Season 1
Pablo Escobar: The Drug Lord
113 EPISODES • 2012
Season 1 of Pablo Escobar: The Drug Lord was released on May 28 and consists of 113 episodes.


1: Enelia gives her first advice to Pablo
May 28, 2012
After Pablo Escobar's behavior, Enelia begins to give him her first advice without knowing that her son would take it very seriously. She relives the first chapter of this production.
2: Pablo begins to play with candela
May 29, 2012
Escobar starts his first dirty deals, however, in one of his illicit activities, he is surprised when he is recognized by Don Aldemar.
3: Pablo Escobar escapes from jail
May 30, 2012
Pablo and Gonzalo's ambition leads them to embark on new and dangerous businesses; shortly after he is captured and later escapes from jail. See another chapter of this story.
4: Pablo surrenders to the authorities
May 31, 2012
After escaping from jail, Escobar heeds his mother's advice and surrenders to the authorities, but by moving influences he manages to get out very quickly.
5: Pablo and Gonzalo inaugurate the 'Napoles' farm
Jun 1, 2012
After negotiating the land, Escobar and his cousin buy a farm, which will become a zoo, to which they will bring exotic animals never seen before in Colombia.
6: A new armed force is born
Jun 4, 2012
The Motoas' daughter is kidnapped and this generates a great stir within all the drug traffickers who decide to join together at Escobar's suggestion.
7: Pablo Escobar has his first encounter with politics
Jun 5, 2012
In an impressive celebration with all his partners, the boss is tempted to enter politics by a leader of the region.
8: Pablo Escobar wants to be a member of the Congress of the republic
Jun 6, 2012
After receiving the proposal from Javier Ortiz, Escobar gets it into his head to achieve political power in the honorable Congress of the Republic of Colombia. Will his family agree?
9: Paty almost discovered Pablo's adventures
Jun 7, 2012
Escobar's wife arrives at Hacienda Napoles as a surprise while he is having fun with some dancers. However, this man's cunning will prevent her from discovering the truth.
10: Escobar makes his foray into politics easier
Jun 8, 2012
Little by little Pablo Escobar begins to have greater visibility among voters without much effort and his passage to politics is easier. However, things could be complicated for him because there are those who do not believe in him.
11: Regina Parejo appears in the life of Pablo Escobar
Jun 12, 2012
In the middle of a celebration at his hacienda, a very elegant and beautiful journalist appears in Escobar's life, becoming the special guest of his meeting.
12: Escobar is elected as 'honorable' representative to the House
Jun 13, 2012
Pablo Escobar becomes a new parliamentarian of the Republic of Colombia, while Luis Carlos Galán gains strength with his independent party despite having lost the presidential elections.
13: Escobar seeks to be the 'Creole Robin Hood'
Jun 14, 2012
Due to his actions with the most humble population, Pablo Escobar is recognized as the 'Creole Robin Hood'. For his part, the new Minister of Justice launches strong accusations against drug trafficking.
14: A tough debate puts Rodrigo Lara in check
Jun 15, 2012
Ortiz and Santorini defend theirs and in a tough debate in the Congress of the Republic, one of them puts Rodrigo Lara in check after stating in public that dirty money also entered his campaign for the Senate.
15: Galán asks Lara for an explanation
Jun 19, 2012
Luis Carlos Galán asks the Minister of Justice to give him his version of the supposed recording that exists of his conversation with a drug trafficker and about "hot money" that would have entered his campaign for the Senate.
16: The Minister surprises the country with his statements
Jun 20, 2012
Rodrigo Lara surprises the country by assuring in public that the one behind the set-up against him is Pablo Emilio Escobar. His family fears for his life.
17: The Police dismantles Tranquilandia
Jun 21, 2012
In a high-risk operation against drug trafficking, the Police managed to dismantle the largest coca-growing center in the country. A very strong blow for the capos de capos.
18: Pablo Escobar undertakes his revenge
Jun 22, 2012
Burdened by the recent events that accuse him, 'the master of evil' undertakes his revenge against those who have uncovered his 'rotten pot', including the Minister.
19: Attack ends the life of Rodrigo Lara
Jun 25, 2012
The Minister of Justice loses his life in his fight against drug trafficking. The order issued by Pablo Escobar is finally fulfilled. Relive this chapter.
20: The assassination of Lara causes a commotion in the country
Jun 26, 2012
The death of the Minister of Justice shocks an entire country, the authorities are deployed in search of those involved in the crime, who try to flee.
21: In the footsteps of criminals
Jun 27, 2012
Despite the pressure, Byron refuses to reveal the name of the person who gave him the order to assassinate Rodrigo Lara. However, the Police collect the necessary clues to reach the lair of 'El chili' and 'El topo', who manage to flee.
22: Pablo and Gonzalo arrive in Panama
Jun 28, 2012
Pablo Escobar and Gonzalo Gaviria, fugitives from Colombian justice, arrive by boat to the neighboring country. There they meet Paty and her accomplices.
23: Escobar doesn't get away with it
Jun 29, 2012
Pablo Escobar meets with the former president of Colombia to inform the Government of his intention to 'negotiate'. However, public opinion leaks the information and the alleged agreement falls.
24: In search of 'protection' and allies
Jul 3, 2012
Pablo Escobar's evil has no limits, he has reached the point of making contacts with the authorities in Colombia to protect his organization and continue to commit crimes without fear.
25: Escobar's own men begin to betray him
Jul 4, 2012
After being intercepted by the DEA, Harry Beal, the pilot who works for Pablo Escobar's organization, spies and obtains the evidence that the authorities are asking for to expose his employer.
26: Prueba reina definiría la extradición
Jul 5, 2012
The United States Government gathers the evidence to accuse Colombian drug traffickers of having links with the Sandinista authorities, who allow them to distribute the drug from Managua. Pablo Escobar discovers that Harry Beal may have betrayed him.
27: The MR-2O executes the Taking of the Palace of Justice
Jul 6, 2012
After receiving the support of Pablo Escobar, with money and weapons, the guerrilla group broke into the Palace of Justice, unleashing the crisis in the capital.
28: Wave of terror against judges
Jul 9, 2012
The judge in the Rodrigo Lara case is assassinated by hitmen, while Judge Zuluaga, who is handling the Pablo Escobar case, receives death threats. Relive the chapter.
29: The Police, in the footsteps of Herber
Jul 10, 2012
After losing track of Marcos Herber in a first capture attempt, the Police arrive by surprise at the farm where he is hiding.
30: They assassinate Magistrate Zuluaga
Jul 11, 2012
After the repeated threats that Magistrate Zuluaga received for following the case of Pablo Escobar, the men of the 'boss of evil' ended his life.
31: Jiménez protects himself against threats
Jul 12, 2012
The Police Colonel increases the security measures for him and his family, after the threats and the follow-ups by the organization led by Pablo Escobar.
32: They declare the extradition unenforceable
Jul 13, 2012
The Supreme Court of Justice declares unenforceable, due to procedural defects, the extradition of drug traffickers to the United States. The outrage takes those who fight the bandits.
33: The extraditable 'seek a way to be tried in Colombia
Jul 16, 2012
'The extraditable ones' spread their slogan to the public opinion "We prefer a grave in Colombia, to a jail in the United States" and in turn, announce extreme measures against those who support the extradition.
34: En busca de la prueba reina
Jul 17, 2012
Carlos, the correspondent for The Spectator in the Amazon, seeks evidence to demonstrate Crisanto Pérez's ties with Pablo Escobar and thus clear the name of the late Rodrigo Lara. Relive the chapter.
35: They attack the correspondent of El Espectador
Jul 18, 2012
The correspondent of The Spectator in Leticia has been silenced by order of Pablo Escobar. The news surprises Guillermo and Nicky, who must reinforce their security in the face of the wave of terror against the press.
36: Colonel Jiménez is in danger
Jul 19, 2012
The Police Colonel decides to take a break with his family but ends up cornered by Pablo Escobar's men, who are about to end his life.
37: Colonel Jiménez dies
Jul 23, 2012
'El Chili' and 'El Topo', by order of Pablo Escobar, cruelly end the life of Colonel Jiménez. A crime that moves the country, leaves a widow and two fatherless.
38: The country, horrified by the death of Colonel Jiménez
Jul 24, 2012
The death of the Police Colonel causes horror and shock among those who fight every day against drug trafficking. Pablo Escobar's wife is suspicious of him, after the unexpected meeting they organize with the Medellín Cartel.
39: The Police inspect the Hacienda Napoles
Jul 25, 2012
The authorities in search of evidence to find the murderers of Colonel Jiménez, surprise the Hacienda Napoles in the middle of a party of the gangsters. In the stables, where Marcos, 'El Chili' and 'El Topo' are hiding, Gonzalo decides to tell the Mayor about the cove of dollars to distract him.
40: Cano's life is in danger
Jul 26, 2012
Two hitmen on the orders of Pablo Escobar, do intelligence on Guillermo Cano, who comes into the crosshairs of the bandits after the editorials published against the organization of the "boss of evil.
41: Guillermo Cano is assassinated
Jul 27, 2012
The country and journalism dress in mourning; the men who work for Pablo Escobar unscrupulously end the life of the Director of El Espectador Guillermo Cano. New victims are fighting for justice so as not to allow this crime to go in vain.
42: The country mourns the death of Cano
Jul 30, 2012
Although their only weapon was words, the Medellín Cartel responded to Guillermo Cano with bullets. Colombia mourns the death of the journalist who with guts, faced the organization of the 'boss of evil'.
43: The press rejects Cano's murder
Jul 31, 2012
The country's media paralyze their activities in protest and rejection of the murder of the 'dean of journalism' Guillermo Cano. Thousands of people join the 'marches of silence' in Colombia.
44: Escobar's evil crosses borders
Aug 1, 2012
The organization led by Pablo Escobar deals another blow to the Government. The criminals send hitmen to Budapest, where they attempt on the life of former minister Chacón. For his part in Colombia, they capture Crisanto Pérez, a partner of the 'patron of evil'.
45: Escobar wants to assassinate Herber
Aug 2, 2012
Pablo Escobar hires two new hit men to kill Marcos Herber. Kiko and Cain arrive at the man's estate as the promised reinforcements of the 'patron of evil'. On his part, Crisanto Pérez is threatened so that he does not cooperate with justice.
46: Escobar should have Herber alive
Aug 3, 2012
Given the new circumstances, Pablo Escobar gives his partner Marcos Herber a 'second chance' and instead of killing him, he betrays him by reporting him to the Police.
47: Marcos Herber is captured by the Police
Aug 6, 2012
Pablo Escobar betrays his partner Marcos Herber by exposing his location to the Police. The authorities break into the mobster's farm where they capture him and his men. Relive the chapter.
48: Escobar mocks the authorities
Aug 8, 2012
The Police prepare an operation at Pablo Escobar's residence. However, one of his allies in the authorities alerts him to flee immediately with his family.
49: Escobar 'sells' his own men
Aug 9, 2012
Gildardo meets with Pablo to express his intention to settle accounts with Correa and Valencia, for this reason he offers him a large sum of money, so that he can take charge of the situation as he sees fit.
50: Mauricio, very close to discovering Pablo's betrayal
Aug 10, 2012
Marcia looks for a way to find Hernán and with the help of Mauricio, they trace a call that leads them to a farm, where they meet Escobar's henchmen. The man deduces that Paul is after the matter.
51: Escobar delivers a 'false positive' to Pedregal
Aug 13, 2012
'The pattern of evil' gives Colonel Pedregal the body of Pablo Correa so that he can present it to the institution as a casualty. On his side, Caín ends the life of Hernán, for whom they also end up paying the ransom.
52: Escobar announces a new war
Aug 14, 2012
Pablo Escobar meets with the Medellín Cartel to announce his next military target, Mauricio Restrepo, and seek the support of his partners to declare war on the Cali Cartel.
53: Firecrackers explode in Drugs El Rebajón
Aug 15, 2012
The 'Chili', the 'Topo' and the 'Kiko' explode three firecrackers of regular power in some branches of Drogas El Rebajón, by order of Pablo Escobar. The attacks leave multiple injuries, including Gerardo Correa of the Cali Cartel.
54: Pedro Motoa is arrested
Aug 16, 2012
The Medellín Cartel drug trafficker is detained by the authorities while on his way to fulfill a promise to the Señor de los Milagros de Buga. The Government seeks a way to extradite the man. For his part, Gerardo Carrera prepares an attack against Pablo Escobar.
55: The Cali Cartel prepares an attack against Escobar
Aug 17, 2012
Gerardo Carrera of the Cali Cartel, wants to take revenge on Pablo Escobar, therefore, he prepares an attack against the 'boss of evil' and his family. For his part, the Medellín Cartel wants to avoid the extradition of his partner Pedro Motoa.
56: The 'Marino' murders Yesenia
Aug 21, 2012
After the order received by Pablo Escobar, the 'Marino' plans the death of Yesenia. The man dates her in a park, where he can observe her from a distance from her and when she arrives, she is shot from behind her.
57: Motoa is released
Aug 22, 2012
At La Modelo Prison, a group of inmates riot to divert the attention of the Government, while Pedro Motoa is released in La Picota Prison. However, later the State issues arrest warrants for extradition purposes against the most important heads of the Medellín Cartel.
58: They attack Pablo Escobar and his family
Aug 23, 2012
Gerardo Carrera orders his men to park a car bomb against Escobar, in front of the building where his family lives. After the explosion Paty and Emilio in the middle of the chaos help Daniela who was trapped in a very bad state.
59: Escobar does not let his head have a price
Aug 24, 2012
Gerardo Carrera orders his men to park a car bomb against Escobar, in front of the building where his family lives. After the explosion Paty and Emilio in the middle of the chaos help Daniela who was trapped in a very bad state.
60: Andrés Pastrana kidnapped
Aug 27, 2012
Pablo Escobar orders the 'Marino' to kidnap Andrés Pastrana, a fact behind which hides strong pressure for the government to legislate against extradition.
61: Escobar faces Pastrana
Aug 28, 2012
After staying in suspense for several hours, the candidate for Mayor of Bogotá comes face to face with Pablo Escobar. 'The pattern of evil' lets him know that his intentions are to exert strong pressure so that the government legislates against extradition.
62: The war escalates between the State and the drug traffickers
Aug 29, 2012
Carlos Mauro Hoyos, Attorney General of the Nation, suffers an attack in which he ends up kidnapped in Medellín. The governmental apparatus organizes a great deployment to intelligence the Medellín Cartel.
63: Announced the murder of the Attorney General of the Nation
Aug 30, 2012
Pablo Escobar's men make public a serious threat that will sow terror in the country, turning the media into the perfect bridge to replicate the fear and in this case, to announce a new murder, that of Carlos Mauro Hoyos.
64: The anger and jealousy, the worst enemies of Escobar
Aug 31, 2012
For Pablo Escobar, the time has come to give the extradition a political and legal solution; With the help of his allies, he seeks to promote a bill. On her side, Regina will be in trouble from paranoia and jealousy of the 'evil boss'.
65: Pablo Escobar unleashes its wrath
Sep 3, 2012
The candidate proposed by Santorini to become president of the commission that would study the issue of extradition in Congress, loses against Galán; unleashing the wrath of Pablo Escobar. On her side, Regina has to be held accountable to the 'boss of evil'.
66: The 'Mariachi' prepares a sinister plan
Sep 4, 2012
The 'Mariachi' and one of his best men begin to organize a sinister plan. For this mission they hire a man who asks for 500 million pesos. For their part, the Cano brothers, after receiving several threats, decide to leave the country to protect their lives. Relive the chapter.
67: New victims of the terror of Pablo Escobar
Sep 5, 2012
A car bomb that was directed against Colonel Quintana, by mistake of 'Marino' and 'Caín', ends the life of the Governor of Antioquia, Antonio Roldán. On his part, Luis Carlos Galán receives new threats, this time they ask him to abandon his candidacy for the Presidency. Relive the chapter.
68: Colonel Quintana has no output
Sep 6, 2012
All of Pablo Escobar's hitmen unite with a single objective, to assassinate Colonel Quintana. The 'boss of evil' is not willing to accept any more mistakes. Relive the chapter
69: Colonel Quintana is killed
Sep 7, 2012
Escobar's order was very clear and his men carried out his words to the letter, causing a sea of pain to family, friends and colleagues of Colonel Quintana. Now Galán is increasingly in the sights of the organization.
70: Despite the warnings, decides to go to Soacha Galan
Sep 10, 2012
Galán reviews his agenda and sees an assembly in Soacha, although he hesitates to go, without further hesitation he begins to prepare his speech for the event. Despite the warnings from his wife, he decides to attend because she assures that it is his duty and his commitment to the people.
71: The crime that the country reacted
Sep 12, 2012
The best hope of the country to stop the corruption of the political sectors and drug trafficking, falls in full public demonstration, victim of the Medellín Cartel. Luis Carlos Galán leaves an indelible mark on the history of Colombia.
72: The country is shocked with the loss of this brave
Sep 13, 2012
The loss of a great warrior, overthrown by the terror and crime of the Medellín Cartel, shocks and makes an entire country react. Luis Carlos Galán's legacy will endure and his ideals will prevail.
73: The Government is committed to the murderers
Sep 14, 2012
The country's authorities are committed to ending Pablo Escobar and the Medellín Cartel. In the first operation, they raided the Hacienda Napoles in search of the bandits.
74: Ana Maria Cano seeks security of The Espectador
Sep 17, 2012
Despite Ana María Cano's insistence when asking General Peraza for help with the security of the newspaper and its workers, the man did not pay much attention to her. Meanwhile, the Mole, Kiko and Cain assemble the car bomb.
75: Attack on El Espectador
Sep 18, 2012
The most important newspaper in the country ends up being the victim once again of Pablo Escobar's terrorism. As Ana María Cano predicted, a strong attack destroys the newspaper's facilities, causing serious damage to its surroundings.
76: The Espectador goes on
Sep 19, 2012
After the attack on its facilities, the newspaper El Espectador overcomes Pablo Escobar's atrocious war and continues its work. We move on! Headline on the front page awaiting the results of the newly formed elite group of the army.
77: The first member of Escobar's family falls
Sep 20, 2012
The 'boss of evil' receives a new blow that shows that the authorities are getting closer to him. How will the Medellín Cartel react to this attack? Relive this shocking chapter.
78: Escobar orders two new attacks
Sep 21, 2012
'The boss' and his men plan a cruel revenge after the police operation in which they got involved with his family. The first two targets the civilian population and the Department of Security.
79: Peraza receives an envelope bomb
Sep 24, 2012
Pablo Escobar sends an envelope loaded with explosives to General Peraza. However, his appearance arouses suspicions in Colonel Pabón and he is immediately sent to explosives. Once again the Director of the DAI is saved from the miracle of the terror of the 'pattern of evil'.
80: A cruel and atrocious attack shocks Colombia
Sep 25, 2012
Terrorism once again shocks the country. A commercial plane explodes in mid-flight and the first hypotheses speak of an attack against César Gaviria.
81: Attack on the DAI building
Sep 26, 2012
Candonga and Buitre use a homeless man to drive the bus bomb to its objective and activate it in time, a fact that will increase chaos and panic in the country. .
82: The 'narco-terrorism' will not triumph
Sep 27, 2012
Bedoya, anguished by the Medellín Cartel attacks, suggests to the President that he seek a negotiated solution to the conflict with Pablo Escobar.
83: The elite group, in the footsteps of 'Mariachi'
Sep 28, 2012
With the elite group following closely in his footsteps, the 'Mariachi' flees from Cartagena to an island in the Caribbean. Federico, the son of the drug dealer, suspects that Castaway is a snitch.
84: The Elite Group and the 'Mariachi' face
Oct 1, 2012
The persecution against the drug trafficker and his men ends in a strong confrontation. Under the directions of the Castaway, the authorities reach the warehouse where the bandit is hiding.
85: The authorities dismiss the 'Mariachi'
Oct 2, 2012
After a strong confrontation, the elite Group dismisses the second most wanted drug trafficker in the country. For their part, Escobar and Pedro make a list of 17 people they will kidnap in order to pressure the government.
86: Escobar sends a message to the Government
Oct 3, 2012
After kidnapping the 17 people they had selected, Iván Lopera talks with Pablo to free Bedoya's son. Escobar agrees and takes the opportunity to send a message to the Government with his demands.
87: 'The extraditable' accept the call for peace
Oct 4, 2012
Faced with the call for negotiation by the National Government, the group of 'Los extraditables' announces its entire and absolute surrender. However, the drug traffickers make two new demands clear.
88: Peace negotiations canceled
Oct 5, 2012
The Government makes the decision to suspend the peace negotiations with 'The extraditable'. General Peraza gives all his support to President López. However, the news unleashes the fury of the 'pattern of evil'
89: Escobar puts a price on the police
Oct 8, 2012
Pablo returns to Medellin to take revenge for the frustrated negotiations. In addition, he puts a price on the police, offering two thousand dollars for a dead policeman and five thousand if they are from the elite group. Relive the chapter.
90: Another presidential candidate falls
Oct 9, 2012
Bernardo Jaramillo, a leftist leader and candidate for the Presidency of Colombia, is killed at the airport by a hitman, who is wounded. The attack is attributed to the Medellín Cartel. Relive the chapter.
91: Escobar starts war against Pabon
Oct 10, 2012
While Pablo offers $ 100,000 for the head of Martín Pabón, they ratify Gaviria as the only liberal candidate for the Presidency. Likewise, reinforcements for the elite Group arrive in Medellín, among them Pabón's son. Relive the chapter.
92: They discover that Escobar Pineda is complicit
Oct 11, 2012
Aguirre discovers that Lieutenant Pineda was playing dirty at the institution. Relive the shocking scene.
93: Presidential candidate Diego Pizano falls
Oct 17, 2012
On a plane heading to Barranquilla, an unscrupulous hit man shoots Diego Pizano, a candidate for the Presidency of Colombia. On the other hand, Pineda speaks of his betrayal and Colonel Pabon prepares an operation against Chili.
94: Pabon receives a 'juicy' proposal
Oct 18, 2012
Pabón receives a message from Escobar offering him money in exchange for stopping the persecution he is carrying out against him. On his side, the 'Chili' finds out that he has been discovered and decides to hide with his sister. Relive the chapter.
95: The 'Chili' falls, Escobar's right hand
Oct 19, 2012
After working for the 'Patron of Evil' for more than 14 years, his henchman is discharged by the Elite Group. Relive the chapter.
96: Authorities increasingly near Escobar
Oct 22, 2012
The public force pursues Pablo Escobar, who in his flight is forced to enter the jungle. Will the authorities be able to find the hiding place of the 'master of evil'? Do not miss tonight "Escobar, the boss of evil" after "La Voz Colombia".
97: Escobar falls ill with malaria
Oct 23, 2012
During the long three-day journey to El Peñol, 'El patron del mal' begins to rave, which makes his plans take a new course and the authorities are closer and closer to capturing him.
98: Gonzalo Gaviria falls into confrontation with the elite Group
Oct 24, 2012
The elite group in charge of capturing the members of the Medellín Cartel, intercepted a call that helped them find the whereabouts of Escobar's cousin.
99: Diana Turbay falls into the clutches of Pablo Escobar
Oct 25, 2012
The journalist is deceived by men from the 'boss of evil', who pose as envoys of Father Reyes and inform her that he is willing to grant her an interview. However, the woman becomes suspicious.
100: Turbay is kidnapped by order of Escobar
Oct 26, 2012
In the midst of anxiety, journalist Diana Turbay discovers that the supposed interview with Father Reyes is about a hoax of the 'boss of evil', who kidnaps her to pressure President César Gaviria.
101: Maruja and Berenice, victims 'pattern of evil'
Oct 29, 2012
The wave of kidnappings in the country continues, this time Maruja and her sister-in-law, Berenice, are kidnapped on the orders of Pablo Escobar and transferred to the same place of detention where Carmina is.
102: The Motoa are thinking delivered
Oct 30, 2012
103: Diana Turbay dies in her rescue
Oct 31, 2012
Pantoja tells the police the whereabouts of some of the hostages. Upon arrival at the farm, an exchange of shots occurs and one of them falls on Diana Turbay who finally dies.
104: A priest is an intermediary for peace
Nov 1, 2012
Father Herrera, in his speech every night, asks God to give him a sign to choose the best path and thus be able to mediate between Escobar and the government.
105: Escobar plans to surrender
Nov 2, 2012
'The patron of evil' frees Maruja Pachón and Fernán Santana to begin negotiating with the Government the conditions of their delivery.
106: Escobar surrenders to the authorities
Nov 6, 2012
When Escobar's chances of surrendering seemed to be lost because of the priest, 'El Patron' made the decision to confine himself to La Catedral prison.
107: The Cali Cartel wants to 'negotiate' with Escobar
Nov 7, 2012
Mauricio Restrepo meets with the González brothers from the Cali Cartel and proposes that they kill Pablo Escobar in La Catedral. However, men are determined to propose a truce to the 'evil boss'.
108: Escobar continues to commit crimes from the Cathedral
Nov 8, 2012
After learning that Pablo Escobar continues with his illicit businesses from La Catedral prison, the Government takes action on the matter to counter the 'boss of evil'. The offender is once again totally cornered.
109: The Government authorizes the creation of a search unit
Nov 9, 2012
Pablo Escobar is afraid of his new enemies, so he looks for a way to find out who they are. For his part, President Gaviria authorizes the creation of a special group of the Police, the Search Block against Pablo Escobar.
110: Die 'Cain', another man of Pablo Escobar
Nov 13, 2012
The Cali Cartel delivers information to the military. They arrive at his residence, and in a confrontation with the search block, the bandit falls.
111: Little by little Pablo Escobar's men fall
Nov 15, 2012
'El Cítrico' tells Escobar that he saw on the news that 'Topo' was discharged and that 'Candonga' turned himself in. The authorities are getting closer to the 'pattern of evil'.
112: 'Los pepes' attack the Escobar family
Nov 16, 2012
To end Pablo Escobar, 'Los pepes' want to start with their loved ones. Doña Enelia, Paty and her daughter are victims of an attack on their own home. The family will now have a new shelter.
113: The death of Pablo Escobar
Nov 19, 2012
The most wanted drug trafficker in Colombia is finally cornered by the authorities and is killed on the roof of his hideout in Medellín.
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