Season 12
5 EPISODES • 2023
Season 12 of Vera was released on January 29 and consists of 5 episodes.

Season 11


1: Against the Tide
Jan 29, 2023
Vera is called to a lighthouse when the body of a local council worker is found, but it becomes clear that his life wasn't plain sailing.
2: For the Grace of God
Feb 5, 2023
Vera attends to the body of an ex-soldier who ended up on the streets and finds that events in his past and the present made for a deadly future.
3: Blue
Feb 12, 2023
Joel Kingston is a copper’s copper from a respected and notable police family but when he is found dead, floating in a park lake, DCI Vera Stanhope (Brenda Blethyn) finds herself investigating both sides of the thin blue line in order to find his killer. A complex family dynamic, tensions at work, and brushes with the underworld, paint a dark and complex picture. Joel was there to serve and protect but did his stubborn commitment to justice at any price lead to his death? Or, was he killed to stop him revealing a secret that would destroy someone’s life? Vera steps on toes and ruffles a few police feathers as she searches for answers as to why PC Joel Kingston is no longer on the beat.
4: The Darkest Evening
Feb 19, 2023
On the night of a massive storm, trying to get home, DCI Vera Stanhope (Brenda Blethyn) comes across an abandoned car with a baby inside. With no mobile signal and blocked roads at every turn, Vera is forced to seek refuge somewhere she’d rather not be, Brockburn House, the Stanhope’s ancestral pile. Vera doesn’t exactly receive a warm welcome from her estranged family as there’s a function in full swing and her turning up with a baby isn’t a great look. Things start to look even worse and take a far sinister turn when a body is found on the track leading to Brockburn House.
5: The Rising Tide - Christmas Special 2023
Dec 26, 2023
DCI Vera Stanhope finds herself drawn to the enchanting tidal island of Lindisfarne, where a group of lifelong friends reunites every five years to commemorate their enduring bond. As the tide rises, long-concealed secrets begin to surface, threatening to engulf everyone involved. Vera, aided by her trusted and resourceful team, including Detective Sergeant Aiden Healy, navigates treacherous waters, facing danger and deception at every turn. Together, they must unravel the twisted web of lies before another tragedy unfolds.
Season 13
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