Survival of the Fittest
Ultimate Beastmaster
9 EPISODES • 2018
Season 3 of Ultimate Beastmaster was released on August 31 and consists of 9 episodes.

Season 2


1: The Beast Evolves
Aug 31, 2018
Nine new competitors face a Beast that's fiercer than ever, but only two will move on to the first semi-final round in Beastmaster history.
2: Champions Collide
Aug 31, 2018
Two champion climbers are joined by a prizefighter, a powerlifter, a dance instructor, a surfer and others in a battle for two spots in the semi-final.
3: Strive for Greatness
Aug 31, 2018
A new obstacle called "Rope Burn" challenges the third set of athletes; Two contestants become the last pair to quality for the first semi-final.
4: Semifinal #1
Aug 31, 2018
Six qualifiers compete for three spots in the championship final, with a new twist that raises the intensity; One athlete hopes a big gamble pays off.
5: A New Battle Begins
Aug 31, 2018
The Beast evolves again with a new obstacle called "Rib Cage Row," and two of nine contenders will grab the first spots in the second semifinal.
6: Overcoming the Odds
Aug 31, 2018
The "Crash Pads" return, and a twisty new obstacle greets a group that includes the competition's youngest athlete and a cancer survivor.
7: For the Glory
Aug 31, 2018
A group that includes a war hero and a survivor of Rwandan genocide confronts the hungry Beast with the last two semifinal berths at stake.
8: Semifinal #2
Aug 31, 2018
With three spots left in the championship final, the second set of semifinalists faces the brutal task of racing through the entire Beast in one run.
9: The Ultimate Beastmaster
Aug 31, 2018
Of the 54 who dared to stare down the Beast, six remain. Only one will best the competition to claim $50,000 and the "Ultimate Beastmaster" crown
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