Season 1
Project Mc²
3 EPISODES • 2015
Season 1 of Project Mc² was released on August 7 and consists of 3 episodes.


1: The New Girl
Aug 7, 2015
New girl and teen spy McKeyla stirs up suspicions in classmates Adrienne, Bryden and Camryn, causing them to do some investigative work of their own.
2: Secret Agenting
Aug 7, 2015
McKeyla investigates a threat to the prince's space mission while Adrienne, Bryden and Camryn stumble through proving their spy skills.
3: Smart is the New Cool
Aug 7, 2015
The girls band together in science and friendship. Will they be able to save the prince's space launch in time and become official NOV8 agents?
Season 2
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