Season 7
4 EPISODES • 2017
Season 7 of Vera was released on March 19 and consists of 4 episodes.

Season 6


1: Natural Selection
Mar 19, 2017
CI Vera Stanhope is drawn into a suspicious death on Ternstone, a remote and inaccessible island off the coast of Northumberland, home only to numerous species of birds and the rangers who observe them. The last thing anyone expected to see was a body, cruelly washed up on the shore.
2: Dark Angel
Mar 26, 2017
The body of a young man is discovered face down in a river by Thrunton Woods. But tracing the victim's identity proves difficult for Vera and her team.
3: Broken Promise
Apr 2, 2017
Vera is called to Northumberland University when a student plummets to his death from the top of a disused faculty building.
4: The Blanket Mire
Apr 9, 2017
When the body of a missing teenager is discovered buried on the moors, Vera is forced to delve into the life and the secrets of the victim.
Season 8
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