch
Nov 17, 1978
Fozzie heard that Roy Clark was going to bring Country to the show and sent all of the stagehands out to the country. Matters are complicated even more when a fire breaks out backstage and Fozzie tries to keep it a secret from Kermit.
2: Alice Cooper
Nov 24, 1978
Miss Piggy becomes increasingly jealous as Kermit appears to give a young pig performer attention.
3: Helen Reddy
Dec 1, 1978
Sketches/Songs: ""Staying Alive"", ""How Can You Be"", Fozzie's dance number, ""Muppet Newsflash"", ""Beethoven's Sonata No.8, Opus 13"", ""You and Me Against the World"", ""Veterinarian's Hospital"", ""Tie Me Kangaroo Down"", ""We'll Sing in the Sunshine""
4: James Coco
Dec 8, 1978
Sketches/Songs: ""Octopus's Garden"", ""The Medium"", ""Eight Little Notes"", ""Swedish Chef"", ""Catch a Falling Star"", ""Veterinarian's Hospital"", ""Short People""
5: Marisa Berenson
Dec 15, 1978
Sketches/Songs: ""Russian Pig Dance"", ""Dance"", ""Muppet Sports"", ""Someone to Watch Over Me"", ""Do-Re-Mi"", ""Our House"", ""The Wedding""
6: Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge
Dec 22, 1978
Sketches/Songs: ""Help Me Make It Through the Night"", Gonzo's Act, ""Muppet Labs"", ""My Wild Irish Rose"", ""Muppet Newsflash"", ""We're All Alone"", ""A Frog He Would a Wooing Go"", ""New York State of Mind"", ""An Actor's Life For Me"", ""A Song I'd Like To Sing""
7: Danny Kaye
Dec 25, 1978
Sketches/Songs: "Aquarius," "Lunchtime," "Cheek to Cheek," "Jogging," "Swedish Chef," "The Flying Zucchini Brothers," "The Municipal Vermin Abatement Code," "Inchworm"
8: Cheryl Ladd
Dec 29, 1978
Sketches/Songs: ""True Love"", ""South Rampart Street Parade"", ""Pigs In Space"", ""There's a New Sound"", ""I Enjoy Being a Girl"", Gonzo's Act, ""Sunshine on my Shoulder""
9: Harry Belafonte
Jan 5, 1979
Sketches/Songs: ""Day-O"", ""Tea For Two"", ""Pigs In Space"", ""Honeysuckle Rose"", Animal and Harry play the drums, ""Muppet Sports"", ""Turn the World Around""
10: Lesley Ann Warren
Jan 12, 1979
Sketches/Songs: Gonzo's first motorcycle jump, ""Beauty and the Beast"", ""Pigs In Space"", ""Mack the Knife"", ""Just the Way You Are"", Gonzo's second motorcycle jump, ""Last Dance""
11: Liberace
Jan 19, 1979
Sketches/Songs: ""Never on Sunday"", ""Swedish Chef"", ""Veterinarian's Hospital"", ""Muppet Newsflash"", ""She Wants to Sing in Opera"", ""Liberace bird concert""
12: Leslie Uggams
Jan 26, 1979
Sketches/Songs: ""Hey There, Good Times"", ""Muppet Labs"", ""Here You Come Again"", ""Mad About the Frog"", ""Bear on Patrol"", ""Vendawish"", ""Camilla"", ""Love Will Keep Us Together""
13: Elke Sommer
Feb 2, 1979
Sketches/Songs: ""Pennsylvania 6-5000"", ""Animal Crackers"", ""Pigs In Space"", ""Tuxedo Junction"", ""Pigs In Space"", ""Muppet Sports"", ""Row, Row, Row""
14: Sylvester Stallone
Feb 9, 1979
Sketches/Songs: ""Hawaiian War Chant"", ""Let's Call the Whole Thing Off"", ""Lady Be Good"", ""The William Tell Overture"", ""Veterinarian's Hospital"", Fozzie's Act, ""Bird in a Gilded Cage""
15: Roger Miller
Feb 16, 1979
Song: Penguins in Mayflower: ""Alabama Bound"" Cluckitis (best running gag they ever had IMHO) Roger sings with watermelons Bear on Patrol: assaulting an officer Song: Roger: ""A Hat Like That"" Rowlf Vet's Hospital Song: Roger: ""Whack-a-Doo"" Song: ""Dang Me"".
16: Roy Rogers & Dale Evans
Feb 23, 1979
Sketches/Songs: ""Blue Skies"", ""Skyball Paint"", ""Muppet Sports"", ""Deep in the Heart of Texas"", ""A Four Legged Friend"", ""Bear on Patrol"", Cowboy and Skyball sketch, ""Medley""
17: Spike Milligan
Mar 2, 1979
Sketches/Songs: ""Oklahoma"", ""An Editorial by Sam The Eagle"", ""The Music of Scotland"", ""Muppet Newsflash"", ""Dog Walk"", ""America"", ""The Intergalactic Brotherhood of Man, Including Things"", ""It's a Small World""
18: Lynn Redgrave
Mar 9, 1979
The Muppets perform the classic tale of Robin Hood.
Season 4
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