Season 7
Spirit: Riding Free
7 EPISODES • 2018
Season 7 of Spirit: Riding Free was released on November 9 and consists of 7 episodes.

Season 6


1: Lucky and the Railroad Ransom
Nov 9, 2018
We finally find out what butch lepray wants with lucky and Jim what unfinished business? Find out this Friday.
2: Lucky and the Flight of the Fancy
Nov 9, 2018
3: Lucky and the Jam Jam
Nov 9, 2018
4: Lucky and the Escape Artist
Nov 9, 2018
5: Lucky and the Thin Ice
Nov 9, 2018
6: Lucky and the Ray of Sunshine
Nov 9, 2018
7: Lucky and the Double-Dad Dare
Nov 9, 2018
Season 8
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